Monday, 31 October 2011

Life is beautiful - stitcherie # 3

I didn't do much sewing at the week-end. My Mum and cousin were visiting so I had to pack up my sewing from the dining room. I usually do the sewing in the dining room because the room is lighter, but also, I am ashamed to say because the office/sewing room is in a bit of a mess. So on Saturday afternoon, I decided to tidy up the table and got everything out to put things away correctly. I then started to pull things out from under the table and from the side as well and I ended up pulling almost everything out. So my efforts at tidying up ended up with a big mess in the middle of the room! I went back in on Sunday and did manage to tidy and clear up almost everyting so now the floor is a lot tidier. I need to put away the fabric in my stash boxes now but at least that's an easy task! So in a way I am proud that I finally took the courage to sort everything out, something which was long overdue...

This last week, I also managed to stitch my block #3 for my Life is Beautiful quilt, as the title of this post hinted to. Here it is:
I am keeping at one block a month at the moment, which is great as this was my *realistic* goal for this quilt! I have already picked the block I will sticth in November so hopefully I'll have one more done at the end of next month. I haven't managed to start October's block of the Birdie stitches though and tomorrow November's block will be published. Too much to sew, too little time...


Sunday, 30 October 2011

Swaps to go and received

Last week I finished a framed hexie for Jeanette. She asked for pastel colours and I have already swapped a few times with Jeanette so I wasn't sure what to do this time. I got my inspiration when I finished my teacup coasters and decided to make her a teacup too. I hope she likes it. It will be flying to Australia very soon.

I also received my lovely coasters on Saturday made with some beautiful oriental fabrics. Look at the bow tie blocks and the lovely quilting.

They look lovely on the front and on the back!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Blogger Quilt Festival - Fall 2011

The Fall 2011 Bloggers' Quilt Festival organised by Amy at Creative Side, is officially opening today and this time I have chosen to share with you my own and unique entry to a quilt competition that I called Japanese Crests. You have seen this quilt before of course as I used pictures of it for my banner!

I did all the applique and quilting by hand (mainly doing the applique on the train to work). I used some of my Japanese fabric, that I love so much on a black background. Once I had finished the 3 panels, I attached them together with fancy thread and beads. I finished this quilt in September 2006 for an exhibition, and unfortunately to this day, it is still not hanging anywhere in the house. Maybe one day, we'll buy a little wood stick to be able to hang it...

The wall-hanging looks like this
and here are pictures of each of the panels.  Each of the panel represents ancient family crests from Japan.

I used patterns from a book called Circles of the East by Kumiko Sudo.
I hope you've enjoyed your visit and that you'll call back again whether you have discovered my blog through the Festival or you are regular reader.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I received this lovely flower from Jeanette for our October/November hexie flower swap on the Craft Forum. It is lovely and will go very well with all my other dotty flowers.


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Farmer's Wife Quilt-Along - 4 more blocks sewn

After 2 months without any progress, I got my WIP out again and started cutting fabric to make more blocks a little while ago. I had set myself the goal of making 10 more blocks by the end of the month but I am not sure whether I will manage. I have cut more than 10 blocks, just need more time to sit down at the sewing machine and assemble them. Anyway, I did managed to finish 4 last night after my babies went to bed.

Block #10 [84] Spool
Another block with squares and HST. I cut 2 sizes of squares in 2 different fabrics.
I then assembled the block like a 9-patch.
I should have squared up my HST unit before I sewn them to my squares but I forgot and the result is not that good so I might have to unpick that block and make it better. I'll see if I get some time/energy to do so. I'll count it as finished for now.

Block #11 [81] Snowball
Same principle as block [84], I cut 2 sizes of squares in 2 different fabrics for the square and HST units
It is finished off as a 9-patch again.

Block #12 [72] RailroadFor this block, I cut 2 long strips for the mini 4-patch units and squares of 2 fabrics for the HST units.
I then assembled the block as a 9-patch.
Although when I selected the fabric I was happy with my fabric selection, I am not very pleased with the final block as I don't think there is enough contrast between the 2 fabrics and the block is very difficult to read. Another one that I might have to re-do with different fabrics.

Block #13 [71] Puss in the Corner
For this block I cut 2 different squares for the HST units, one big square for the middle and 4 rectangles for the side.
Again once the HST units were sewn together, I assembled the block as a 9-patch.
Here is my progress for now - 13 blocks (far from the 2 a week from the quilt-along really), I still have more blocks cut so hopefully I'll manage to put a few more together before Thursday when my Mum is coming for an extended week-end.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Another Christmas quilt along and a giveaway

If you haven't yet started working on a Christmas project and are willing to do so, check Project Town blog tomorrow as Julianna will be the first to share a block for the 12 Days of Christmas' Sampler Quilt Along. I didn't know this blog yet but have spent a lovely time exploring it tonight. Well worth a visit!
The Sampler Quilt Along is organised by Sara at Sew Sweetness and there is also a flicker group to join if you like. This will run from tomorrow until 1 December, one 12.5 square block a week. I might join in, who knows?

And if you fancy trying your chance at winning a Accuquilt Go! hop over to Vicki's blog The Pickledish Patch and enter her giveaway... or not as I really want to win it (could be my birthday present!)


Sunday, 23 October 2011

September birdie is sticthed

We went to London yesterday and I managed to finish stitching my September little birdie with all the leaves falling off the autumn tree. I love how it turned out and my little ones even commented that it was lovely. What do you think?

I am still one behind but at least I am not slipping further behind. Maybe I'll even manage to make a start on the October block this month before Pumpkin Day! Watch this space!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Hexie flowers

This month I have been playing with stripes to make these interesting looking flowers for my partner on the Inchy Hexie Swap. I love the look of them, I hope she likes them too!

Friday, 21 October 2011

2 blocks for the lotto

I don't know where the time is disappearing this month but I don't seem to manage to get much done. Maybe the cold is making me lethargic, strange when I feel I am rushing around all the time. Anyway, this week I managed to use up some of my tone-on-tone scraps in blue and cream to make 2 blocks for the lotto. I was surprised that I didn't have that many tone-on-tone specially in blue. This month lotto is a sampler so any design of block is allowed. I went for some "free form" blocks made of 4 patches and played around with strips of various width. I ended up with a block inspired from rail fence quilt
and one "H" block

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


After finishing my little cups this week-end, I also finished my (overdue) framed hexie that is now flying over to Geniene. She wanted a boy theme with blue fabric so I decided on a rocket.

Hope it goes with the rest of her collection!


Sunday, 9 October 2011

One cup or two

It was Baby Girl's turn to be ill this week-end so the nights have been disturbed and short and as a result my energy levels were quite low. But I did manage to finish a few swaps. I signed up for PotHolder Pass #9 organised by Amy but decided to only do the coasters this time. I had an idea early on and then kind of went off it so I browsed Flickr yesterday to find something else. I looked at my partner mosaic and used one of the idea that I modified slightly to make a set of cups for my partner.

I hope she likes them, I was happy with the results if I can say so myself! I think I might reuse the idea for gifts as it easy enough to make, use a few scraps and come out quite nice.

 I alo worked on my little  hexies and I finished the flower for Gloria that I will be able to send tomorrow and started on my flowers for the Inchy Hexie Swap.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Little Bird - August block

Well, I am still running 2 blocks behind but last week-end I finished stitching the August Little Birdie BOM block in front of the TV (We have bought season 1 of Downton Abbey to catch up). I know the October one has already been published but I am still trying to catch up!


Monday, 3 October 2011

A very enjoyable day

Yesterday I spent the day in very pleasant company, for our Regional Day (Region 7), we had the pleasure to be invited to a workshop with Philippa Naylor. The workshop was to cover feathers and trapunto, all in 6 hours!

Philippa is a great presenter and the day was thoroughly enjoyable. She also has a huge wealth of knowledge that she is more than happy to share from threads to needles to techniques etc. I learnt a great deal throughout the day and she was always available to give advices and comments on our work.

We covered feathers in the morning and I found that was a very difficult exercise to achieve a far from acceptable result - a lot more is required in my case! We did a little warm up with wonky squares which were not too bad to do and a great filler as well, a bit more original than the usual stippling and then we moved on to feathers.

The regular, straight feathers were very difficult to master as you see from my trials below and would require lots of hours of work to have a lovely result.

However, Philippa gaves us some ideas about how to use feather in a different way and I must admit the "liberated" feathers were easier to do and more relaxing. Definitely an idea to keep in mind.

After lunch, and after I learnt that Big Boy had temperature and was crying on the phone for me to come home to give him a cuddle, we moved to trapunto. I stayed on because he was looked after at home by Daddy and he wasn't feeling bad just hot. After the drama of taking his dose of paracetamol he was alraedy a lot cooler after an hour. Anyway, I missed most of the explanations unfortunately as I tried to comfort him on the phone but had a go at trapunto. Philippa had 4 different designs to try so I picked one with 4 hearts in the middle and used the hearts again to extend the design further. We attach the batting to the top layer and than had to cut the batting out. I didn't go any further during the workshop and did a bug OOPS as I cut through my top piece (I need to repair it now) but I will definitely try to finish off my piece as I really like it.

Despite the big OOPS I had a great time and think I might be trying out trapunto on other quilts in the future. I haven't quilted my Forest yet, maybe that would be a good place to add some trapunto.

We finished the day with a lovely eye candy as she shows us 2 of her quilts which are just so stunning. Unfortunately,my pictures don't really do justice to the vibrant colours she has worked with in her quilt.

Did I say I enjoyed what was most probably my last day out sewing before the birth of baby #3? Maybe I am biaised because I love her work but I had been waiting for an opportunity to go on one of her classes locally for about 3 years now and I am glad that day finally arrived! If you have the opportunity to join one of her class, don't miss it. Philippa is running 5 days course that I would love to go to but I don't think this is realistic in the near future with a new baby. On my wish list for later I guess.  She also teaches abroad at least in the US.


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