Sunday, 30 June 2019

June furtle

I feel June has been VERY productive and I guess this might be thanks to the 2 quilts I have gifted this month. Both were UFOs which makes the reward even sweeter!

I finished my Scrappy Trip for my brother's birthday and also the Granny Squares quilt for my aunt and uncle's wedding. 

I managed to quilt my black and white quilt too but it still needs the binding!

Not many blocks this month, just 2 Dear Jane ones... so lots of other quilt-along to catch up on as well.

And in the dressmaking department, I made 2 jumpsuits that are both very comfy!

I also started my new handbag but it is not quite finished yet.

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Saturday, 29 June 2019

Dear Jane

I started well on the new quilt along for the Dear Jane blocks but I already fell behind in May and I still haven't caught up. I completed 2 blocks this month, both from Row C
First one was C-6, Ashley’s Aura that I had cut years ago and I did all with applique
Second one is C-11, Soldiers and Sailors Monument which I pieced (despite the curves) but maybe it would have been nicer to applique it....
I still need 3 more blocks to finish Row C and 2 for Row D and already on Monday we are supposed to start Row E....

And I think these are my only 2 blocks for the whole of June!

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Friday, 28 June 2019


I know I said yesterday that I just couldn't see myself making and wearing a jumpsuit and in the end I make two! Let me explain....

 Another big favourite in the #sewtogetherforsummer challenge was the Deer & Doe Sirocco pattern. I saw so many of them that I ended up ordering the pattern too....I rummaged in my stash and got out some black scuba fabric that had been there for quite a while...
Now I call this one my Hard Rock jumpsuit because I worked on it while the boys went to London for Metallica concert. I cut it that night and a few hours later I had a finished piece... with just one little problem... the trousers part and bodice part were back to front... so the pockets were on my bum....

Not particularly impressed, but really I should have stopped sewing a lot earlier to be honest. So I unpicked the following day and just put everything back together again. Unpicking took a lot longer than fixing the mistake of course!
Because of the nature of the fabric, I didn't hem the sleeves or the legs.
The fabric has a very nice look to it but it is not the most comfortable, I don't think it has natural fibres at all.
I love the line of it, it looks quite chic in black and I am seriously thinking of making another one in a more natural fabric..... (please send help!)
When I cut the pattern, the bodice looked quite short so I added 2' to it and also 0.5' to the waistband. I think I could easily add at least another 1' to the bodice. The bottom part fits me very well.
Jumping with joy because I made another garment this month, another OPAM and I am crossing another Q2 FAL off my list....

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Secret pyjama!

When the theme for the #sewtogetherforsummer challenge was announced in March, I wasn't sure I would participate. Jumpsuit? Really aimsand how to you go to the toilet without ending up naked? Really jumpsuits were not my thing I thought,  besides I hadn't worn anything remotely similar since I was 15! I had put it on my Q2 FAL list in case temptation got the better off me.....

And then of course my IG feed started to fill with so many options.... so I thought maybe I could try a free pattern just to taste the water.  And then, the Zadie jumpsuit by Paper Theory was released and EVERYBODY was making one,  or so it seemed... plus I had a lovely double gauze in my stash that would be perfect.....
So I bought the Zadie pattern and cut the pieces a few weeks back. The construction is rather easy so it didn't take very long to build the body. The more fiddly for for me what the bias binding but that's probably my double gauze is so soft!
After a few evenings of sewing, I had made my first ever jumpsuit, and in time for the challenge too! 
Like everyone (I think!) who has tried this pattern, I love it! The only modification I did was to lengthen the legs by about 4', but then I am tall!
The fit is really relaxed and forgiving with the waist ties. 
Making it in double gauze is perfect for that secret pyjamas feel!
And it is really a secret pyjamas, having tested it this week on an overnight transatlantic flight in economy, I can confirm that it was really comfortable to wear!
One more OPAM for June and one of my Q2 FAL too.


Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Not your Granny Bee

Another UFO bites the dust! I have got these blocks out a few times in the last few years thanks to the APQ UFO challenge,  but I never got very far with them....
This pile of granny square blocks came from a number of bees I was participating to in 2013 and 2014. I even wrote a tutorial for the block at some point!.... I know, this is a long time ago... but  better late than never, right?
Now as with all swaps/bees, it is hard to get great consistency and while squaring the blocks, I realised that they would not all end up the exact same size if I was to keep all the points... so the solution I found for it was to sash the blocks. So I raided my stash for a solid fabric that would work with all the blocks. 
I picked the lilac that I had recently bought for the Harry Potter quilt along as I had stashed meters of it and it was somehow a more neutral colour for the blocks. I like how it worked with my blocks. I cut lengths of sashing and added the strips to the blocks (which seemed to take for ever).... before squaring them up - again!
Next step was to arrange all the blocks into a quilt top. I had 60 blocks altogether so I decided on a 8 x 7 setting with 4 leftovers for a pieced back.
And finally, with a quilt top in my hands, it was time to get the frame out for the quilting!
I kept a simple meander design, in the interest of time...
but as with most of my quilts, I inserted a little message for the recipients. Since this was to be a wedding gift, you might be able to make out that I added the famous.... Love, Love, Love
All you need is Love
And soon it was time to square it up and add the binding! Again, in the interest of time, I sew the binding completely on my machine.
I attached it to the back first and then folded it over to the front and secured it by machine. Not my preferred method and slightly less neat but it had the massive interest to ensure that my quilt was finished in time to be gifted ON THE WEDDING DAY! How impressive, right?
I used the backing fabric for the binding as well as I thought it fitted / blended well with the quilt
And something I don't do often, I inserted some blocks in the back too, the last 4 blocks were added there
With the sashing and the number of blocks, the quilt ended rather big! And I am pleased to report that the Happy Couple loved my present!
Quilt stats:
Quilts blocks from bees made in 2013/2014 (60 blocks) finishing at 10 3/4' after sashing
Quilt 72 x 82'
Freemotion quilting with King Tut Superior Thread
Backing fabric ordered for the quilt.

One OPAM for June and also my One monthly goal for June. This was also on my Q2 FAL list

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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Another UFO

In Flicker's days, I used to be a hopeless joiner, signing up for all the bees and swaps I could find. I have stopped doing so a few years back when I realised that almost all the sewing I was doing was "for others". Although it was great and much fun to swap, exchange, get to know people, I needed to do something a little different. Also I soon realised that in most bees, you end up with 12 blocks (if you are lucky and everyone plays nicely along - almost never) or less... And those blocks are invariably not made to the same standard/size. 

Most of the time, I joined bees without a real plan for my blocks either so invariably, they got stashed away...for another time. With quite a few BIG birthdays in the family at the moment, I decided it was time to start getting some of the blocks out and make something out of them, if possible. I have digged deep into the pile this time... retrieving some bee blocks from 2 different bees.
The Bee Weave It or Not made in 2012
and the Bee White Black made in 2013.
I had X blocks of the B&W and Y of the plaited stars to play with. After trying out a couple of layouts, I settled on this one. 
I had to unpick and resew one of the B&W block but overall, it went quite smoothly and I now have a quilt top ready to be quilted (hopefully this week-end)!


Friday, 7 June 2019

Scrappy trip around the world

Finally a finished quilt! I started this quilt during the quilt-along on IG last year, with the aim to make it for my brother's 40th birthday, thinking that, for once I had plenty of time! It sounded like a perfect stash busting project too. I picked a rainbow layout and started making blocks during the quilt-along. I managed about half of the blocks last year in July, not even in time for the quilt-along, but didn't make any since. I didn't even cut any of the missing 84 strips I needed to make the missing red and green blocks....
With my brother's birthday looming and knowing I would see at the end of May, I set to finish the quilt before his visit. Cutting strips took a bit of time of course as well as some stash digging! But of course, once the strips were all available, it was a lot faster to make the blocks.
With all the blocks ready, I could finally build my rainbow :-)
I love the stained glass effect of a picture against the sun!
And finally it was time for quilting. I kept it very simple with a meander throughout and of course a few personnal messages too :-) I love to add some surprises for the recipient in the quilting

The quilt turned out quite big with 35 blocks
The backing fabric was the only one I bought, everything else came from my stash

The quilt was promptly square off so I could add the binding
and of course, the finishing stretch of sewing the binding by hand. A task that always takes longer than expected... let's say that the present wasn't ready when we had the cake on Friday night last week
but I managed to finish it by Sunday morning and to gift it to him just before he hit the road back to France

And I think he was pleased with it :-)
Quilt stat:
1260 squares (2.5') all from my stash

Finish at 60 x 84' 
Started June 2018 - Finished June 2019
Free motion quilted with King Tut 917

One first OPAM for June, one of my Q2 FAL list and one less UFO!

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