Wednesday, 31 January 2018

January in review

Wow, the first month of the year is over and although I started well, having time to sew every night, it didn't last long. Anyway I managed a few bits and pieces and some finishes too!
Hoping for finish
1. Dance bag for A - have gone as far as cutting the fabric - no progress
2. Dance bag for C - not started but it would be good to finish it at the same time as the other one more or less no progress
3. Colour Companions cushions - I have all I need to finish these ones! This will be my One monthly goal again - done

1. Farmer's wife - no progress
2. Gipsy Wife - lots of catch up needed here - little progress here!

3. Postcards of the world - some progress here
4. Farmer's Wife 1930 - I have 14 blocks made so far and there is a new sew-along starting organised by Angie. - 5 blocks completed this month (instead of the 10 of sew-along!)

UFO / Abandoned WIP
1. HST modern sampler quilt - half way  - no progress
2. Dear Jane - aiming for 5 blocks  no progress
3. Mischief blocks  no progress
4. Project 48 / Summer Solstice  no progress
5. Super Mario quilt no progress
6. Impromptu quilt no progress
7. Bubbles quilt no progress
8. Zodiac BOM no progress

New Projects
1. Power trip bag 
2. Flora case
3. Jenna or Blackwood cardi black
4. Colette blouse 
5. Demoiselle dress for A
6. Imagine dress  
7. Kenda dress for me
8. Bubble dress for A
9. Faux leather jacket 
10. Trapezette dress for C
11. Lander trousers (silver) 
12. Passport wallet for me 
13. Gotham cape
14. Pyjamas/Nightdress for all the family 
15. Toaster sweater x 2 - both done

16. Portia Party Dress
17. Swingset skirt A 
18. Swingset skirt C 
19. Kyoto top
20. Pyjama M 
21. Pyjama A 
22. Nightdress C
23. Nightdress for me
24. Pyjama for hubby
25. Uvita top
26. Brasov top
27. Acacia underwear
28. Cadence court


Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Pillow fight!

Finally, after procrastinating for nearly the whole month, I have finished my pillows!

I messed up the first one so much that I had to unpick everything but at least I tried one at a time. I thought it would be fun to add pompoms on my pillow and to close them with a zip on the side (both features I haven't tried before of course). Well fun is not the first word to come to mind now... In addition I used a beautiful cotton lawn fabric for the back of the pillows but it was so slippery, it kept moving away, pins have been my friends here!

Pompoms get in the way of the machine foot when you sew.... Lesson learned, don't sew them too close to the border and move your needle position...

But I now have beautiful cushions that will sit on my bed and will be used as support when we read at night. All from a very old UFO started when I started my blog about 9 years ago... Not sure why it took so long really.

I am so glad they are done, and this was my One monthly goal as well as one of my Q1 FAL list. And that makes 4 more OPAM for January, a good start of the year.

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Friday, 26 January 2018

More blocks

I finally had time to get back to the Farmer's Wife 1930 sew along this week, as I fell off the bandwagon after one week. I made 3 blocks this week.

Block #3 Alice

Block #4 Ann

Block #5 Anne

Hoping to catch up by the end of next week but not sure that will be possible!
With those 3 blocks, I have made 8 in January.


Monday, 22 January 2018

Toaster Sweater again!

Just before Christmas I saw a lovely Christmassy version of the Toaster Sweater on Instagram by Amanda and I really wanted one too! So I ordered some Christmas jersey from Girl's Charlee UK when they had their special pre-Christmas sale, hoping to make it before we went away. I started cutting it and thought it would be easier and quicker to make it on my overlocker. The only issue with that was that the overlocker needed rethreading.... something that always makes me a little stressed out. With very little time to spare before we went away, I sadly realised that it was just not happening... And of course the cut fabric has been starringat me ever since and making me feel guilty about it. The weather has been miserable here so although Christmas is gone, it is a project I could easily work on. We even had a little snow at the week-end. Anyway, I changed the thread on the overlocker from grey to white (just to discover that it needed rethreading... again.. it is all good training!) and off I went. I started it on Saturday night and finished it on Sunday.

I am so pleased with how it has turned out and I am sure it will get a lot of use (maybe even before next December!)

I really like this pattern as you can tell and I am so glad I have finished this one before it became a real UFO!

And this was my first try at pattern matching the fabric and I must say I am pretty happy at how it turned out on the side seams!

Another OPAM for January and another one off my Q1 FAL list.


Sunday, 21 January 2018


There has been hardly any sewing done in the last 2 weeks because largely of an excess of work eating up my evenings and also some of my week-end, plus there has been some travels too. The only thing that I have managed to squeeze in is some cross-stitch. So I have been able to finish one more postcard: Tokyo!

And I started the next one which is New York, just started.

I am hoping to have more sewing time in the next few weeks.


Sunday, 14 January 2018

Toaster sweater v2.0

About a year ago, I made my first Toaster Sweater, and although it came out a little short, I really liked it and planned to make some more. It is an easy pattern and it is a nice wear: 4 pieces for the body and the collar and cuffs.

This time, I made it with my overlocker entirely.

I can't believe how fast it was, I made the whole sweater in one evening, cutting and sewing.

And I have worn it so much already. it is so nice and snuggly. It is so comfortable to wear, not sure why I waited so long to make this second one. And I think I should make another one soon!

My first finish of the year and the first off my Q1 FAL.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Farmer's Wife 1930, a revival

About 2 years ago, I joined Angie's sew along (probably my first one with her) to make the Farmer's Wife 1930 quilt (with the secret hope/utopia) to finish both this one and the previous one. Well, of course, that didn't go according to plan and I ended up with yet another UFO. I made a grand total of 14 blocks (!) out of the 99 required for the full quilt....

Angie is running the sew-along again (mainly on Facebook) this year (started this week), with 2 blocks a week made in numerical order. Easy enough to follow really. So I picked up my pile of blocks again and decided it was now or ?

I can proudly present you #1 Addie

and #2 Aimee

And that gives me 2 more blocks for January taking my total to 5 so far! Let's hope I can keep the pace!


Friday, 5 January 2018


It's time to write the crazy long list again! And since a New Year has just started, I have no doubt it will be a crazily long list once more... Maybe I should say this is my annual list but even that is probably not achievable. Never mind, the more the merrier really :-)

1. HK quilt for E (all cut) 

2. Modern HST triangles (half of the blocks are done)

3. Super Mario quilt (half of the blocks done, a real UFO)

4. Project 48 quilt with a few Solstice challenge blocks (all blocks done, might need a few more???) 

5. Impromptu quilt (a real UFO) 

6. Farmer's Wife (not half way yet....) 

7. Farmer's Wife 1930 - only 14 blocks done

8. Bubble blocks quilt

9. Cadence Court quilt - no started

10. Gipsy Wife (in progress) 

11. 365 challenge quilt (about 25% of the blocks done) 
12. Zodiac BOM - hardly started

Bags etc:
1 Blanche Bag for A - fabric picked

2. Blanche Bag for C - fabric picked 
3. Floral Supply Case - not started 
4. Power trip bag - not started 
5. Passport cover (up, up and away) for me
6. Handbag for me 
7. Toothbrush pouches x 2
8. Colour Companions cushions

1. Lizzie Skirt - kit awaiting 
2. Faux leather jacket / fabric picked
3. Imagine dress
4. Ginger jeans (sparkly blue)
5. Kaneel motto jacket
6. Lander trousers (silver)
7. Demoiselle dress for A 
8. Demoiselle dress for me 
9. Colette Myrtle dress
10. CaliFaye Valley Blouse blue
11. Megan Nielsen Matilda dress
12. CaliFaye Valley Blouse black 
13. Colette violet
14. Swingset skirt A 
15. Swingset skirt C 
16. Jenna cardi black 
17. Jenna cardi white
18. Bubble dress by Blank Slate Pattern
19. Kyoto top
20. Blackwood cardigan blue 
21.Toaster sweater blue
22. Pyjama M
23. Pyjama A 

24. Nightdress C
25. Nightdress for me
26. Pyjama for hubby
27. Uvita top
28. Cape
29. Moneta black and blue 
30. Moneta white and gold
31. Mayberry dress by Jennifer Laurel 
32. Brasov top
33. Barkcloth dress Marbella 
34. Daphne day dress barkcloth 
35. Belladone dress barkcloth 
36. North Point trousers
37. Acacia underwear
38. Dropje Sweater#
39. Voltaire top
40. Christmas toaster sweater

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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Making blocks again

The routine is almost back to normal here and I am so happy to be reacquainted with my sewing machine after a far too long break! It is so nice to be able to sew some (simple) blocks again. Of course, the temptation to start a new project was very high and there are a few new projects on my wish list, some of them I already have the supplies for, I thought it would be better to progress some "parked" projects before they fall in the UFO trap. So with that in mind, I have been happily playing with my Gipsy Wife project. I guess the finish of the Long Time Gone has given me energy to progres this one too! I fell off the sew along path some time in October or November when I started quilting some of my top and tried to make some clothes too.

So of course, I have plenty of blocks left to do, some bigger blocks and also lots of filler blocks. But instead of making all the blocks and leaving the construction for the end, I have picked the blocks I already have and started to build some tiny little sections with the stripes.So far, I have made 3 extra filler blocks.

And I have started adding a few strips already.

So these are my first 3 blocks for 2018! Let's hope there will be many more and I'll see this beautiful quilt completed!

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