Tuesday, 31 March 2015

One more block

Yes I did finish one more block this month, the last of the Get Your Hexie On block which was made of "big" (1.5') hexie all in low volume. I used an assortment from my stash to make Shirley's block

This bee is over now, this was our second round (year-long), let's see if we will do a round 3.
This block takes my March blocks total to 27.

And I am still playing with English Paper Piecing today, trying to finish my hexie flowers for March, but at the moment, this is still a WIP.

Miracle, after month in its bag, I found an hour to work on my Once Upon a Time sampler, little progress of course, but at least it is some progress! This one is a very very long term WIP

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Blocks galore

In between rushing to finish my swaps on time, I have also tried to catch up with blocks and most particularly bee blocks after being so slack last month. And I had quite some time for hand-sewing as I did spend quite a lot of time watching TV too (catching up with some shows or the Great British Sewing Bee!)
First there were 2 #flowersforeleni, my modest contribution to this love quilt for Eleni's family

This month I was on time for the Bee Hive block for Britta who had picked the Wanta Fanta block - when you put plenty of those together it looks like an orange peel quilt, very effective
Another advantage (or not) of organising my stash is that I have been forced to realise that I have a LOT of fabric so I should really not hesitate to CUT into it, rather than save it all for THAT perfect project which will probably never happen. So I made a bonus block for Britta, a trip around the world block in green that she is currently collecting
Next on the list, and again in an effort to sew my stash was to make some Sping Flower blocks for the Block Lotto - 9 of them. These had got me to dive into my stash of batiks and rediscover their vibrant colors. I know they are usually shunned in these days of modern quilting but I must admit, I like their colors and the effect they give
And finally I also finished my March Lucy Boston Block yesterday, ready to go!

It feels so good to have (almost) caught up with my Bee Blocks this month. A couple still to finish but I am slowly getting there. And these 14 blocks take my total for March to 26, still 4 short for the 30 needed for the 350-blocks challenge but then there is one day left ;-)

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Sunday, 29 March 2015

And another swap is ready

I sent my last swap for this month, which was the It's so Kawaii swap. For once, this wasn't a secret swap and Mara asked me to make items for her 4-year old daughter. I like the Open Wide Pouch I made for the Sweet and Salty Easter swap so I decided to make one with some mini charm Kawaii squares that I had in my stash

and I paired with a lovely emerald happy bee fabric that I bought years ago because it was happy and fun :-)

One good thing about re-organising my sewing room and my ever-growing stash (an on-going project since January) is that I rediscover fabrics that I had completely forgotten about. Some are nice surprises, some not so nice ;-)
Next I made a little hand-bag from a pattern by Rachel called the friendship bag with again some Kawaii fabric pieces I had in my stash and some yummy strawberries
Nice, fun and easy mini handbag perfect for a little girl, which made me think that I really ought to make one for my mini girl too... maybe one day!
And finally I made a circle pouch from Erin's free pattern but for this one, I worked production-line style and made 5 at once: one for the swap, one for my baby girl (for when she needs to take money into school - meant to be done months ago), one for Big Boy for his guitar spectrums with fabric he choose himself last week-end (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), one for me (meant to be done years ago, with special Japanese London fabric from Diane), and one Star Wars for hubby:

And of course I sent a few Kawaii goodies too

Another 7 OPAMs to had to my March list, not bad going! And this was also my challenge for March for A lovely Year of Finishes. Also linking to Whoop Whoop Friday.


Saturday, 21 March 2015

A good week for finishing...

This week has been good to finish some WIP. The deadline for the Sweet and Salty Easter Swap was approaching fast so I concentrated on my Open Wide Pouch by Noodlehead, a very good pattern that I will for sure use again.

I also made my favorite sewing kit with a cute little sheep fabric that I have had in my stash forever!

And I collected a few goodies for my partner too!

I received my pouch from Sue, it's lovely and bright.

And she had filled it with so many gorgeous goodies, my youngest already had her eye on the chocolate rabbit!

While I was making a sewing kit, I thought I could make another one for my 2015 IG Secret Pal partner. I had this cute babuchka fabric in my stash that I paired with a lovely turquoise.

I also finished a pillow case for Big Boy. It was supposed to be for his birthday and I tried to finish it for his birthday, but I get doing it wrong... so I unpicked a few times and finally finished it this week.
And earlier in the month I had made 2 Little Red Riding Hood capes for the girls for World Book Day

All these make 6 OPAM so far this month! Hopefully a few more soon as I have the Kawaii swap to finish too!
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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A new quilt

So this month, I am trying to make a new quilt, which is also my goal for the Lazy Bums. It is a new quilt but from an old UFO. I have these 25 blocks that I collected over a few bees over 2013. The blocks were all stashed away to be made into a quilt for my son but I never started it so this month I finally got the pile of blocks out.

I will frame my blocks with the blue and then use probably the printed as sashing between all the blocks.

That's the plan anyway. Let see how long it will take to finish this quilt.
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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Catching up with blocks

I was very behind with my Bee blocks in February so I thought I would start this month trying to finally catch up. And I have made some progress and sent a few blocks to their new owners.

There was more hand sewing with these hexagons for Cathy for February

and this Lucy Bee block for Uschy for Feburary

I also finished my arrow blocks for Rosanne for Little Blog Bee for January

And then I made a block for Siobhan for Bee Hive but I didn't follow the instructions correctly so I made another with the right size triangles

And I also made an improv block for Colette for Bee Europa 

And finally a paper pieced book for Tracy for #thebookbee

A total of 9 blocks taking my total this month to 12 so far for the 350-blocks challenge.


Monday, 2 March 2015

Hand sewing week-end

I didn't managed to get to my sewing machine this week-end but I did take some time out of the sorting, shopping, cleaning, planning etc for a little hand sewing. And that was a good start for the month as I finished my late flowers for January for Simone

and also my hexie block for January for Susan with some gorgeous Liberty

3 blocks for this month 350-blocks project, that's a good start but I doubt I will be keeping up the pace!

Linking to Design Wall Monday as these blocks have finally come down to be sent off.


Sunday, 1 March 2015

February in review, goals for March

Another month has whizzed by and also it was a short month, it has been a very very busy month, what with all the birthday celebrations for the children and my attempt at dressmaking in between all the baking. I don't feel I have done much sewing (I think there was simply not time) and I am behind on lots of my bee blocks so March will be about catching up with those. I suppose the swap addiction has kept me busy as well as there were a few due this month. Let's have a look at what I can cross of my list.

Hoping for Finishes!
1. Mr Snowmen cushion - all the blocks are pieced - no progress
2. Star Plus no progress
3. Downton Swap - started - this was be my choice for A lovely Year of Finishes finished and sent
4. Skirt Sew Along  no progress
5. Frozen dresses - both finished on time for the birthdays
6. IG Secret Pal swap - finished and sent

Bee Blocks 
1. Little Blog Bee block (January and February) - January still in progress, February not started
2. Block Lotto blocks  - 0
3. I love Lucy international block (January and February) - January sent, February in progress

4. Flower hexies for the Inchy Hexie Swap (January and February) - January and February in progress
5. Get Your Hexie On - (January and February) - January in progress, February not started
6. Bee Europa (February) - finished and sent

7. Book Bee (February) - finished and sent

8. Flying geese Bee (February) - not started

1. Midnight in the Oasis - no progress
2. Mod Mod Along blocks: Sunrise Blocks x 6, Little Window blocks x 11 and Sweet Dreams blocks no progress
3. You've got Mail wall hanging - need 4 more envelopes - no progress
4. Finish Maud's bag no progress
5. Finish my work bag - my Lazy Bums challenge for November no progress
6. Make a few blocks for my Green Tea and Sweet Beans quiltno progress
7. Make more Farmer's Wife blocksno progress
8. Flowering Snowball quilt-alongno progress
9. Quilt for my Grand-Mum's 90th birthday no progress
10. Continue working on my Once Upon a Time Sampler no progress
11. Purple quilt for my Auntie - my Lazy Bums challenge for October  no progress
12. Triangle quilt for my Mum no progress
13. Quilty Fun Christmas  no progress
14. September in the Hexagon - my Lazy Bums challenge for Februaryno progress

New Project
1. UK mini swap  no progress
2. Liberty Swap - finished and sent

3. Sugar and Sweet Easter Swap - no progress
4. Custom cushionno progress
5. Quilt for Mno progress
6. Elephant Parade - 2 elephants

I don't have to commute to work any more and as a result, I find that I have a lot less time for hand sewing or cross-stitching these days...

Now March has 3 more days than February so will I be able to achieve more. I certainly need to catch up with blocks before I am too far behind.

Hoping for Finishes!
1. Sugar and Sweet Easter Swap 
2. Star Plus 
3. Kawaii swap - this will be my choice for A lovely Year of Finishes
4. Skirt Sew Along  
5. IG Secret Pal swap 

Bee Blocks 
1. Little Blog Bee block (January and February)
2. Block Lotto blocks 
3. I love Lucy international block (February and March) 
4. Flower hexies for the Inchy Hexie Swap (January, February and March) 
5. Get Your Hexie On - (January, February and March) 
6. Bee Europa (March)
7. Book Bee (March) 
8. Flying geese Bee (February and March) 
9. Bee Hive Europe (February and March)

1. Midnight in the Oasis 
2. Mod Mod Along blocks: Sunrise Blocks x 6, Little Window blocks x 11 and Sweet Dreams blocks 
3. You've got Mail wall hanging - need 4 more envelopes
4. Finish Maud's bag 
5. Finish my work bag - my Lazy Bums challenge for November
6. Mr Snowmen cushion - all the blocks are pieced
7. Make more Farmer's Wife blocks
8. Flowering Snowball quilt-along
9. Quilt for my Grand-Mum's 90th birthday 
10. Continue working on my Once Upon a Time Sampler 
11. Purple quilt for my Auntie - my Lazy Bums challenge for October  
12. Triangle quilt for my Mum 
13. Lighthouse quilt for my cousin's 30th birthday
14. September in the Hexagon - my Lazy Bums challenge for February
15. Elephant Parade 

New Project
1. UK mini swap 
2.Custom cushion
3. Quilt for M

Again the list is far too long for just one month, but let's try and tick off as many as possible!


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