Wednesday, 29 February 2012

CQ Journal - February block

I pieced this block earlier this month, using the same idea as last month block. I picked the central fabric first (a scrap from a silk tie) and tried to find in my stash fabrics that would match the colours of the focus fabric to finish the square off. Once the block was pieced, I went through my ribbons, embellishments etc but I couldn't find anything which I thought would work for this block. So I was left to work with embroidery and beads only but the block wasn't really "talking to me", I couldn't find any inspiration. So I left the block aside until this week when I slowly started to embroider the seams. And this is what I ended up with, I am actually pleased with the block I have done, especially for a block which wasn't "talking to me"!

I added this flower from lace I hand-dyed years ago. The pink was very close to the pink fabric so that was a good match!

I also decided that it would be good to make a block that would have images of this month so I couched a piece of the ribbon I had been using to make the birth announcement earlier this month. To echo the focus fabric, I couched it with straight stitches on each side and mirrored the colours of the thread to that of the opposite fabric.
I also added 3 hearts as February is of course the month of love! And I choose to add 3 because Miss Strawberry Shortcake turned 3 in February.
The 12 green beads on the yellow which echo the focus fabric will remind me I did the block in 2012.
And finally we had winter and spring weather this month so I mixed flowers and snowflakes in my last embellishment.

I might revisit the block I did in January now to add a few clues about that particular month like I did for February.
OK ready to piece next block now.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Just Takes 2 - more blocks and one last OPAM

 I have finally made some progress on the Just Takes 2 blocks that I hadn't touch since early January.I finish block #6 early in February. Hand applique (5 pieces)
And this week, I pieced block #7 (28 pieces)
block #8 (21 pieces) -which was foundation pieced

block #9 (22 pieces)

I have paper-pieced the fan of block 10 but haven't sewn the curved pieces yet
and finally block #12 (45 pieces) which was paper-pieced as well
Total = 212 pieces
I have now completed about half of the blocks released so far but I am still 8 behind even before Unit 5 is published on Thursday...

I have also finished a UFO yesterday - my last OPAM this month - but I can't show a picture as yet because I need to send it to the recipient first.
Once she receives it, I'll disclose it fully. You'll have to make do with a sneak peak for now.
This was a friendship project for which I gathered blocks in the Spring last year with a view of assembling and finishing the quilt to send it off in the summer. But life got in the way, I spent most of the summer with no energy, resting most of the time and being signed off work. Then I went back to work in September and I must admit I did pick that project first because my projects had piled up during the summer. So I only picked the blocks again towards the end of last year with the idea of finally making the quilt. I managed to piece the top before Baby Daughter was born but didn't go any further so, of course, it had been waiting since. Finally earlier this month, I picked it up again to add the border, quilt the top and this last week add the binding.

Although I am ashamed it has taken me so long to finish it, I am proud it is now finish and ready to go. I shall go to the post office on Thursday to send it off.

Now I am grateful for the extra day this leap year as I intend to finish my February block for the CQ Journal tomorrow.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

New York Beauty quilt-along

Have you noticed the new (slightly over sized) icon on the left of my blog Sara at Sew Sweetness is starting a New York beauty quilt-along. The blocks are paper-pieced and there are several variations on Ula Lens website, go and check it out, be sure to also look at her gallery where she shows some stunning quilts. While you are there, be sure to check her paper-pieced stars as well. She also has a lovely zodiac BOM... with stars of course!Back to the quilt-along, it starts on 5th March so it's not too late to join the fun. Check the flicker group as well for some fresh inspiration.
I also received a lovely star from Karin in Sweden yesterday for the [3x6] sampler quilt mini bee.
I have joined the Star Hive and again asked for white and pink blocks so I should get a lovely collection. I haven't started on my blocks yet as I can't really decide which star to go for...


Saturday, 25 February 2012

Life is (even more) beautiful

Life is (even more) beautiful now that we have been gifted with a third lovely baby, but at the same time, our bundle of joy has contributed to my falling behind on my personal target of stitching one block a month. I finally finished yesterday the block I had scheduled for January but only started in February. In addition it took quite some time to stitch with all the individual little leaves on the tree!
"Where there is love, there is life"

I don't think I'll be able to catch up and stitch another block this month as there are only a few days left...

Friday, 24 February 2012

Pot holder pass 10- Wow!

I have been in a couple of the Pot Holder Pass organised by Amy at During Quiet Time in the last few years and was surprised this morning when my swap arrived in a reasonable sized box. You don't expect a box for 2 pot holders usually. But this is exactly what I received from Michelle my swap partner, a box full of goodies.
She didn't just make 2 pot holders, for a start she made 4
then she made a bag
and an apron
 and finally a pin cushion
I suppose you've guessed the theme of the swap by now, yes it was Log Cabin!
 She also sent me some scraps of fabric as well. I feel really really spoilt that she has done and sent me so much. Thank you very much Michelle!

Today I also received my first block for the 4x5 modern Quilt Bee. I am in Hive#12 for the first quarter. This block came from Karen:
I have asked for blocks in pink with a white background for the bee in order to maybe make a quilt for the girls, if I don't keep it for me!
More soon!

Thursday, 23 February 2012


While away last week, I received 2 swaps from Australia.
First was this absolutely gorgeous framed hexie from Doris, I just love the lucky cat!

and second was this gorgeous pink hexie flower in honour of Baby Girl from Liz. It will fit so well in my garden.
Thanks ladies.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Circle of Geese - green

Before we went away, I managed to finish off my second Rainbow Scrap Challenge Circe of Geese block. This month was green. I used the same paper-piecing pattern from Piece by Number as last month.

While working on this project and diving into my green scrap baskets, I found a number of bright green pieces that I have used in baby quilts (for mine or friends'). It was so nice to find a piece and think who I used the fabric for in the first place. When I found the "John Deere" fabric I was about to dismiss it for this project thinking it wouldn't go with the rest but I then had after thoughts and decided to keep it in. I used the "John Deere" fabric years ago when I started patchwork to make a glasses case as a present for my dear Dad. We gave him the case to take when he was put to rest so I decided to have that particular piece of fabric in my rainbow quilt as it would be a piece of the rainbow if my life.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Birthday cakes

We went home for a couple of days last week so that Baby Girl could meet the family for the first time and her older brother and sister could have a joint family birthday party. We had a great time and were busy doing not much really! We even had their 2 great-grand mothers (my 2 grand-mothers both in their 80s) attending the family gathering, which was so nice.
And of course, it did involved some baking again! I made a pirate ship for Mr Cars
 and another Hello Kitty for Miss Strawberry Shortcake
I had planned lots of sewing and patchwork to do for the time away but didn't even open my bag while at my Mum's! I only managed a little stitching in the car on the way there and back. Just enough to finish off the October Birdie Stitches block (well I thought it was finished until I took a picture and realised I forgot to stitch one spider...) (I now have 2 more to go for this BOM as I badly fell behind towards the end of the year)

and to make some progress on one Life is Beautiful block but not yet finished!

Sunday, 19 February 2012


While blog hopping a little while ago, I found this POM - Pincushion of the Month club organised by Rana. Of course, I went on to check what it was all about and when I saw her gorgeous tomatoes on her website, I just couldn't resist and bought the pattern. I made the tomato a while ago but hadn't finished it off with the button yet, it goes together verrrrry fast. How cute is that?

This month Pincushion is, of course, a lovely heart. I haven't so far succumbed to buy the pattern but I can't promise I won't be tempted before the end of the month...

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bento boxes - green

This month colour is green for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is green so I have pulled out my box of greens and selected 2 fabrics in there that I really liked to cut a strip off each.
I have made 2 Bento Box blocks with the same Kona solid white that last month.

Now the question is mix and match?
or monochromatic?
I think I might wait until I have all my blocks done to decide. The tutorial I follow was mixing the blocks and I think the finish quilt looks great.

And since yesterday was Valentine's day, here is a peak at the lovely cards Miss Strawberry Shortcake hand made for us all, pretty and so sweet.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Birthday girl

Miss Strawberry Shortcake had her birthday today so I spent some time in the kitchen baking for her.
We started with a treasure hunt to find her presents around the house this morning which she enjoyed very much,, it was fun to have to look for the presents based on clues (badly) drawn by Mum!
Then I got busy in the kitchen to make a birthday cake for the birthday girl. The obvious choice for her was Hello Kitty so using a pattern drawn by Dad, I cut the shaped and covered the cake with soft icing. And she recognised Hello Kitty when she saw the cake so it couldn't be that bad!

A lovely day for the birthday girl, who of course got spoiled and a lovely day for us too!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pot holder pass

Another week, another trip to London. We went to the consulate again, to pick up Baby Daughter's passport to hear that we could have a dispense to avoid bringing her back, nice to hear about it when it is too late... I wasn't impressed - to say the least.... Anyway with another hours spent in the car, I managed to hand sew the binding on my Log Cabin Pot Holders. And I added some ric-rac to finish off yesterday so these are now ready to fly to my secret partner, I hope she likes them.

I also had time for stitching a simple heart on my hexie to Lyn who has asked for some redwork embroidery. It was fitting with this month of course. Funny I was doing her hexie in December as well and found that red was really fitting with the month too back then!

I finish that hexie yesterday too so it is now ready to fly to Australia.

When we got back on Thursday, I found this lovely hexie from Vicki in my mail box, it will go very well with all my others, thanks Vicki.

I have been trying to catch up with other projects as well but my play time as been very limited the last few days and with the kids off school for a week, I don't think I'll have much time this coming week...

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Snow covered flowers

This month, I am making flowers for Coralie in Canada for the Inchy Hexie Swap.
She didn't have any colours requirements only that the petals and centres should be contrasting colours so I decided on "snow covered flowers" to go with the current weather here. I started sewing them in the car last week and finished the last stitch yesterday so my flowers are now on their way to Canada.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Bee Europa 2011 - February

This month we have received a pile of colourful solid scraps from Susanne to make a mod mosaic block following Elisabeth Hartman tutorial at Oh Fransson!
Here is my block:

It was fun to make and I really like the look of it with solid fabrics, I think it works great. Another month and it will be my turn to send out fabric with my request for blocks. At the moment I can't decide what to ask for so I need to have a good think about my plans for the Bee.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Playing with log cabins

I have signed up for Pot Holder Pass #10 organised by Amy at During Quiet Time, she runs it on Flicker and it is always a good swap. I've already done a couple of rounds.
This time I choose the Log Cabin option. My partner's choice of colours is cream, red and blue so I dived into my scrap boxes and played with the Log Cabin pattern to come up with this "Framed Cabin"
and the "Cornerstone Cabin"

On the paper craft front, I have sent over 50 of the announcements now and have about 10 or so to finish off but we have run out of ink again. And because this week, winter has come at long last, I haven't been able to go shopping for ink today. We woke up this morning to find that a thick blanket of snow had covered everything.

Of course the kids had fun playing outside and building a snowman! but I stayed indoor in the warmth with Baby Daughter who is already 6 weeks today!

Friday, 3 February 2012


Finally, I came up with something I liked for Baby Girl's birth announcement. I couldn't find an idea that worked or came out as I imagined it until recently... So before she is 6 weeks old, I have been busy busy in the last few days playing with paper and ribbons.
We started printing the cards and of course, we quickly ran out of ink so that task had to be put on hold for a while.
I printed the vellum - aka plain tracing paper and embossed it with my Big Shot Sizzix machine
 before assembling the announcement and tying a ribbon around it to make it look like a ... Christmas present of course! What else for a Christmas baby...
 I have about 70 of these to make and have completed 24 so far so I should be busy with paper craft for a few more days.


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