Friday, 30 June 2017

June in review

I can't believe it's nearly the middle of the year.... Lots of dressmaking projects on my mind lately....

Hoping for finish
1. Glitter denim Mabel skirt - this will be my One Monthly Goal - finished

2. Neoprene coat - finished

3. Teacher's gift - finished

4. Shirt dress (Darling) finished

5. Sorbetto black top - in progress

6. Ginger jeans finished x2

Bee Blocks 
1. Flower hexies for the Inchy Hexie Swap (June

1. Farmer's wife, let's try for another 10 blocks - no progress
2. Solstice challenge no progress
3. HST modern sampler quilt - half way no progress
4. Postcards of the world - some progress

5. Dear Jane - aiming for 5 blocks no progress
6. Long Time Gone - a few blocks

7. Mischief blocks no progress

New Project
1. Custom cushions  x 2  
2. Flora Sew Along
3. Bridgetown Dress
4. Leather (faux!) jacket 


Thursday, 29 June 2017

Neoprene coat

A nearly finished that has been transformed into a finish today! I had made my neoprene coat a little while ago and all it was waiting for was some "closure" which has been added today.

I was advised against buttonhole in case the neoprene would tear so I used poppers that are hidden behind buttons. I really like how this buttons liven up the coat.

And I have sewn my first new label too!
And now for the photos post-run!
Another OPAM and another one off my Q2 Finish Along List!

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Long time gone

I am still keeping up.... but just! with the Sew Along despite everything else (including a very high desire to sew lots of clothes!) and I finished last week HST triangle block just in time

and one Flying Geese block just in time too.
and finally the 2 triangle blocks
Let's hope I can catch up with the Log Cabin, Churn Dash and Flying Geese blocks that I still need to finish soon as the quilt-along will reach its end very soon (still well over 50 blocks to make though :-))

So that's my first and last probably 4 blocks for June for the 350-blocks project.
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Monday, 26 June 2017

Ginger Jeans

Jeans, I made Jeans! I know, I never ever thought in my wildest dreams that I would be able to say or write that! I booked a class at The Village Haberdashery to make a pair of Ginger Jeans with the Rock Star teacher, winner of the Great British Sewing Bee (no less...) Charlotte!

I was so apprehensive that I would mess it all up and end up with nothing remotely wearable but I didn't (well apart from a little accident along the way but we won't go in the details). After all I never made a pair of (simple) trousers before, let along a pair of jeans....

We started by making a toile to check the size and fitting and make all the necessary adjustements (the most difficult part in my head) but so worth it as it made all the difference to get a pair of well-fitted jeans at the end of the class. In my case, the front legs needed to be slightly adjusted so the front of the jeans at the crotch wasn't too long.

With the toile fitted and the pattern pieces adjusted, we moved to cutting all the jeans pieces, and there are many!

So the cutting took quite a bit of time but by the end of the first day we had managed to make some good progress and to start constructing the pockets. Again there are quite a few of those!

Day 2 we finished all the pockets and the front of the jeans with the zip. Quite an involved process altogether! So glad to read in the instructions, woot woot you have finished the front!

Moving to the back, which somehow was more straightforward. Then to putting it all together (and checking that the back pockets were in the right place!). And then the waistband to add!
We then moved to the button hole and the hardware. Well I am officially not strong enough for the hammer banging! But I came home to a nearly finished pair of jeans (belt loops and hems were missing) after Day 2!

And onto Day 3, where I hemmed the jeans and added the belt loops and ta-da! I'm a sewing ninja, according to Heather Lou!

With plenty of the day left to play, I had unpicked my "toile" and cut all the missing pieces during the week, ready to rock'n'roll! First step is the fun and easy one of drawing on the back pockets
and by the time we stopped for lunch, I had managed to get to the zip, nearly finishing the front
I came home to a nearly finished second pair of jeans, only missing the belt loops!

I am so happy I took this fantastic class with Charlotte. I still can't believe I had made jeans... twice as well. I might have already bought fabric for a third pair!

And of course, that's 2 more OPAMs for June and some big ones!
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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Darling dress

Why start early when you can leave everything to the last minute? Especially when the challenge is for something new that you haven't done before... A few months back, 3 sewists launched a contest on IG to make a shirt dress by Summer Day (21 June). What a great idea, of course I would join in especially as I hadn't tried a shirt dress before, what with buttonholes and all that, new skills to be learnt! I picked the Darling Dress pattern from Megan Nielsen and ordered a lovely tencel (viscose) in denim colour from Les Coupons St Pierre, a little while ago, ready to get started..... And finally last week-end... I got started. I know, I know better late than never...

Anyway, because I am tall I thought it be better if I lengthened the bodice, which I did and... that played havoc with my darts, that came out first too high, then too low and finally not symetrical (how did that one happened???) So after some trying and unpicking and trying again, I finally got "a dress" by Wednesday morning (21 I know).... that still needed hemming, buttonholes, buttons and also of course fixing those darts....

All finished just in time of Wednesday night! Ta da!
In truth, although it was the longest day on Wednesday with the summer solstice, I didn't make it before the daylight was no more, but I made it before midnight!
And I took better pictures on Thursday because it would have been a shame not too :-)
My first shirt dress!

One more OPAM for June, and one off my Q2 FAL list too!


Saturday, 24 June 2017

Another Mabel skirt

Last month I couldn't resist the glittery stretch denim that Fabric Godmother posted on IG and ordered some to make a Mabel Skirt.

I nearly finished the skirt last month but for the hem.

Not sure why I didn't hem it straight away really. Anyway, after a few weeks of the skirt staring at me every day, I finally got around to put the twin needle on my machine and to finish my Mabel skirt,

Et voila!

Lovely fabric and great skirt, too bad it's been too hot to wear it :-)

One OPAM and my One Monthly Goal for June. And this one is not my FAL list as it was an unplanned additional garment!

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Teacher's gift

Every year I tell myself that I'll make teacher's gifts throughout the year to avoid the last minute rush... and every year I fail... Well despite being only June, it's not different this year.... I am still not that organised :-) I only made one teacher's gift and this is because one of my daughter's teacher (her favorite one of course) was leaving early to have a baby :-( good for her but not so good for the kids changing teacher yet again (they will have had 4 teachers this year...) Anyway, my daughter wanted to wish her lovely teacher well so I obliged (happily I should add) and made her a little Open Wide Pouch from Anna's free pattern.

I broke into my glittery cork fabric for the first time, and I must say it is a dream to sew with. And I used a cute hedgehog linen type fabric that I had been hoarding for a while.
 For the inside I used the same pony fabric as my daughter's school bag so she'll remember her :-)

It's so cute, I could have kept it! I can see more of these in my future, probably similar ones for my youngest daughter's teachers and maybe for the other teachers too...

One of my FAL Q2 list, and one OPAM too!
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