Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Reusable make up removal pads

Reusable, eco-friendly is trendy at the moment (and rightly so, there is so much unnecessary waste everywhere) that I also jumped on the trend. I saw some lovely ideas on IG that inspired me to make some too.
Still with the idea of making things to make for the fair, I found some of my mini charm packs and bought some flannels that I cut in 2.5' squares, overlocked the 2 together all the way around and very quickly I had a little stack of make up remover pads.
I also bought some very thin cotton muslin and pipping cord to make some little bags that can be used to store them or wash them in.
And here we are 4 little bags of 5 pads. I hope they sell!
More OPAM for November.
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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Sunglasses pouches

A little while ago, I offered to one of my friend to make a few sunglasses pouches for a fundraising fair that she'll be doing at the end of November.  And of course, time is flying by and I hadn't made much progress... last weekend I finally picked up the ones I had cut in October ready to be assembled and went ahead. 
And during the week, I spent some time knotting and burying the threads (you can't backstitch on faux leather really). I also made the slits for the ribbon. 
And after a few days, I finally had a few pieces ready to go! 
That gives me a few more OPAM for November, and also for my Q4 FAL list as well as my OMG project for November. 

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Monday, 11 November 2019

Plantain T

I eluded to this one in my previous post! When cutting my Trudy turtleneck tee, I also cut a Plantain by Deer and Doe. I wanted it to be long sleeves too but didn't enough fabric for the long sleeves so I raided my stash to find a suitable complimentary fabric. I settled on the leftover black scuba I had used for my Sirocco jumpsuit a few months ago.
Again the construction is rather easy and the tee came together easily and quite quickly on the overlocker.
I love the neckband, which sits flat on me.
And the black cuffs definitely bring some character to the top. I have happily worn it last week and loved the effect.
The cut is loose at the bottom but not overly baggy,  which I really like.
Another finish for November, another one of my  Q4 FAL list too.


Saturday, 9 November 2019

Trudy turtleneck

Back in October I retrieved this lovely copper jersey from my stash. I bought the piece at the Cloth House warehouse last year with the intention to make a tee for autumn and it had sat there since. I went through my pattern library as well and couldn't decide between the turtleneck tee by Wardrobe by Me or the Plantain by Deer and Doe. So I decided to try and squeeze the pieces for both on my piece of fabric. I almost managed by cutting each piece flat but missed a little length for one pair of sleeves. Not to be deterred, I cut my pieces anyway and again, they had to wait for a while.
And finally last Saturday, I pulled the pieces and the instructions, threading my overlocker with some light brown thread and off I went. Of course, the Tee is a simple shape so it came together rather quickly and easily. I topstitched the turtle neck with my double needle because I like how neat it finishes it.
Finished on Saturday and enjoyed on Sunday. And there was even a little sun to take pictures outside!
I cut straight size 10 from the pattern, I could have modified the back a little to compensate for my sway back but on a Tee, it is not too critical I think.
Of course I used one of my lovely hand made label that I sew by hand this time.
Happily finished and enjoyed, not sure why I waited so long....
One OPAM for November and one off my Q4 FAL list.

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Sunday, 3 November 2019

November goals

Yet another busy month ahead and I think it is starting to feel all a lot on me. Anyway, time to get planning again... or maybe dreaming!

1. Continue to work on the Harry Potter sew-along 
2. Dear Jane - finish row D
3. HST modern sampler quilt - make the last block and finish the top 
4. Threadology quilt-along 
5. Vintage Kitchen - this one is so close now!
6. Gipsy Wife - make more blocks 
7. Paper pieced horse from Tartan Kiwi book for my middle daughter  
8. Baby quilt 
9. Purple and blue quilt

1Summit peak top, cut and ready to be sewn 
2. Puff Shirt or another office top
3. Linden or Toaster sweater in navy  
4. Calvin dress
5. Bra
6. Knickers
7. Sirroco Jumpsuit, cut and ready to be sewn
8. Jeans for hubby
9. Fumeterre skirt
10. Jasika jacket
11. Autumn tee - orange
12. Duster cardi or moto jacket

1. Jangles Anchor Handbag 
2. Bucket bag
3. Passport holder
4. Large bag
5. Baby rattles
6. Sunglasses holders - this will be my One monthly goal
7. Scrunchies
8. Label tags
9. Christmas bags


Saturday, 2 November 2019

October Furtle

October has zoomed by, lots of work and travelling but thankfully sonne sewing too!

I managed to sew lots of blocks this month,  including 36 to finish a full quilt.

I also finished baby rattles for my nephew and of course the HK quilt

I also cut a few pieces but didn't make much progress
A Plantain Tee
A Trudy Turtleneck Tee
A pair of Quadra Jeans
A Jasika Blazer

That's it for October!
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Friday, 25 October 2019

Row C

We were travelling this weekend so I finally managed to finish C10 - Patriots Lantern
It was the last missing piece to finish Row C

1 more block and 1 more Row for my Dear Jane quilt! Baby steps for sure but progress is progress

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Thursday, 24 October 2019


She is finished! Pieced, quilted and binding on. And that brings a big smile to my face too 😊
Not sure why I parked these little squares for 3 full years. But a deadline to gift the quilt was the motivation to get me doing and keep in track.
In just about 2 weeks I managed to make a full quilt, which hasn't happen for such a long time!

I used only fabric from my stash, which makes me happy too!

Quilt stat:
1296 squares 1'' finished for a 36'' square quilt
Fabric for the top is Kona Cotton solid all from my stash
Fabric for the back from my stash too, Hello Kitty by Kokka
Quilted with King Tut #993
Started and finished in October 2019

Another OPAM for October and another one of my Q4 FAL as well as my October OMG.

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Sunday, 20 October 2019

A sewing? Weekend

Long post warning!

Last weekend, I attended a 2-day sewing weekend locally. You might wonder why I put a question mark in the title of my blog post, well it is intentional! I decided that since I had 2 days  and some guidance,  I would tackle a "big" project. I picked the Jasika Blazer that I had intended to try and make during the online sew-along in spring. I never got further than cutting the pieces for a toile. Ideally I would have sewn the toile before the weekend but that didn't happen either... so armed with my sewing machine, my overlocker,  my toile pieces, my main fabric send lining, off I went on Saturday morning, full of expectations!
I spent the morning assembling the toile. Then came the interesting (and scary) time to adjust the jacket... I didn't need that many tweaks but they made such a difference. Our tutor Sarah pointed out where I needed to make changes and which changes were needed. I have a sway back so had to take it up 1' in the middle and also it was broader than the straight size 12' I had cut. So we adjusted that too by adding 1/2' in the top of the back pieces.  It was then time to unpick the toile, redraw the pieces on paper, cut then again and put the toile back together. The fit of the Blazer was just transformed by these 2 adjustments that I would never had the confidence to do by myself. I have since noticed that I should really adjust the back on a few other of my garments!

I managed to cut my fabric before the first day was over. I fused the pieces on Sunday morning and cut the lining too. And on Sunday mid afternoon,  finally came the "real" sewing... in the end I managed to sew the darts and get started on the breast pocket.
I didn't need my overlocker,  I hardly needed my sewing machine but I've learnt so much on fitting and I had a great weekend!
Now to pick up all the pieces and make the Blazer. Let's see how long this will take...


Saturday, 19 October 2019

Baby rattles

We have had a new addition in our close family so I wanted to make a little gift until I have time/ inspiration for a baby quilt.
I saw some lovely baby rattles on IG made from a pattern by Make it, Love it 

There are 3 little animals to choose from: a cat

A mouse

A rabbit

I used some wrinkly paper in the ears and a little rattle in the head for added noise and my 3 baby rattles are ready to be gifted!

My first OPAM for October and my first tick off my Q4 FAL list.

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Thursday, 17 October 2019

1296 squares

That's exactly that! 1296 squares each 1.5' in size. And these 1296 squares have been arranged in a quilt top! A Hello Kitty quilt top to be more precise! This is my second one from a pattern by Sukie (I don't think her blog is still available)

I made the first one for my daughter in 2016 and parked the rest of the squares until earlier this month. Mainly because I didn't want to makea second identical quilt soon after three first one and mainly because I needed to cut the blue squares for the border.
Anyway with an identified recipient and a deadline I was good to go. Plus my middle daughter kindly pre arranged the pieces for the blocks ready to be speed pieced. I made a few blocks every night last week and by Sunday night, I had my quilt top. Next step is to quilt of course but this has not yet happened since I was away for work all this week.

Fabric, all from my stash, all Kona Cotton. And with that I've made 36 more blocks this month!

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Wednesday, 16 October 2019


Not sure how that's happened? How can it already be the last quarter of the year? The busiest most probably too and I'm really not sure how much sewing time I'll fit but a girl can dream for sure? So the list is long once again and I really don't know how many projects I'll tick off in the end... I know which one I would really like to finish but we'll see how far that goes. Work will be busy too so I know sewing time will be limited.... never mind, let's make a list 😉

1. Modern HST triangles (19 blocks are done), this one is hopefully also a serious contender for this quarter - only one block left to do now 
2. Project 48 quilt with a few Solstice challenge blocks (all blocks done, might need a few more???)
3. Farmer's Wife (not half way yet....)  
4. Farmer's Wife 1930 - only 24 blocks done
6. Hello Kitty quilt - partly cut
7. Gipsy Wife (in progress) - I have fallen off the band wagon again.... 
9. Enchanted Stars
10. Underground railway - most blocks available from years ago  
11. 365-challenge - so many blocks still needed! 
12. Kingfisher quilt - a portable project, as long as I prepare before I go.... 
13. Super Mario quilt 
14.  Impromptu quilt - abandoned so long ago... I dream of having the quilt on my bed next summer... 
15. Scrappy strips quilt -  top sewn together, just needs quilting now 
16. Blue and purple quilt - this one is for my Auntie and I'd like to gift it this year....
17. Harry Potter quilt 
18. Horse quilt 
19. Threadology quilt
20. Sewing studio banner
21. Baby quilt
22. Vintage kitchen quilt along

Bags etc:
1. Power trip bag 
2. Passport cover for me 
3. Handbag for me - Jangle Anchor
4. Bucket bag
5. Card wallet as presents
6. Pencil case as presents
7. Baby rattles
8. Bag as presents
9. Sunglasses pouches as presents 
10. Scrunchies as presents
11. Tote / maxi bag 
12  Tote/book bag / rucksack for me
13. Re-usable gift bags

1. Lander trousers - navy 
2. Fumeterre skirt
3. Shirt (button up) - puff blouse
4. Kimono (dressing gown)- dusty pink
5. Plantain T-shirt - cut 
6. Calvin dress
7. Ostara or Brasov or Uvita top
8. Salida skirt
9. Summit peak top - cut alredy!
10. Barkcloth dress (Marbella or Daphne or Belladone)
11. Hooded jacket with magic fleece 
12. Underwear 
13. Dropje or Malala or Toaster Sweater
14. Trudy turtleneck T - cut
15. Jersey dress
16. Pyjama M 
17. Nightdress or pyjama C
18. Pyjama S  
19. Pyjama A
20. Nightdress for me
21. Teahouse dress 
22. Mandy boat or Givre tee 
23. A new pair of jeans for me
24. Jeans for hubby
25. Voltaire top
26. Muumuu dress
27. Jasika Blazer
28. Christmas dress
29. Long sleeve jersey dress
30. Zadie jumpsuit
31. Sirocco jumpsuit -cut
32. Cardigan
33. Fiore skirt asymetrical
34. Kendra Dress
35. Forester coat

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