Sunday, 31 January 2016

January recap

The list was fairly short (compared to my usual) at the beginning of the month, and of course I added (lots) to it!

Hoping for Finishes!
1.   September in the Hexagon - my Lazy Bums challenge for January - finished!

Bee Blocks 
1.Flower hexies for the Inchy Hexie Swap (December, January) - December done, January in progress

2. Flying geese Bee 

3. Fat Stash Bee (January)  
4. Bee Hive (December, January) - December and January done

5. Bubble Bee (November, January) - November done, January half way

6. Bee Europa (December, January) 

7. I love Lucy International (January) - in progress
8. Scandi Bee (January)

9. Block Lotto

1.  Quilt for M  
2. Elephant Parade my Lazy Bums challenge for October was to make 10 blocks  
3. Scrappy X block quilt - 2 last blocks in progress - my Lazy Bums challenge for November 
4. A very merry Christmas town 
5. Farmer's wife 1930 QAL 
6. Tokyo Subway map  

New Project
1. Custom cushions  x 2  
2. Quilt for A - HK QAL
3. A new bag for me
4. Postcards from the World

5. 365 challenge quilt - 21 blocks so far

6. Town and Country quilt - 7 blocks fused, 4 sewn

7. HST modern sampler quilt
8. Project 48
9. Zodiac BOM 

So I have made 45 blocks this month and finished one UFO, that's one OPAM for January, not a bad start!


Thursday, 28 January 2016

A new cross-stitch project

Last year I finished the Once Upon a Time Sampler and I didn't sign up for another BOM so this year I signed up for 2! I started with the Cloud Factory one: Postcards of the World. The first clue was for Venice and I am happy that I have finished it already!
Of course, I could have finished the first clue even quicker if I didn't have to unpick the frame so many times! I kept making mistakes and it wouldn't match. Anyway I got there in the end, let's hope my next frame is easier.

And I have also started the Frosted Pumpkin one Let's go an Adventure that starts in London but I haven't stitched much yet!

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Blocks, Blocks, Blocks everywhere!

I have slowed down a little in the last week I think because there was a few evenings when I didn't get to my sewing machine... but I have managed a few more blocks!

First I completed my 7 blocks for the 365 challenge last week, just on time!

I also made 2 more geese blocks to send the first batch out

I made my first 2 blocks for Scandi Bee, 2 lovely Japanese + and x blocks

I also made more block lotto blocks so I now have 9

And I made a start on the Modern HST Sampler with the first block: Candy.

And finally I made my last Bee Hive block for 2015 and my first one for 2016 for my dear friend Cathy. She had picked the same block but with different colour way.

So this takes my total blocks for this month to 45, wow!

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

350-block challenge

So Shelly is organising the 350-block project again this year. This will be my third year and I haven't hit the 350 blocks mark yet but I have good hopes for this year :-) With the number of new projects I have started this year, surely I have the potential to smash the 350 blocks target, but then we will have to see if I manage to run the distance....
For now, I have made 2 more block lotto blocks, I love those blocks I must say....

I had also caught up with the 365 challenge last week and made blocks #12, 13 and 14 (and I am behind again!
I made 2 geese blocks for the #100daychallenge quilts
Hello Kitty got started finally with only block 1 so far
and I also stitched 2 blocks for the Town and Country quilt
So quite a few blocks after all in the last week or so since my total is now 26 blocks this month with hopefully more to come!


Wednesday, 13 January 2016


I have plenty of these at the moment because as I was saying in a previous post, I got tempted by so many lovely new projects. Never a dull moment really! On top of that, I am currently keeping up with the morning yoga, which I feel is great for my body and mind and also with the decluterring. This week task on Shelly's blog is to declutter/order/back up computer files. I think this is almost like a full time job but I'll try to delete afew!

So I have made a few more blocks for the 365 challenge quilt, blocks #9, 10 and 11 are done, which means I still have 3 to catch up with.

I worked on my #100days challenge by making a belated Bee block for Bee Europa,

and a belated Bee Hive block

I have almost made a start on the #hkqal, in that I have laid out the first block, ready for stitching!

I have sewn 2 blocks for the Block lotto so far, and I must say I love how they turned out. I'll keep my fingers crossed, I wouldn't mind winning!

And I couldn't resist starting my Postcards from the World cross-stitch but this one has not been a walk in the park. I haven't stitched much but I have already unpicked a lot.

All of these take my total for this month to 16 already, I have never been so productive!
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Sunday, 10 January 2016

A tale of 2 blocks

I finished 2 blocks yesterday and as I was sewing them, I reflected on how different those  blocks were. I made a belated bee block for Aylin who is the designer of the bubble pattern. I even started using the wrong colour combo :-(, thankfully I found out before I was too advanced. And I also made a block. I also made one of the block for the 365 Challenge.

The bubble block is paper-pieced, counts 100 pieces of fabric and took hours to make and is huge (15'), whereas the 365 Challenge blocks was made of 2 strips of fabric, sliced and sewn back together, is tiny (3') and only took a few minutes to make. Yet they are 2 blocks!
And those 2 blocks take my total this month to 9 blocks!
And the bubble block is one little step towards the 100 days Challenge!

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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Q1 Finish Along goals

Another year, another list... and that's just for the first quarter of the year

1. M new quilt - blocks are ready to be put together in a quilt 

2. September in the Hexagon

3.  X string quilt - 2 blocks needed to finish the top 

4. Custom cushions x 2 

5. Elephant quilt - only 2 blocks done 

6. Quilt for A - HK QAL

7. Quilt for E - HK QAL

8. A very merry Christmas town sampler 

9. Mod Mod Along - more blocks are needed 

10. Work bag for myself - started years ago but stopped because of a zip fear! - this one is on my list since the beginning of last year so I am really hoping I'll eventually pick it up and finish it

11. Maker's Tote for me

12. Wanta Fanta quilt

I think I will leave it at 12 items for this quarter which tends to be so busy with the kids birthdays and their numerous parties...

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