Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Another year is finishing....

It is nearly time to say good-bye to 2014 and to welcome 2015. This year has been busy (as usual) on the family front with some great times and some sad times too.
I have left my job of 10 years just before Christmas and will venture on a new experience starting a new job in January (same field but very different company/settings etc). My Grand-Dad has left us this year a few days after his 88th birthday. A few months later, we had a fantastic week-end to celebrate Mr Cars first Holy Communion.

On the sewing front, there has been loads happening, I have been swap crazy this year I think! Lots of last minute stressed finishes but lots of fantastic packages in return too! And I have also met amazing and generous friends online, the sewing/quilting community is so good!

With taking part in the 350-blocks challenge, I haven't quite mastered 350 blocks this year but I have completed 335 blocks, not so bad really! Lots of bee blocks but also blocks for some of my quilts too!

and also 55 finished projects in total this year, some big like my Triangle quilt
and some small like my tree ornaments

I have only finished 2 of my long-standing UFOs, I definitely need to do better next year as I have also created UFOs this year...

and I have made reasonable progress on my Once Upon a Time sampler, but it is still far from being finished...

I have played along with a few sew-along: triangles, 318-paper piecing patterns, Fair Isle quilt, Mr Snowmen, Flowering Snowball  etc but only finished the Triangle Quilt.

I have started a number of new projects that I hope won't fall at the bottom of my UFO pile: Midnight in the Oasis, Green Tea and Sweat Beans, You've got Mail, Mod Mod Sampler, Star Plus quilt for example.

Time to focus on the New Year now and to try not to forget these WIP too quickly!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

December in review

And the month is nearly over already! And it has been busy (mainly in the kitchen I guess!) and full on. Time to look back at my plans and see how far I have got!

Bee Blocks 
1. Stash Bee block (November) - done

2. Little Blog Bee block (November and December) - all done

3. Block Lotto blocks - no progress
4. I love Lucy international block (September) - not finished
5. Flower hexies for the Inchy Hexie Swap (October, November and December) - October and November finished, December in progress

6. Get Your Hexie On - (September and November) - all finished

1. Midnight in the Oasis - no progress
2. Mod Mod Along blocks: Sunrise Blocks x 6, Little Window blocks x 11, Sweet Dreams blocks x 3, Woven Bars x 4, Easy X x 6, Big O x 2 no progress 
3. You've got Mail wall hanging - need 4 more envelopes - no progress
4. Finish Maud's bag  no progress
5. Finish my work bag - my Lazy Bums challenge for November - no progress
6. Make a few blocks for my Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt no progress
7. Make more Farmer's Wife blocks no progress
8. Flowering Snowball quilt-along no progress
9. Quilt for my Grand-Mum's 90th birthday no progress
10. Continue working on my Once Upon a Time Sampler 

11. Purple quilt for my Auntie - my Lazy Bums challenge for October no progress
12. Triangle quilt for my Mum  no progress
13. Fair Isle quilt - minimal progress, I haven't even finished one block

New Project
1. Doris bag pattern testing - NewFO - done 

2. Cat tote bag - NewFO no progress
3. Mr Snowman - NewFO -  9 blocks done

4. Quilty Fun for Christmas - NewFO - 1 block only

5. Christmas Stocking for Miss A - NewFO and my project for A lovely year of finishes - done

6. Custom Cushions - NewFO no progress

That's 23 blocks for the 350-blocks challenge.


Monday, 29 December 2014

Hand sewing

Not much time to sew these last few days as we have been busy in the kitchen or busy eating or busy spending time with family, etc...
But in between all these or while travelling from one place to the next I have managed to finish a few of my hand-sewn bee blocks. English Paper Piecing is so easy and portable when you are on the go!
I finished my flowers for Melody 

and for Michele

And I also finished my block for Judy for Get your Hex on!
That's 5 more blocks this month, taking me to 23 so far. I don't think I will make it to 30 this month but at least I have tried!
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Sunday, 28 December 2014

2015 Sewing goals

Kerry is proposing to list our 5 main sewing goals for the New Year. It might be hard to limit myself to 5 :-) but I'll try!

1. Quilt A - I bought this pattern from Kids Quilts years ago and Miss Baby hasn't got a quilt I made her before so I am really hoping to get this one going.

2. Quilt C - I bought this pattern from Kids Quilts years ago too and I'd love to finally get going with this one too!

3. Quilt M - I have a stash of blue and green blocks that I would like to make into a quilt

4. Skirt for me! -  I have signed up for Michelle's Patterns Skirt Sew Along starting in January with the intention of making myself a skirt and finally starting to use my overlocker

5. Frozen dresses - I have bought all the material I need with the intention of making the girls a Frozen dress, crazy? Yes probably! - Finished in February 2015

6. T-shirt quilt for hubby - I know Kerry said 5 but I need to add this last one for Hubby's birthday next year!

I am sure there are 101 other projects that I would really really like to do in the coming year but let's try and keep a focus on the 5 above and see whether they will all be finishes this time next year.

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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Winter sewing

There has been so much going on with swaps, presents, baking, getting ready for Christmas, finishing work etc and lots of temptation to join in the fun here and there. I have massively failed to follow the Fair Isle quilt-along, I have cut all my fabric pieces in early November but have hardly done any sewing on it.

There was also the 318-paper piecing patterns sew-along. I made a few blocks in November but not as many as I was planning/hoping. I made another heart this month too for one more Christmas ornament.

Then there was the Quilty Fun sew-along on IG that I tried to resist but I am so weak ;-) that I ordered the book to play along anyway. And the book was on back-order in the UK so it took 3 weeks to come and arrived just last week-end... Anyway I managed to make Mr Cookie which was an instatute before the holidays but nothing else.
Hopefully we will try to stay motivated and focused with Jane and Reene to have a finished quilt by next Christmas!

And after that there was the Mr Snowmen sew along on IG as well. I have been better with this one since I have sewn all 9 snowmen. I used a charm pack of Summerville that I had stashed a long time ago and a frosty blue background fabric that I had left from my table runner to make the blocks and various scraps of red for the scarfs.

I pieced all my blocks while sewing other blocks and soon my 9 blocks were ready.

The snowman in the centre has his scraf this other side because his is very special, it is made of the tie from the mini Esther sent me!

Now the snowmen needs a nose and eyes as well as some buttons before I can finish off my Frosty cushion, hopefully sometimes in January.

And finally there was the last-minute Christmas sampler that I really wanted to try out as well but I haven't got any further than printing the paper piecing patterns for this one!

I suppose one lesson to be learnt from this, or a note to self would be to not sign for as many swaps at the end of the year and get ahead with my Christmas presents by making them earlier or through the year! Let's hope....

Anyway, that's another 11 blocks for the 350-blocks challenge, taking me to 19 this month.
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Friday, 26 December 2014

Swap jackpot!

Santa came yesterday but I have been spoiled already this month when I received 2 lovely parcels from my last swaps of the year. The first I received was the #jollyswap all the way from Monique in Australia. And I loved it of course. What could have been better than a bright and happy Christmas tree made of hexagons?

And Monique didn't stop there, she also embroidered this gorgeous zentangle(?) tree in a hoop for me.

Look at this gorgeous package she sent me. I am really happy with yet another amazing swap (I love the Santa on his surf on the card!).

The second was the #igminiswap. For this one, I had my eye on a gorgeous white and red star that Esther was showing and I was secretly hoping that it would land in my house (I even teased Esther a few times about it) so when I received this huge parcel and saw her name on it, I couldn't contain my joy. I am so so lucky, I have received the most gorgeous mini which fits so well in our living room (yes hubby had to stopped his TV program there and then to hang it straight away)

and the extras Esther send were so great too. Look at this pouch with a pocket and an Eiffel Tower lining

and the mini pin cushion on a ring, how clever is that!

Now you know why I can't stop myself signing for gorgeous swaps after gorgeous swaps!


Thursday, 25 December 2014

Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and your family, I hope you all have a lovely and peaceful day.
A little Christmas tree designed by miss Baby who is turning 3 today.


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas is coming!

And our stocking are finally all ready...

Last week-end I went on fast sewing mode when I panicked realised that Miss Baby stocking was still "in planning", i.e. the pattern was picked but that was about it. And I needed to have it all machine-sewn by Sunday morning if it was to be done this year.... Anyway after a busy evening of cutting fabric pieces and fusing them to my stocking on Saturday night, I was too tired to continue at midnight and went to bed hoping it will be a quick and easy finish on Sunday.
After about 30 minutes of buzzing blanket stitching and changes thread about 4 times, I was ready for quilting, which I of course kept very simple!
before putting the stocking together. By midday, all I had left to do was sewing the binding by hand.
And by the evening, the stocking was finished. Love this little penguin peeking on the binding.

I am very good with deadlines pushing me to go go go.... but sometimes I really wonder why I don't get to my to do list earlier to avoid the last-minute rush. Anyway, Miss Baby now has a stocking too which she loved! We are ready Santa, you can come and fill those 3 big stockings.

One more OPAM this month and this was one of my NewFO and my chosen project for A lovely year of finishes and of course, one more of my Finish Along Q4.

Linking to A lovely year of finishes.


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