Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Final African Violets

Well I finally managed to make a grand total of 8 African Violets to go in the block lotto. The draw will be in the next couple of hours so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I was so desperate to make some blocks (and increase my chances of winning more!) because I absolutely love this block, as I supposed you have guessed by now!

The colour scheme would be so right for my bedroom that I could see a lovely wall hanging made of African Violets. Just dreaming, really! Aren't those blocks lovely though?


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

2 more African violets

I have managed to make (only) 2 more African Violets for the block lotto. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the draw though!


Monday, 29 August 2011

Life is Beautiful – A new project

Last week while I was at my Mum’s I managed to stitch the first of the 32 quotes from Life is beautiful:
 “Life is a journey, travel it well.”

 About a year ago, when I went to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, I bought Life is Beautiful pattern by Helen Stubbings from  Hugs’n’Kisses.

 Although I had looked at the pattern and planned to get started a couple of times since, I hadn’t made any progress at all so far. But this month, I have finally assemble all I needed to get started on the stitcheries: muslin and thread and stabiliser. And I drew a few blocks to take away with me.
Here is my block alongside the pattern:


Sunday, 28 August 2011

Birdie Stitches – June block!

I am very slowly catching up and finally finished stitching the June block. This one was a very busy block and took a while to complete. I started stitching it late June/early July and hadn’t picked it up until last week. I took advantage of being on holidays to rest while stitching.

I have also started on the July block with its fireworks, I am half way through, don’t know if I will finish it by end of the month. We are only a few days off September block but I am trying to keep focus as I would very much finish this quilt as a wall hanging sometime early next year.  Maybe this one won’t join my pile of UFO, who knows!


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The right button

A little while ago I did a beach bag for my Mum and gave it to her as a Mother's present almost finished. All that was missing was a button to close the bag as I couldn't find one I liked in my stash. I went shopping shortly after and found THE button which I thought would finish the bag nicely with its nautical theme.
So finally after having the button in my bag for about 2 months in my bag, I have managed to sew it on her beach bag last week.
I can't really claim this is my OPAM for August but I don't think I will manage one this month.


Saturday, 20 August 2011

Hexie flowers flying to Canada

I have finished my first 2 flowers for the Inchy Hexie Flower Swap. They are now flying to Canada to Natasha. She didn't have any preferences for the colours so used some fabric from my stash. I finished the second flower on our way back to France so had to take the picture in the car with my jeans as background while we were stuck in traffic. I posted my enveloppe in Dover just before boarding the ferry a few days ago.


Friday, 19 August 2011

African violet for the block lotto

Have you seen the block for this month lotto? It is called African Violet and it is just gorgeous. I have only made one block so far but am hoping to make more before the end of the month. And then I will be crossing my fingers and toes very hard to hope to win a set. Don't think I can be lucky twice in the same year but one can hope! Here is my first block:

If you want to participate and make some wonderful blocks as well, there is still time. Hop over to the block lotto blog to read the rules to make the block and marvel at all the blocks already submitted (over 150 to date). Then contact Sophie to tell her about your blocks. Be quick though you only have until the end of the month. The blocks are put together quite quickly I must say.
Good luck if you are playing, and I hope I'll be one of the lucky one too!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Farmer's Wife quilt-along - 4 new blocks

Last week, I did play with those blocks again and made a further 4 blocks, taking my grand total to 9! I bought the sashing fabric at the week-end so I think I will start adding sashing (chocolate brown) and cornerstones (beige) soon so I don't have to do it all at the end. And I can even start assembling my row as I go along. This is what I am also doing with my Dear Jane.

Block #6 [16] Calico Puzzle
Another block with squares and HST. I cut 2 sizes of squares and played with stripes to add a bit of salsa!
The finished block then assembled as a 9-patch block:

Block#7 [20] Churn Dash
Squares, HST and rectangles in this block so I cut 2 sizes of squares and 2 strips with which I did the 4 sub-units with rectangles.
I even managed to cut my strips too wide so I had to trim them off to sizes once assembled! The finished block assembled as a 9-patch block:

Block #8 [21] Contrary Wife
Again this block is made of squares and HST so I cut 2 sizes of squares
and assembled them  as a 9-patch to make the final block

Block #9 [41] Friendship Star
And one more block to play with squares and HST, very similar to the previous one but for the orientation of the triangles and the middle squares
and assembled the sub-units as a 9-patch to make the final block.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Bee Europa 2011 - August block

Patricia had sent us 4 strips to make some 9-patch blocks for this month Bee. I finished making her blocks last night and was just short of 1 square to make 8 blocks. Here is what I am sending back to her today:

Monday, 15 August 2011

Playing with hexies for swaps

I have been catching up with my swap lately and have been sewing some hexies. First I sent this little cat to Ondrea for the July framed hexie swap.
And I received this wonderful "Good luck" hexie from Jeanette
Then I sent this flower to Robynne
 and finally today I finished this cat and butterflies hexie for Doris and it will fly over to Australia very soon.
I am now trying to finish off my first 2 flowers for the Inchy Hexie Swap to send to Canada. One done, one more to do!
See you soon!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Quilt contest - vote for me!

I have entered this week contest at the Quilting Gallery, the theme was Log Cabin.
A few years back, when my Grand-Mum turned 80, I made a "Log Cabin and Flowers" quilt for her. The centre of the quilt was made with red and green log cabin blocks. All around the log cabin, flowers were applique. This was one of my first attempt at needle-turn applique so it took a bit of time but all in all I finished the quilt in about 5/6 weeks. It was also my first try with prairie points. I made the quilt from a pattern from Magic Patch and I was pleased with the result.

My GrandMa liked it as well and sleep under the quilt every night.
If you like it as well, you can pop over to the Quilting Gallery and vote for me. My quilt "Log Cabin and Flowers" is about half way through the page. Voting is open from now until Sunday evening. Thank you!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Farmer's Wife - First blocks

Finally some pictures of the first few blocks I have made for the quilt-along. As I mentioned yesterday, I have redrafted some of the blocks to have only squares and HST (half square triangles) to cut as much as possible. I am also showing here how I have made my blocks if anyone is interested!

First Block [1] Attic Window

I made this block as a nine-patch cutting only 2 sizes of squares, one for the nine-patch squares and one for the HST
I then pieced the block in row like a 9-patch to give this final block

Second Block [2] Autumn Tints

For this one I did cut strips for the 4-patch units and 2 big squares. I pieced the strips together 2 by 2
then sliced them off to assemble the small 4-patch units and finished off make the bigger 4-patch block.

Third Block [4] Basket Weave

I did cut 3 long strips for this block and pieced them together
before slicing it in 4 units
which could then be sewn together into the final block

Fourth Block [9] Box

Like for block # 1, I did cut 2 sizes of squares for this block, one square for the 9-patch unit and 4 bigger squares of each fabric for the HST units.
I assemble all the HST squares together before cutting along the diagonal and then placed all my pieces to finish off the block as a 9-patch.

Fifth Block [10] Bowtie

For this block I cut 2 big squares of 2 fabrics and 2 smaller squares of the brown fabric for the HST units. I then cut my HST in half along the diagonal, which was a mistake as I then had to work out how to cut the corner off the bigger squares and of course, I did cut the first one to big! I should have kept my (HST) brown squares and sew them onto 2 of the bigger squares before slicing the corner off.
Once each unit is made the block is assemble as a 4-patch again.

These are all my blocks to date, 5 made - 106 more to go!
See you soon,


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Farmer's Wife Quilt-Along - a start!

It is already week 9 of the  Farmer's Wife quilt-along and although I joined in June, I hadn't made much progress to date.
I received the book as a Christmas present from DH a couple of years back but had never made a block until now. When the quilt-along was announced I thought it would be a good opportunity to join in and finally make this quilt. I have set myself the goal of making the quilt as a birthday present for my Mum's 60th birthday next June. She is a Farmer's Wife and Daughter so this is appropriate. A few month back I bought some Kaffe Fassett FQs without much idea of what to use them for so this will now be my scheme for this quilt. It was my first purchase of Kaffe Fassett fabrics. So my quilt should be a "old quilt with a modern twist" which will suit my Mum very well, she is young at heart and enjoying her second youth.
The book comes with a CD with all the templates so I had a good look at all the blocks to decide which ones to start with. I have redrafted some of the blocks as I didn't want to cut some triangles or odd shape pieces if I didn't need to. I will show you soon my first few blocks but I first need to transfer the pictures from my camera to the computer and that will be for another day.
Good night!


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