Monday, 29 July 2019

Paper patterns envelopes

Do you buy pdf patterns that you print at home? Most of the time, when given the choice between paper or pdf, I pick the pdf one, and I love it when you can print only the size you need because it is layered, so much easier to cut out. But then of course comes the problem of storing the pattern (and the instructions if you print those too...) That's where the Pattern  Storage Envelopes are brilliant. I received a pack of 5 from Creative Industry UK to review and I am converted!
So far I had been storing my patterns + instructions in A5 envelopes, which works about fine if there aren't that many pieces and the instructions are not too long. It becomes trickier when the volume gets bigger as you can see below. To help with keeping the volume smaller, I usually trace my pattern on tracing paper rather than keeping the print outs.
The pattern envelopes comes with predefined boxes at the front for the name, artwork and any notes you might want to record. I had printed my instructions on A5 so I turned the envelope to stick the artwork without obstructing the other boxes but I could easily have stuck it vertically too.
The paper quality of the envelope seems quite sturdy too, which means that you should be able to get your pattern in and out of the envelope several times without ripping the envelope... which sadly occurs easily with the standard C5 envelopes I have been using.
I like to have the fabric requirements and sizes on the outside of the envelope for easy reference when planning a make so I stuck it to the back of the envelope and there is still plenty of room for any other notes or information I might want to record there.
And thanks to the design of the envelope, there is some space at the top on the flap to write something (like the pattern name) so if you store your envelopes in a magazine box you can easily see the name without getting all the envelopes out, how good is that?
I really like the design of these envelopes and I want ALL my patterns in those now, I think I will be stocking up soon, Fiona sells them in packs of 5 or 10 for the moment (you even get free postage if you buy a pack of 10!). If you have Papercut or Thread Theory patterns in your collection, these envelopes will give you a similar look.
Oh and while you are on Fiona's website, check out all her lovely goodies, she is also selling the Kylie and the Machine labels.... just saying ;-)


Sunday, 28 July 2019

Laptop sleeve

With all the faux leather I had bought, my first idea and plan was to make a laptop sleeve for my work computer. And it actually was the last project I finished before I went on my business trip. I wanted to make it in the light green fabric but the piece was not quite wide enough so I decided to add a strip in the middle.
Assembling the piece was easy enough but of course in the inside the seams allowance were visible so I thought it would be better to line it, which I did with fabric from my stash.
I wasn't sure how to finish it, also considering that the seam allowances can't really be pressed.
In the end I had to top stitch on the outside of the flap to make it stay in shape and it ended up being a little wider that I needed, so I am not entirely convinced. 
Maybe I should have cut off or rounded the corners of the flap too. Although I have used it on a business trip already I am not sure if I will keep it as it is or if I might modify it....
For now, it is one more OPAM for July, my One monthly goal for July and also one of my Q3 FAL.

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Monday, 22 July 2019

Cards wallets

While I was playing with my faux leather stash, it was a perfect opportunity to make more of these cute little card wallets from Sara's tutorial
I thought it would be more fun to mix and match the fabric for the inside but of course, that meant that I had to change my thread colours sooo many times.
And here we are 2 little gifts for my friends that I will see very soon!
2 more OPAMs and 2 off my Q3 FAL list.


Saturday, 20 July 2019

Last minute presents?

So I was really organised this year and made a start on the school presents a few weeks back, sew quite a lot through last week-end and the beginning of the week. But of course, on Wednesday my youngest decided that it would be really nice to make something for the lady in the office who is so nice and helpful (I agree!) and who she will not see much of in the future. So another pencil case was needed.
I picked a patterned purple fabric and set out to cut and sew it straight away. 2 rectangles approximately 9'x5.5' with a 3/4' square cut off at the bottom to make it a little boxy. I added a 1' square on each end of the zip as well. 
And another one of these cute pencil case at the ready.
And this is the point where I thought I had finished ALL the presents for this year....
But of course on Thursday night, my middle daughter decided that it would nice to give a little something to her teaching assistant too.... A sunglasses pouch it had to be at that late stage!
A productive July so far and another 2 OPAMs!

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Friday, 19 July 2019

Another book bag

My son is leaving middle school and also the school he has been at since he started! He had the same form tutor for the last 2 years and she has been great. So we thought we would gift her a bag too. He picked the colour as she likes teal apparently.
I used exactly the same method as for the other one I made. Starting with 2 rectangles of outside fabric and 2 rectangles of lining fabric 15.5' by 13.5'. For the straps I used rectangles 1.25' by approximately 12'. 
The straps were made by placing the strips wrong side together and stitching on each side and in the middle. This particular one was quite difficult to sew as it really really stuck to even my teflon foot. The fabric has a suede aspect and doesn't glide at all.
Although this is a book bag, I thought it would look nicer with a boxed corners so I clipped a 1.5' square off the bottom corners on the main and lining fabrics and then assembled the bag outside and the bag lining. I left a rather large opening at the bottom of the lining bag for turning outside out.
I placed the outside bag, right side out, inside the lining wrong side out and sew along the top opening of the bag. I then turned everything right side out. With a lot of clips, I pushed the lining inside the bag and top stitched near the top to keep the lining in place inside the bag, then closed the opening at the bottom.
Et voila, a cute bag that I really liked and could have easily kept for myself!
Another OPAM, another one of my Q3 FAL list.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019

More pencil cases

My middle daughter's main teacher is a man so we thought a pencil case would be a good present. She also decided that she wanted a present for her PE teacher who is also a man so I doubled up and made 2 pencil cases, identical ones. She picked this lovely shiny petrol blue fabric that almost look like it has a subtle grid on it.
I made both pencil cases at the same time since they were the same colour, I could use same thread! 
And soon enough I had 2 nice masculine pencil cases, ready to be gifted away!
Not forgetting of course the cute "handmade" tag by Kylie and the Machine
2 more OPAM and 2 more off my Q3 FAL list.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Sunglasses pouches

Continuing on the double theme of end of year presents for school and using up some of my large stash of faux leather, I found this cute tutorial on The Littlest Blog to make a lovely sunglasses pouch. I tried the first pattern with some green patterned fabric and it was so easy and fast to make!
 I used ribbon instead of a strip of leather fabric to close the pouch and decide to add a little label over the end of it to stop it fraying
 I really like this, the fabric patterns look like there is raindrops on it.
The second pattern has a triangular flap instead of a rounded one. This time I used a grainy lilac fabric. 
 I really like the look of this one too!
And because they were so fast to make I made a third one for my son's head of year with the same grainy lilac fabric and the rounded flap. 
 Definitely a fast make but also a lovely present!
 And here are the 3 pouches together. I can definitely see more of these in the future, maybe I'll even make one for me!
3 more OPAM for July and another off my Q3 FAL list
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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Book bag

With soooo much faux leather stash to play with, the kids have been spoiled for choice when it comes to pick colours and ideas for their teacher's gift. My youngest picked this lovely apple green to make a bag for her teacher who is sadly leaving the school. She also picked the grey patterned one for the handles and I had this lovely dwarf print in my stash which worked perfectly well with the green. 
I had cut all the pieces about a week ago, hoping that it would be an evening make but the evenings disappeared before I could get started. My initial plan was for a straightforward book bag but in the end, I decided that it would be better to box the corners so I did just that, cutting a 1.5' off the bottom of each piece of fabric before sewing.
I used 2 strips of fabric for each handle that I placed wrong side together and sew each side plus one line in the middle. Construction was quite easy. I made the handles, the outside bag, the lining, leaving a big gap in the bottom. 
I then placed the outside bag inside the lining, right sides together and attached both bags at the top.Turned everything to the right side before top stitching at the top (keeping all in place with lots of clips) 
I then attached the handles to the bag, 2.5' from the side seams. Et voila, a lovely book bag that I will gift but would happily keep for myself!
One OPAM for July and one off my Q3 FAL :-)
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Sunday, 14 July 2019

Pencil case

It all started with an ad on Facebook, and a bit of jetlag...and it ended up with nearly 50 rolls of faux leather each with between 1 and 2 m of fabric on them and a lot of scraps too... Hubby was a little taken aback when I got home with all this stash... but he kindly helped me to put it all away....

So with so much new statsh it was time to think about how to use and what to make. The first thing on the list was a new pencil case for my son because his was ripped. He picked the fabric and the style!
And now, he has a lovely light green pencil case, ready for when he starts back at school next year.
And with that, I have my first OPAM and my first item off my Q3 FAL list.
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Saturday, 13 July 2019


Time to look at the crazy long list I think. I have a few I can delete but I doubt the list will be shorter for the new quarter and the time to sew will be even more restricted, never mind, let's just try!

1. Modern HST triangles (19 blocks are done), this one is hopefully also a serious contender for this quarter - only one block left to do now - no progress
2. Project 48 quilt with a few Solstice challenge blocks (all blocks done, might need a few more???) - no progress
3. Farmer's Wife (not half way yet....)  - no progress
4. Farmer's Wife 1930 - only 24 blocks done - no progress
6. Black and white quilt - needs binding
7. Gipsy Wife (in progress) - I have fallen off the band wagon again.... - no progress
9. Enchanted Stars
10. Underground railway - most blocks available from years ago  - no progress
11. 365-challenge - so many blocks still needed! few blocks
12. Kingfisher quilt - a portable project, as long as I prepare before I go.... - no progress
13. Super Mario quilt - no progress
14.  Impromptu quilt - abandoned so long ago... I dream of having the quilt on my bed next summer... - no progress
15. Scrappy strips quilt -  top sewn together, just needs quilting now - no progress
16. Blue and purple quilt - this one is for my Auntie and I'd like to gift it this year.... - no progress
17. Harry Potter quilt few blocks but I am really behind
18. Horse quilt not finished...
19. Threadology quilt
20. Sewing studio banner

Bags etc:
1. Power trip bag 
2. Passport cover (up, up and away) for me 
3. Handbag for me - Carrier's Conquest - started
4. Bucket bag
5. Card wallet for my friends
6. Pencil case for M
7. Pencil case for teacher C
8. Bag for teacher A
9. Bag for teacher M
10. Sunglasses pouches for teachers' assistant A
11. Tote / maxi bag
12  Tote/book bag for me
13. Laptop sleeve

1. Lander trousers - navy 
2. Free range slack - beige
3. Shirt (button up)
4. Kimono (dressing gown)- dusty pink
5. Blouse
6. Fiore skirt - black
7. Ostara or Brasov or Uvita top
8. Salida skirt
9. Summit peak top - cut alredy!
10. Barkcloth dress (Marbella or Daphne or Belladone)
11. Forester jacket with magic fleece 
12. Underwear 
13. Dropje or Malala or Toaster Sweater
14. Fumeterre skirt
15. Yoga long sleeve T-shirt 
16. Pyjama M 
17. Nightdress or summer pyjama C
18. Pyjama S  
19. Pyjama A
20. Nightdress for me
21. Teahouse dress 
22. Mandy boat or Givre tee 
23. A new pair of jeans 
24. Jeans for hubby
25. Voltaire top
26. Muumuu dress
27. Jasika Blazer
28. Tee for the girls
29. Seed pattern for the girls
30. Zadie jumpsuit 
31. Sirocco jumpsuit
32. Boardwalk wrap dress
33. Fiore skirt asymetrical
34. Fiore skirt symetrical

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