Monday, 26 April 2010

My mushrooms have grown

Big Day today since it was Big Boy first visit to school. We were invited to attend a lesson for 1 hour and he enjoyed himself so much playing outside that he didn't want to leave when our session was over. He was asking when he would return. Official start is next Tuesday and it seems he really can't wait. Now I have to make his PE bag for next week. When we went to Japan, I had found a lovely Thomas the Tank Engine fabric, quite thick which looks like denim. Of course Big Boy was too little at the time to be interested in Thomas the Tank Engine but I thought I could always buy a meter just in case. I am so glad I did, this will be used (partially) in his bag.

Today I also finished my framed hexie to be sent to Australia. Here is a peak at the mushroom visiting the sorrel before I cut it to make some soup for tonight

and now the finished framed hexie.

I am off to sew my bag now. See you soon with hopefully more pictures.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Don't look now if you are hungry...

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen yesterday baking and cooking. I had bought this lovely book on Friday with yummy recipes and couldn't wait to try one out. I went for the Pistachio and Lime cupcakes and they were delicious. Not many left tonight...

Hubby and Big Boy went to work in the garden. So in the meantime, while Baby Daughter was having a long nap, I started to "grow my mushrooms". I used an applique method that I hadn't used for a long time, I used back basting applique. This is for my hexie swap in the Australian Craft Forum.

Tomorrow is a big day for us. I am going to school for one hour with Big Boy. He will officially start "Nursery School" on 4th May. He will be attending school every afternoon from then. Before he starts, we have been invited to attend for one hour with him so he can familiarise himself with school. He will also be going on Wednesday for 1H30 on his own. He has been going to playgroup for about 18 months before so I don't think it will be difficult for him to settle but this is a big milestone in his life, one of many I believe, starting school. I still need to make his PE bag which I was hoping to start tonight...
See you soon!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Quilts of a different type

If you want to see some amazing quilts, made out of... wood, go and browse this site. Difficult to believe they are not made of fabrics! A lovely eye candy.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Friday night sew-in results

I did start my Sew-In night very early yesterday but for the first time since I joined the fun in January, I have managed to finish something on the night (precisely at midnight!) - yeah a project for this month OPAM challenge.
After visiting Indigo Blue, I went to Matalan last night to buy some cupcakes tea towels to make an apron for a friend's birthday. I wasn't entirely sure how I was going to make it as I wanted to make one with a bib. Here is a picture of the tea towel (from yesterday evening with the light one, the colour are not great!)

So I made the bottom part first and wasn't sure how to attach the bib to keep the existing hems but not have a lot of bulk around the waist. DH came around and suggested I attached the bib from the back and made an inside pocket at the same time. So I tried his way and it worked well. I then recovered one of the big cupcake to ornate the bib. I am glad with the result really and think I will make others, they'll make great presents. Meet me modelling my apron, early this morning while Big Boy is playing silly to make me laugh...

Today was a shopping day, trying to find an outfit for my Godson's christening and for my Brother's wedding amonsgt other things. I tried a few dresses out but didn't buy anything yet. Decisions, decisions.... Also went to IKEA were I bought more tea towels....
See you soon,

Friday, 16 April 2010

Holiday report - my Tunisian Klosjes

A break for a week in (not so sunny or warm) Tunisia was our programme last week. A full week by the seaside with DH, our 2 young children and Mum and her friend to relax and chill out.

A visit to Tunis, Sidi Bou Said and Carthage and all these magnificent doors, the lovely blue and white colours everywhere...
What do you do in such a different atmosphere, when for once you have some time to play (really with 2 kids...?). Temptation and Valentina's appeals got the best out of me... I explored my scrap box before leaving for holidays in case I decided to try and do a few of these little spools, the very famous "Klosjes", just for the fun of it. I started by making 3 prototypes with different size middle square to make sure I would end up with spool and not a bow tie.

I decided to go for the right hand side pattern and managed to sew 11 during my holidays. Because they require so little fabric, it is easy to make them out of your scrapbox. It was so nice, while sewing them to think about what I had used the fabric for. A trip down the memory lane. I have more ready to be sewn and tomorrow I suppose is Klosjes Saturday, let see if I can sew so more.Time to get started on the Friday Night Sew-In now or I won't have anything to report tomorrow.
Good night!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Swap received

I received some lovely gifts while I was away. First I got Ondrea's gorgeous framed hexie. I absolutely love it. She has embroidered the Japanese character for the 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn (starting from the top and going clockwise).

Then I got Linda's tuffet (pincushion). She said it made her smile to sew it and I fully understand why. I received it on my first day back at work after the holidays and after my dentist appointment so that was I needed. Something sweet and fun to bring a smile to my face!

Thanks ladies for such beautiful work!
And I should show you soon what I worked on while away...


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Fabulous giveaway... but be quick!

Check out Kelly's blog at I have a Notion, she is having a 30 Days of Giveaways Anniversary Celebration. You need to comment on her posts by Thursday 15 April if you want to be in it so be quick!
There are some very very generous gifts including the GO! AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter that she also sell her store. Think about all the perfect shapes you could cut so easily...

I'll be back soon with pictures of what I have received and done during my holidays.

See you soon!


Friday, 2 April 2010

Potholder Pass 2

I was late finishing my potholders for the Potholder Pass 2 that Amy organised but here they are, finished on Thursday night and in the post to America now for Jen. Hope she likes them!
I used the same method that Amy used to make my Dresden plate one and it is great, no raw edges to tuen under by hand.

This is my first OPAM for April then.
Have a lovely Easter and see you soon!
Good night,

Thursday, 1 April 2010

My OPAM for March

My little tuffet has been received in Australia so I can now post a picture! I also did a small needle book.
Good night!


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