Friday, 29 May 2009

the fun of unpicking!

Well I didn't go shopping for fabric this morning. I was almost ready to go when my husband had a call from work saying he had to be on site today. No car for me so no shopping! Not sure what I filled my time with instead!

A little while back, I posted a picture of the pieced top below that I am planning to finish up as a birthday present for my Auntie on day.

I took the top apart back to the individual squares because I didn't like the look of it as it was put together about a week ago. Looking at my pile of 25 blocks, I felt some of the blocks still didn't work. I have finally decided that I don't like the two patterned fabrics next to each other so I am now unpicking some of my blocks to make them up differently. The 9-patch block was set on point and I am taking apart the set triangles to replace them by plain violet as on the picture below (the "planned" block is on the right):

I am also taking apart some of my pinwheels to replace the 2 triangles by the ones I am getting back from my 9-patch blocks if it make any sense (the "planned" block is on the right). The picture might be clearer than my explanations!

I really think/hope it will work better that way. What do you think?

It only means I have a lot more to unpick now and I must admit this is not my favorite thing. And it also probably means that the quilt will be finish even later...

I have also finally started to cut my pieces for the mystery quilt organised by Carol Honderich on the Chain-A-Spool group. I had cut some 4.5' strips from my green fabrics leftover from my Grand-Mum's 80th birthday quilt. I was planning to use them to make a baby quilt for one of my friend's baby. But I then decided that the green was not bright enough for a baby and it really wouldn't suit the quilt I was planning to make. Not sure what I was thinking when I cut the strips in the first place? Probably that I wanted the quilt made and didn't have other green fabric available in the house. Anyway, the strips are being further cut apart to be used soon hopefully. I have so far cut half of my 2' squares and this will be my progress for this month. I should start again early next month to try not to be too much behind!

We have friends over this week-end until Monday so no time for fabric related activities. It will be more chatting, cooking and enjoying their company! The weather is supposed to be nice, that would be great with 3 children up to 3 years old in the house for 3 days.

Hope you have a nice and fun week-end. See you next week.


Thursday, 28 May 2009

Blocks for the May Lotto

Finally I have finished my blocks for the blocklotto and introduced myself briefly on the blog. I ended making 6 Cactus Pot blocks. I was initially planning to make 8 but I am running out of time. Blocks #5 & 6 have been cut, ready to be sewn for over a week now and I only manage to complete them today. The blocks are due by the end of the month (Sunday).

Next week, the new block for June will be posted. I will try to be quicker and make more maybe... watch this space!
Time to go to bed now as I might be tempted to go shopping for some fabric tomorrow with my lovely daughter (never to early to be immersed in the world of fabric/quilting etc!)
Good night!

home deco done for now!

I had mentioned last week that I was making a calendar on my wall with blackboard/magnetic paint, well it is now completed as off yesterday and is already in use as you can see from the photo below. I now need to buy different colours of chalks to get a more organised calendar and to make some personnalised magnets to finish the look!

preparation work with masking tape:

completed calendar already in use:

I have also completed my other wall where I was planning to paint a Japanese cherry tree. I had to repaint the wall first to have a clean start. I found the pot of paint which was originally used by previous owners (probably when the house was built about 10 years ago). The paint was quite thick so I added water and there were quite a few bit of rust in it but I managed to recover enough to freshen the wall. I then found out that I didn't have the appropriate brush so I ended up painting the wall with a cloth. Great to give some soft texture! The tree shape was painted yesterday and I did all the flowers today.
This is the whole wall in the hall:

and here is a close-up look at my painting!

This was my first time being creative on my walls and I quite enjoyed the process. I have lots of ideas now of what else could be done to freshen the whole house. I will surely run out of time though. In less than 2 monts, I shall be back at work...


Not much sewing done

I haven't posted any news for nearly a week now, time flies! The week-end in France was busy but very pleasant. We celebrated my brother's 30th birthday with the family on Saturday before his "big" party in the summer. AND I have finally got an idea for a present for him but I can't say much more in case he came around to visit my blog, who knows! It won't be a quilt but will be crafty, I will let you know more after the party! I had made him a memory quilt for his 25th birthday 5 years ago. I printed pictures of his loved ones and his passions in life (trucks, tractors, etc). The quilt was single size so he could use it in his lorry when he was sleeping on the road. Unfortunately the pictures faded very quickly even before the quilt was washed. Anyway here is a picture of the quilt just after it was completed.

I have also spent most of yesterday trying my hand at digital photo collage to produce an invit for my brother's party in the summer. I had fun and am now waiting for his feedback to see if he likes what I produced, bearing his passions in mind!

More on my recent activies later as my daughter is hungry...


Friday, 22 May 2009


Finally I have managed to finish my TV bag this morning. I finished all the blocks yesterday and assemble the bag this morning. I have added an inside pocket for the remote and an outside one for the . It was fun to make and green too. I have used one pair of adult jeans and a piece of fabric I bought before without knowing what I'll do with it. I hope my son will like it too!

OK time to finish packing and off we go!
Have a nice week-end and see you next week!


Thursday, 21 May 2009

little progress

Not much sewing time in the last 2 days unfortunately. I had to treck down to London for some appointements with my daughter yesterday so that was most of the day gone. I managed to fuse my first hen onto the background fabric and cut the second one last night while I was watching the Apprentice on TV, the only programme I watch every year. It is not sewn yet but it is looking good so far, if I can say so!

3 more to go and then onto the sewing!

I also now have a picture of the 4 blocks I made for the blocklotto. I haven't posted the picture on the block lotto blog yet because I am planning to make more blocks. I will post a picture there with all my blocks at once I think. Anyway here is a peak of my first 4 Cactus Pot blocks:

This morning I painted the wall again with my blackboard/magnetic paint and it doesn't seem to be magnetic at all so far so I will probably have to apply a third layer. I have also drawn a branch of Japanese cherry tree (Sakura) with a pencil. I am planning to paint it to decorate the wall in the hall. Of course, when my son came back from playgroup he commented on it and asked why I had drawn on the wall. We had to explain to him that this was a decoration and that he still wasn't allowed to draw on the wall. Fingers cross the message has gone through even though I am sure he is dying to help me decorate the wall.

I was talking previously of my current projects but hadn't listed them all as the post would have been too long. I have started a bag for our TV/DVD player for the car as it wasn't provided with a cover and I wouldn't want the screen to be all scratched. I decided to do it the *green* way so I am recycling a pair of jeans that wasn't worn anymore to make some Japanese folded blocks and planning to make my bag with those. I was hoping to have it finished for tomorrow as we will be taking the unit to drive home (France) for the long week-end but this seems to be quite difficult now. I have only so far made half of my blocks and not started on the assembly of the bag yet. Have a peak at my first blocks:

And I was also making a passeport cover for my daughter's passeport and card which is almost finished but not quite yet. This was a scrappy projects reusing strips left over from previous work. Not sure this will be finished for tomorrow either. Unless there is only the hand-sewing part left that I will be able to complete in the car on our way. More later.

Well time to sew a little bit before going to bed.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Some progress...

I had a little bit of time to play today so I have been able to complete the personalised bodysuits and pyjamas for the 2 baby boys. I also cut out one of the 4 hens for my grand-mum wallhanging and completed another 2 blocks for the blocklotto and cut 2 more that I will try to sew tomorrow. I will post a picture once I am done with my Cactus Pot blocks.

I also managed to start on my home decoration project while my little daughter was having a quick nap. I cleaned the wall this morning and did put my first layer of paint this afternoon. I am creating a giant universel calendar in my kitchen from an idea I saw in Marie-Claire Idees. Pictures later.

Time to go to bed now.

More on-going projects

Because the list is not long enough, I am also planning to do a little wall-hanging from my grand-mum who is turning 80 in June. I found a cute pattern on the Sulky (german) website which would be very appropriate since my grand-mum has lived on a farm and kept animals all her life:

I already made her a wall-hanging on the same theme for her 75th birthday (5 years ago) from a pattern I found in Magic Patch:

Then there is my other grand-Mum turning 85 in September. I have signed up for a mystery quilt Chain-A-Spool, which is based on the reproduction of an antique quilt from the 20-30s. I am planning to make that one for my grand-Mum using left over fabrics I have from the log cabin and flower quilt I made her for her 80th birthday 5 years ago.

I should really get started with cutting my fabrics, which is the task for this month but have yet to start. I think I am going to use the green left-overs as the main fabric and some red as accent. I also have to decide which size I am going for, will probably depend on the time I have on hands.

Then there are my friends having babys and I need baby presents as well. When my friend Cathi stopped by on her way to Sweden last month she brought me some lovely personalised bodysuit for my daughter. I think I am going to use her very good idea for quick baby present and will make something bigger for my close friends later.

Finally for now I have also decided to join the blocklotto that I discovered by reading Kate's blog. I have made 2 blocks so far but will try to make a few more. Pictures to follow soon.

Well with all the projects I am planning to do, I should really get starting now.


Monday, 18 May 2009

What am I working on?

Well, maybe to complete my presentation I should give you an insight in my on-going projects as there are a few. I like to keep busy but am not sure I can always keep up though.
Lately I finished the little trapunto quilt below for the May challenge on BQL

I also took part to two classes from quiltuniversity which offers online classes, great when you are somehow house-bound for a little while.

I signed up for Colour Companions by Carol Miller and made 4 blocks (out of 5) so far. The last lesson was on 8 May so I am running a little behind... The first block I made was a monochromatic block with violet as my chosen colour:

For the second block, we played with complementarity, so the colours in my block were violet and yellow:
The third block was a play on slit complementarity, I used violet, red-violet, blue-violet and yellow in my block:

And the last block I have made so far is using an analogous scheme with violet, red-violet and blue-violet fabrics:

I still have the last block to do and then I will need to put the blocks together and finish the quilt one day.

I had pieced the top below at the 2007 Mystery Night organised by the Bramble Patch using colours that my Auntie likes as I was planning to finish it and give it to her for her 60th birthday (it is actually tomorrow).

I didn't like the look of the finished top so I have taken all the blocks apart. I am now with a pile of 25 square blocks (12'') and I wonder wherther I will take some of them apart still. I want to set the blocks on point with setting triangles in between to have a bigger top and separate the blocks. I haven't decided on the colour for the setting triangles yet. The quilt will surely not be finished for her birthday but it will hopefully be a belated birthday present for her in a couple of months time. I will let you know how (or if) I make any progress!

Ok there are lots of other on-going or planned projects as well but I will post about those later. Time to go to bed now.


I take the plunge


Finally I have decided to take the plunge. I read a lot of blogs which I find very inspiring and love checking for updates on my favorite ones. I am not sure how I will keep up with updating my blog, as time is always in short supply with 2 little ones but I'll try. I hope over the weeks you will enjoy joining me and discovering a little corner of my life now and then. Please leave me a comment and let me know where you're from and if you've enjoyed stopping by. I would love to hear from you.


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