Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February in review

February is such a short but busy month in our house with all the birthday parties and baking etc. Add to that a week away for the holidays and a lot of work and the month has virtually disappeared! Anyway there was a little (just a little sewing) squeezed in!

Hoping for finish
1. Wanta Fanta will be my One Monthly Goal - no progress
2. Elephant parade - top pieced and quilted, needs binding

3. Toaster Sweater 2 - finished

Bee Blocks 
1. Flower hexies for the Inchy Hexie Swap (Febuary) - done

2. Block lotto - 3 blocks

1. Farmer's wife, let's try for another 10 blocks - none...
2. Solstice challenge - 8 blocks behind already....
3. HST modern sampler quilt - half way - no progress
4. Project 48 - 5 more blocks this month? only one

5. Pumpkin Passport - some good progress

6. Dear Jane - aiming for 5 blocks - none

New Project
1. Custom cushions  x 2 
2. Zodiac BOM 
3. Long Time Gone QAL - started

4. Flora Sew Along
5. Saunio Cardigan - pattern cut
6. Moneta Dress -  finished

7. Mischief blocks - one block


Monday, 27 February 2017

A few blocks this month....

So there hasn't been much time at the sewing machine or for hand sewing this month but I made a few random blocks this month

One for Project 48 Quilt that I could sew on the go

2 flowers for the Inchy Hexie Swap

3 Blocks for the Block Lotto

and 8 Bow Tie blocks to get a head start on the Long Time Gone QAL

14 more blocks to take my total to 15 this month.
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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Moneta - my first dress!

A little while ago, 3 lovely ladies launched the Moneta Party on Instagram. I had never heard of the Moneta dress and hadn't tried a Colette pattern but then I had just finished my second toaster jumper so I thought why not?

I bought the pattern printed this time and some lovely jersey fabric and set to make version 3 with the sleeves.

I was so scared it was going to be above my league but I so wanted to try anyway! So I went slowly, one step at a time. I lenghtened the body by 5 cm before I cut the fabric because I am quite tall and the paper pattern felt quite short against my body. I first made the top and I really liked the fit when I tried it on. It is tight but the fabric is just so soft.

The skirt was easy to put together. I was dreading to put the elastic on but Abigail posted a great tutorial that it went together really easily. Next time, I just need to remember not to sew it to close to the edge.

And then the next thing I was scared off was the hemming with the twin needles. I tried the twin needles with my toaster jumper but we didn't get on. So I started by pulling out my machine instruction book, only to discover that I had a twin needle button (hum...) and then read on different forums about Wonder Tape
and I must admit it changed my life! It made sewing the hems so much easier. The fabric doesn't slip at all! And then it made using the twin needles so much easier.
so I took my dress with me on holidays! And now I wasn't going to the beach but to a ski holidays. First time ever I take a dress in my suitcase for a ski holidays! But I wore it proudly on Valentine's Day.

My second and probably last OPAM for February.

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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Holidays and cakes

There hasn't been as much sewing as usual/planned/hoped because we have been away for a week, skiing in the French Alps. We have been really blessed on our week off with fantastic weather and good snow. We all went skiing and had a great week away. It was so nice to see the blue sky everyday and the bright white of the snow under the sun. I was planning lots of hand sewing while away but the weather was so good that the temptation of the slopes kept me away from the needles!

We've returned nearly a week ago now but this week has been really busy with work but also with a nasty stomach bug that has sent me to bed for a full day.

And finally there has been more baking for our little queen "official" birthday.


Friday, 10 February 2017

A new project - hand sewing

On a wet and miserable Monday morning while I was inundated with work, I received this lovely message from Karen asking me if I would like to try her new quilt Mischief. I looked at the picture on her IG feed and of course I was converted and the name is so good too! And this week, I received Karen's package, which I must say is fantastic. It includes the pattern with its 4 design options, colouring pages, all the paper templates for a full size quilt as well as acrylic templates. How amazing is that?

Of course, I couldn't wait to get started, the first step was to choose which design I was going to go for. I picked variation 2. And because I had taxi duty for the kids, I was able to prepare a few shapes. I can see this quilt becoming addictive somehow!
My first block for February, hopefully not the last!
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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

30 days of the 100-day Challenge

A month has passed already since I joined Jen for the 100 day challenge and decided to focus on 3 projects to progress (hmmm.....)

The 3 projects I selected were:
1. Hello Kitty quilt for my niece - squares all cut - no pogress at all on this one...

2. Farmer's Wife blocks -I had 30 blocks already and was planning to make 30 more by April. Well I am happy to report that I have made 15 bocks so far!

3. Project 48 -  I had 17 blocks already and I was planning to finish all 48 blocks by April,. I made 5 more, still a lot to do!

But of course, I have diverted my attention and worked on a lot of other projects too. Good time to refocus I guess!

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Toaster sweater 2

The last few weeks have disappeared so quickly.... work has been crazy busy so there hasn't been much sewing time. The birthday season has also started so I have been baking this week-end.

I had cut my Toaster Sweater 2 in January but I never had time to start sewing it but finally this week-end. The sweater is easy to make there are only 4 parts: front, back and the 2 sleeves.

The vent has mitered corners but if you have made any bags where you square the bottom, well it is the same technique.

I really like the look of the sweater and the fabric I have picked for it from Fabric Galore. But I must admit, I find the body of the sweater just a little baggy and I think I didn't sew the sleeves perfectly. Never mind, this is only my second piece of dressmaking and I am still a beginner and after a good press it looks good anyway!
It is wearable and the fabric is lovely. But if I were to make a Toaster again, maybe I would go back to version 1!
Anyway, this is my first finish for February and one OPAM for February as well as one of my Finish Along for Q1.

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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Few blocks

Life has been quite crazy lately and it has been very hard to fit some sewing time but I have managed to finish one Dear Jane block

and 2 Ice-Cream Soda blocks, I love those!

My last 3 blocks of January taking my total to 36
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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

February goals

A short month and 2 birthday parties, it is going to be hard to cross a lot off the list!

Hoping for finish
1. Wanta Fanta will be my One Monthly Goal
2. Elephant parade
3. Toaster sweater 2 - cut

Bee Blocks 
1. Flower hexies for the Inchy Hexie Swap (Febuary
2. Block lotto 

1. Farmer's wife, let's try for another 10 blocks
2. Solstice challenge - 4 blocks behind already....

3. HST modern sampler quilt - half way
4. Project 48 - 5 more blocks this month?

5. Pumpkin Passport  

6. Dear Jane - aiming for 5 blocks

New Project
1. Custom cushions  x 2 
2. Zodiac BOM 
3. Long Time Gone QAL
4. Flora Sew Along
5. Saunio Cardigan
6. Moneta Dress
7. Mischief blocks



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