Saturday, 29 February 2020

February furtle

Yes, even with an extra day, February flew by! We took a family holiday in the Alps to go skiing and of course, this was great. It is always nice to get extra sun and light in the grey dark winter. 
I finished 2 gifts for 2 important people this month and that makes me happy. I finished a little wall hanging for my daughter's birthday
And some jeans for my Valentine's

I didn't really do much more really... mainly by lack of time. A few blocks for the Threadology quilt along and an handkerchief 
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Friday, 28 February 2020

Back to an oldie....

Last year I started several projects at the beginning of the year and I don't think I finished any. I parked them while working on presents and other stuff and they've been sliding down the pile quietly. Well this week I digged out one of them. I picked the Threadology quilt-along again. I had made the first 3 series of blocks last year. I made serie 4 this week, 1 large churn dash block and 4 smaller ones.

And with these additional 5 blocks I'm half way through the blocks for this quilt top. Let's hope it doesn't get parked for another year!

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Thursday, 27 February 2020


To be more sustainable and to waste less seem to be very in at the moment, and I truly believe this is what we all need to aim at. In an effort to go in this direction, I try to find new ways to waste less where possible. Sometimes it is so difficult to make the extra effort or ditch the convenience but with a little extra time and willingness, it is possible usually. One way I wanted to explore was "tissue". I remember as a child that all our hankies were made of fabric. We would use, wash, dry, iron, repeat! Now in our family, only my husband uses fabric hankie. Everyone else is guilty of using (and sometimes abusing of) paper tissue, disposable after just one (tiny) use. This, in our house, creates far too much waste for my liking. So I decided to try an experience of going back to fabric hankie. I found a little cotton remnant in my local shop, trialed the rolled hem foot on my machine, and voila! a lovely new, durable and reusable fabric hankie that I have had in my pocket as much as possible.

Encouraged by the experience of going back to old habits, I have found a beautiful selection of cotton fabric on Fabworks to make more, for our family and maybe to gift to others too, to encourage them to switch back. Now some of these fabric are so lush I see Ogden cami in them.... Let's see where this takes me in the next few months!

Of course, that's just one tiny little step but hopefully with plenty of tiny steps, we can make a giant leap to a more respectful way of life.

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Monday, 24 February 2020


The first time I made jeans was about 3 years ago when I went to a 3-day course with Charlotte at the Village Haberdashery. I duly bought denim, etc afterwards but never did anything with it. Earlier last year, I offered to my dear husband to make HIM a pair of jeans. He accepted the offer and picked the leftover from my first pair and the Quadra pattern by Thread Theory. The jeans were cut last autumn and he decided on a Star Trek designs for the pockets which I did at the time. 
After that, work was so busy that my dream of having the jeans finished for his birthday and then for Christmas, were just that, a dream. I picked the pieces again in January and tried to move them forward by little chunks as I figured it would be the only way to progress. I would never manage a full day or two to complete them. 
I picked a Star Trek fabric I had in my stash for the inside pockets and finished them with French seams as per the instructions. 
The next step that really scared me was the flat felled seams. I have never tried them before I was worried they would be very difficult. Well with a few deep breaths and some unpicking, I got there! The Quadra has flat felled seams on the yoke and the inside legs. I did both in the end and was quite please with the results.
After the jeans are constructed, the zipper and shield are constructed and inserted and finally the waistband. Those steps came together relatively easily and there are great instructions on the Thread Theory blog sew along anyway.

The last step was the buttonhole and the belt loops. I used some normal thread the same colour as my top stitching thread for those as my machine didn't like the top thread with all the layers. 
Of course, such a special pair of jeans needed a special label too!
I gifted the jeans to hubby on Valentine's day (without the hardware!) and he has worn them as much as he could since. I am ridiculously happy to have finished them for him and happy that he likes them too! Now I really want to make myself more jeans, even more so as I need some!
This was on my Q1 FAL list and is another OPAM for February.
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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Horse time

Late last month I picked up my abandoned passport pieced horse from a pattern by Tartan Kiwi, with the hope to finish it for my daughter's birthday. Well I'm glad to say that having a deadline once more helped to keep me focused. The horse is finished and gifted! Yeah 😊
I only had 3 sections left before I could assemble all. 
So the first job was indeed to finish those sections. After that I could move on to the construction of the horse following the very good explanations in the book to match the critical junctions. 

I used 2 FQ from my stash that I bought in the US 5 years ago for the backing. 
I kept the quilting very simple by shopping vertical lines with my walking foot all the way across.
As for the binding I used the same as the background fabric to blend it in. 

Quilt stats 
Top: paper piecing,  Kaffe Fassett fabric
Back: fabric from my stash bought in Pennsylvania in 2015
Quilted with Superior Thread
Started in 2019, finished 11 February 2020

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This is my One monthly goal  for February and this is one OPAM and one of my Q1 FAL list


Saturday, 1 February 2020

February goals

February is a short but also very busy month in our house with all the birthday celebrations. Time to sew will for sure be reduced. There are so many projects I would love to work on though. I am lucky to start this month with a full "sewing day". Let see what I can get to...

1. Dear Jane - finish row E
2. HST modern sampler quilt - make the last block and finish the top 
3. Farmer's Wife 1920 - make 4 blocks
4. Farmer's Wife 1930 - make 4 blocks
5. Horse quilt - this will be my One monthly goal
6. Scientific Adventure Quilt - not started
7. Purple and blue quilt
8. Scrappy Stripes quilt - needs quilting

2. Sirroco Jumpsuit, cut and ready to be sewn
3. Jeans for hubby
4. Comox trunks
5. PJ for M
6. Moneta dress
7. Belladone dress
8. Lola sweater dress
9. Linden sweater
10. Jasika jacket

1. Passport holder
2. Rucksack

1. Grimm's Tales stitch along



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