Monday, 24 February 2020


The first time I made jeans was about 3 years ago when I went to a 3-day course with Charlotte at the Village Haberdashery. I duly bought denim, etc afterwards but never did anything with it. Earlier last year, I offered to my dear husband to make HIM a pair of jeans. He accepted the offer and picked the leftover from my first pair and the Quadra pattern by Thread Theory. The jeans were cut last autumn and he decided on a Star Trek designs for the pockets which I did at the time. 
After that, work was so busy that my dream of having the jeans finished for his birthday and then for Christmas, were just that, a dream. I picked the pieces again in January and tried to move them forward by little chunks as I figured it would be the only way to progress. I would never manage a full day or two to complete them. 
I picked a Star Trek fabric I had in my stash for the inside pockets and finished them with French seams as per the instructions. 
The next step that really scared me was the flat felled seams. I have never tried them before I was worried they would be very difficult. Well with a few deep breaths and some unpicking, I got there! The Quadra has flat felled seams on the yoke and the inside legs. I did both in the end and was quite please with the results.
After the jeans are constructed, the zipper and shield are constructed and inserted and finally the waistband. Those steps came together relatively easily and there are great instructions on the Thread Theory blog sew along anyway.

The last step was the buttonhole and the belt loops. I used some normal thread the same colour as my top stitching thread for those as my machine didn't like the top thread with all the layers. 
Of course, such a special pair of jeans needed a special label too!
I gifted the jeans to hubby on Valentine's day (without the hardware!) and he has worn them as much as he could since. I am ridiculously happy to have finished them for him and happy that he likes them too! Now I really want to make myself more jeans, even more so as I need some!
This was on my Q1 FAL list and is another OPAM for February.
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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Horse time

Late last month I picked up my abandoned passport pieced horse from a pattern by Tartan Kiwi, with the hope to finish it for my daughter's birthday. Well I'm glad to say that having a deadline once more helped to keep me focused. The horse is finished and gifted! Yeah 😊
I only had 3 sections left before I could assemble all. 
So the first job was indeed to finish those sections. After that I could move on to the construction of the horse following the very good explanations in the book to match the critical junctions. 

I used 2 FQ from my stash that I bought in the US 5 years ago for the backing. 
I kept the quilting very simple by shopping vertical lines with my walking foot all the way across.
As for the binding I used the same as the background fabric to blend it in. 

Quilt stats 
Top: paper piecing,  Kaffe Fassett fabric
Back: fabric from my stash bought in Pennsylvania in 2015
Quilted with Superior Thread
Started in 2019, finished 11 February 2020

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This is my One monthly goal  for February and this is one OPAM and one of my Q1 FAL list


Saturday, 1 February 2020

February goals

February is a short but also very busy month in our house with all the birthday celebrations. Time to sew will for sure be reduced. There are so many projects I would love to work on though. I am lucky to start this month with a full "sewing day". Let see what I can get to...

1. Dear Jane - finish row E
2. HST modern sampler quilt - make the last block and finish the top 
3. Farmer's Wife 1920 - make 4 blocks
4. Farmer's Wife 1930 - make 4 blocks
5. Horse quilt - this will be my One monthly goal
6. Scientific Adventure Quilt - not started
7. Purple and blue quilt
8. Scrappy Stripes quilt - needs quilting

2. Sirroco Jumpsuit, cut and ready to be sewn
3. Jeans for hubby
4. Comox trunks
5. PJ for M
6. Moneta dress
7. Belladone dress
8. Lola sweater dress
9. Linden sweater10. Jasika jacket

1. Passport holder
2. Rucksack

1. Grimm's Tales stitch along


Friday, 31 January 2020

January Furtle

Is the first month of the year really over? How is that even possible?

Today is a particularly sad day... Today the UK is officially leaving the European Union, the outcome of that shameful referendum is now acted out. I can't get my head around the stupidity of this decision. I arrived in this country shy of 20 years, ready to discover, to start new adventures, to stretch out of my comfort zone. And now, nearly 20 years later, I have settled here and the rules are changing. I am no longer welcome, I don't belong, I am a foreigner, an immigrant... I could not vote in that referendum yet I am directly affected. This all feels like such an horrible nightmare I just want to wake up and realise it is not true.... sadly it is.

Enough about the politics, let's review this month creative adventures, it is always so much more fun.

I am so happy that I have finished my Vintage Kitchen quilt top this month. It needs quilting of course but at least I have made all the blocks now
I also finished my Row D for my Dear Jane quilt, which also makes me really happy, that's the fourth completed row now...
All together I made 11 blocks this month.

In terms of dressmaking, I used up some of my stash to make a Linden sweatshirt, a Lola sweater dress and a pair of PJ for hubby.

I also started my cross-stitch projects but didn't manage the full January clue in the Grimm Fairy Tale stitch along.

Quite a productive month overall, let's hope I can keep the trend in the shorter month to come.

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Thursday, 30 January 2020

Lola sweater dress

In November Victory pattern ran a sew-along for their Lola sweater dress. I had all intention to participate and bought and printed the pattern there and then but sadly that's as far as I went. I took the pattern with me during our Christmas holiday but again didn't touch it. Well last weekend I finally cut it away,  read the sew along details and cut my pieces. I had quite a lot of fabric left from my Linden sweater so I used that for my first try, complemented by lovely cuff fabric I ordered especially for a little bit of bling

I added 1.5'' to the upper body pieces because I am tall and the measurements suggested I would need that much.

Construction on the overlocker was rather straightforward and fast. Apart when I ended seeing the cuff the wrong side out.

And quickly I had a new dress/ secret pyjamas.

The neckline is not 100% symmetrical with the stripes but I've decided I'll live with it. Otherwise I'm really in love 😍😍 with this dress.
It is so comfortable. Plus the princess seams are really flattering and avoid the slouchy look.

There might be more Lola in my wardrobe in the future!

This is one more OPAM for January and one of my Q1 FAL.

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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

A late Christmas present

I had planned to make a new pair of pyjamas for my hubby for Christmas but time ran out before I even got started. I had bought some really soft brushed cotton fabric from Fabrics Galore during Black Friday sale to make the Eastwood pyjama bottom by Thread Theory and also some plain black jersey to make the Berlin tee by Toby K pattern as a top. I used both before for a PJ and they work perfectly.

I finally got around to cut the pieces earlier this month and at the weekend I sat with my overlocker to construct both pieces. 

The only tweak I did was to add this little pocket on the top with fabric from the bottom to add a little bit of fancy!

And just like that, exactly one month late I was able to gift a new pair of PJ to my lovely hubby.

One more OPAM for January and one of my Q1 FAL


Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Something new....

It's been a while since I have joined a cross-stitch along so I have been tempted again. I really like the Nutcracker Parade that Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery released before Christmas but I never managed to order the supplies to start it before Christmas unfortunately, too much work and too much on...
I finally ordered some lovely crystal hand-dyed linen fabric in December but it arrived while we were away so I found it on my return. And finally earlier this month,  I did the first few stitches... I am loving the colours, not sure how long it will take me, considering I *might* have signed up for another cross-stitch-along...


Sunday, 26 January 2020

Linden Sweatshirt

I have been planning to try the Linden sweatshirt pattern by Grainline Studio for months but never got around to it.
I ordered some pretty cuff fabric before Christmas but didn't have time to use it until this month.
Not sure why it took so long... Especially when it was so fast making it on the overlocker from start to finish. I used pink thread, just because! 😊
I buried the threads this week and have almost worn it since!
I love it and I really like how the cuffs and neckline band lift the sweater up.

One of my Q1 FAL list and one OPAM for January.
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Saturday, 25 January 2020

A quilt top

I tackled the few remaining blocks for my vintage kitchen top last week and put the top together at the weekend.

First I had to do the stack of bowls

And then the 4 little flying geese blocks

Before I had all the pieces to finish the top.

The pattern has 3 rounds of plain borders but I'm not sure I'll add some as the top is already quite big. Ready for quilting I think!

I really happy that I've finished it as I had picked it as my One monthly goal

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Thursday, 23 January 2020

Dear Jane Row D

My poor Dear Jane must feel abandoned again. I had blocks with me on every one of my work trip but I did stitch one thread at all. No time on the way in or while away and no energy left after the business meetings so no sewing on the way back either. Finally I managed to pick it up again during the Christmas break and finished D2 Mouse in the Mirror. This one was started in October during our last holidays.
We had so many hours in the car that I also managed to complete D12 Crossed Swords
And with these 2 blocks finally done, I was able to stitch Row D together.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2020


The FAL is now exclusively ran on IG. I finally posted my (very long) list on Sunday, which was the last day. I still like to keep a list on here that I find easier to refer to. So here what I have put on my (very/too long) Q1 list

1. Modern HST triangles - 1 block missing to have enough for a quilt top but very little background fabric - only one block left to do now 
2. Project 48 quilt with a few Solstice challenge blocks (all blocks done, might need a few more???)
3. Farmer's Wife (not half way yet....)  
4. Farmer's Wife 1930 - only 24 blocks done
7. Gipsy Wife (in progress) - I have fallen off the band wagon again.... 
9. Enchanted Stars
10. Underground railway - most blocks available from years ago  
11. 365-challenge - so many blocks still needed! 
12. Kingfisher quilt - a portable project, as long as I prepare before I go.... 
13. Super Mario quilt 
14.  Impromptu quilt - abandoned so long ago... I dream of having the quilt on my bed next summer... 
15. Scrappy strips quilt -  top sewn together, just needs quilting now 
16. Blue and purple quilt 
17. Harry Potter quilt 
18. Horse quilt 
19. Threadology quilt
20. Sewing studio banner
21. Baby quilt
22. Vintage kitchen quilt along

Bags etc:
1. Power trip bag 
2. Passport cover for me 
3. Rucksack
4. Tote / maxi bag

1. Lander trousers - navy 
2. Fumeterre skirt
3. Shirt (button up) - puff blouse
4. Kimono (dressing gown)- dusty pink
5. Lola sweater dress
6. Calvin dress
7. Barkcloth dress (Marbella or Daphne or Belladone)
8. Jersey dress
9. Jasika Blazer - started to baste the lining
10. Jeans for hubby
11. PJ for hubby
12. PJ for M
13. PJ for C
14. Sirocco jumpsuit -cut
15. Linden top

I am sure I won't cross it all off but never mind, one can dream!


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