Wednesday, 31 October 2018

October in review

October started very summery here but the weather has turned really cold towards the end of the month. I am so happy that I have a rather productive month in the sewing room. Quite a few finishes, including projects that has been languishing for a little while...

Hoping for finish
1. Bubbles quilt, only the binding needs to be finished (hand sewing on the back). This will be my One monthly goal - finished
2. Summit peak top, cut and ready to be sewn   
3. Scrappy Trip Along - red and green blocks needed 
4. Tabor v-neck - cut and ready to be sewn - finished
5. Pyjama M - finished
6. Seeing Stars Sew Along - all blocks finished, ready for quilting
7. Aveiro cardigan

1. Farmer's wife - the sew along has just started, time to get going again - also my October APQ UFO challenge....
2. Gipsy Wife - lots of catch up needed here  
3. Postcards of the world - only one postcard to finish! 
4. Farmer's Wife 1930 - let's try to continue to make more blocks in parallel with other FW 
5. Kingfisher sew-along - more blocks needed!
6. 365 challenge, so many more blocks are needed, let's see if I can make a few - 5 more blocks

UFO / Abandoned WIP
1. HST modern sampler quilt - (19 blocks) - this one was my February goal on the APQ UFO challenge, I need a few more blocks to finish this top, it would be good to get there
2. Project 48 / Summer Solstice - I really need to make something with these blocks as I doubt I will ever make more.... this one was my July goal on the APQ UFO challenge
3. Super Mario quilt 
4. Impromptu quilt, I dream of having this quilt on my bed next summer.... this one was my September goal on the APQ UFO challenge
5. Granny Square - this was my APQ UFO challenge for April, and is currently a pile of blocks - sadly no progress

New Projects
1. Lander trousers - navy blue 
2. Passport wallet for me 
3. Kyoto top
4. Pyjama for hubby - bottom done

5. Uvita top
6. Brasov top
7. Acacia underwear, more!
8. Carita joggers
9. Lander trousers - wine 
10. Lander shorts - green
11. Ostara top
12. Suki dressing gown
13. Fremont tote bag - finished

14. Clare coat
15. Forester coat
16. Handbag
17. Pyjamas for the kids - all done
18. Malala sweater
19. Hepburn trousers
20. Acacia underwear
21. Asta dress -  finished and got me to win a prize 😊

22. Juniper cardigan - cut
23. Blackwood cardigan


Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Another Halloween skirt

With 2 daughters, I couldn't make a Halloween skirt for one and not for the other one! So using the same Swingset pattern by Oliver + S that I used before a few months.
Again I used ribbing for the waistband and added tulle above. 

And this is my final OPAM for October and another one of my Q4 FAL list.


Monday, 29 October 2018

Bubbles quilt

My bubble quilt came off the frame in September
I promptly sew the binding on so all that was really left was to hand stitch the binding on the back of the quilt.... and that little task was only completed this weekend!
We had quite a long road trip... And the weather was rather cold so it was perfect to bind a quilt.
Another OPAM and one more of my Q4 FAL list.
Linking to One Monthly Goal.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Pyjamas 1, 2 3!

Yes I know it is yet another pyjamas and from the same 11th hour gear pattern too!
but I could not leave one child out of 3 without a homemade pyjama! This time I used the joggers pattern for the bottom
And the same t-shirt pattern than the other 2
I made her pyjamas out of very soft jersey I bought a year ago 
And of course she loves her new pyjama too!
All 3 have their own me made pyjamas now. 
I need to make more as I bought so much fabric for pyjama last year but it should be easy enough now I have found a good pattern. 
And that's one more OPAM for October, which has been a very productive month! And one off my Q4 FAL list. 

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Little blocks

I am still slowly chipping away at the little tiny 3'' blocks of the 365 challenge. I am far far far behind but progress is progress, right?

I managed only 5 blocks this month, some easier and quicker than others!

So altogether with those blocks, I have 56 for October.
Linking to Wednesday Wait LossMidweek Makers.


Friday, 26 October 2018

Fremont tote bag

For the first time this year I have completed the #Sewmystyle project and on time too! I wasn't really sure about this project at the beginning but I think the leather straps and all the hardware sold it to me. Although sourcing everything in the UK was a little challenging until I found the Artisan Leather website. I ordered some waxed canvas from Fabric UK. After a little mix up on the colour I was finally ready to start assembling the bag this week.

Sewing the bag together is relatively easy and fast if you've made bags before. If not, the instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

And once the bag is assembled, the fun can start! Time to play with the hardware, rivets and screws to add the leather handles and strap.

I must admit I wasn't sure about the bag as I was constructing it but I really like how it turned out. I used a piece of cotton fabric from Ikea I had in my stash and some navy faux leather I had already too.
One more OPAM and one off my Q4 FAL. And maybe it will become a Christmas present...

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Pyjama - take 2

This week, the Indie Pattern Month on The Monthly Stitch is to make 2 items with the same base pattern. What better opportunity than to make a a pair of pyjama for my youngest from the 11th Gear pattern by New Horizons Design which has got so many variations. 
I had already made her a pair of pyjama pants last year from a big 4 pattern but they were very wide and because of that they climbed up her legs when she was sleeping so she only wore them once. I can't believe they have been buried away for a full year!

So I cut off the inside of the legs to make them les wide and added some cuffs at the bottom of the legs. 
And then I cut the same top as the one I had cut for my son but a few sizes down.
And of course I added a little label for her as she lives them!
I think she is rather pleased with her new PJ!
And I'm glad I've used another piece of fabric from my stash 😊
One more OPAM and one of my Q4 FAL list.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Hidden Agenda

Angela has designed a fabulous new pattern to showcase those special prints: the hidden agenda quilt and after seeing a few variations on Instagram, I succumbed and bought the pattern, encouraged of course by nearly finishing my stars quilt 😉. Plus she just started a quilt along (on IG) when I finished one so I needed a new one 😂. And now it wasn't on the list... ooops

So I duly bought the pattern and selected my fabric for the quilt, for a bundle long stashed away, that I'll complement with other stash fabric!
These are the beauty I'm planning to finally cut into...


Sunday, 21 October 2018

Halloween skirt

I know, I know, that's my second post today...I have been very inspired by the challenge this week of Indie Pattern Around the World and my last make of the week was a little skirt with an Halloween fabric I bought locally.
I used the Swingset pattern by Oliver + S that I used before a few months ago.
Because of the type of fabric and the little it will be worn, I modified the pattern slightly to add a ribbing waistband instead of having the strings in the waistband.
Of course, my daughter loves it and has worn it all afternoon already.
Another OPAM for October and another one of my Q4 FAL list.



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