Sunday, 19 November 2017

Love quilt

I have been trying to do a lot of clearing out and decluterring in the last few months, including in my sewing/craft supplies. And while going through bags, boxes etc, I have of course unearthed some long lost treasures, abandoned projects and all sorts.

I stumbled across a pile of Disappearing 4-patch red and white blocks that I had won during the Block Lotto in March 2011 (!) and that had been waiting to be put together... one day. Well the days to do so finally arrived recently and I started to piece the blocks together into a quilt top earlier in the month.

While working on this top, I decided that I would make it a "Love Quilt" for my cousin and her boyfriend who invited us to celebrate their 10 years of love yesterday. Once I took that decision, the obvious pattern to quilt over the quilt was of course Love Hearts and took inspiration from the backing fabric
The quilt was finally quilted last week and I unforutnately didn't notice that the backing fabric had not been tighly rolled so I ended up with a few puckers on the back, which I had to leave at that stage.

I choose a plain red fabric for the binding, to frame the quilt nicely

and here we go a lovely quilt from an abandoned project, ready to be gifted to the Love Birds who were very happy with it.
I am so happy I have finally put those lovely blocks to good use. I love how it has turned out in the end and I am glad that this is no longer a pile of blocks in a plastic bag but a quilt that will be used and cherished.

Quilt Stats:
Blocks made in 2011 (some of mine, some won in the Block Lotto)
Assembled, quilted and finished in October/November 2017
Backing fabric from Les Coupons de Saint Pierre (cotton)
Quilted with YLI and King Tut white thread

Size: 56' square

And of course this is one OPAM for November!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Blackwood Cardigan

So for the IG #cosycardichallenge, I had also picked to do the Blackwood cardigan from Helen's Closet and I had bought a lovely jersey boiled wool in lilac colour. It turned out that the fabric wasn't that stretchy but never mind, I went with it anyway.

Of course I left this one to the very last minute and I ended up cutting the fabric on Monday morning (30) for the challenge finishing on 31....

But the cardigan was easy to put together and I could have finished on the same evening if I hadn't sewn my pockets on the wrong side of the fabric (which was probably identical to the right side... but anyway I ended with my pockets sewn inside the cardigan, so I had to unpick and resew them)

This one was also finished... just in time and I had to embrace Halloween for my last minute pictures!

Nice pattern that I will most probably use again in the future!

That was one more OPAM for October and another one off my Q4 FAL list.


Friday, 3 November 2017

Jenna cardi

When the #cozycardichallenge came up on IG, I knew resistance was futile and actually I do need one or two cardi anyway so why not?

Fabric Galore had a sale on over the August bank holiday so I picked this fun panda fabric and also picked the Muse Jenna cardi on sale (win-win really!). The beauty of these challenges too of course is that it makes you discover new designers etc and keep the focus.
The Jenna cardi comes with lots of variations and an extra pack with collars and different sleeves so it seems very versatile. Anyway, for this first try I picked the hip length, long sleeves version.
I thought I had cut the right size for the cardigan but it felt a little tight when I tried it on so I decided to add a zip instead of buttons to gain a few inches! And this is where the problems started! I hadn't anticipated that sewing a zip on stretch fabric would be sooo difficult. With my first try I stretched the fabric so much that my zip ended far too small. So I unpicked the zip and put everything aside for a little while.... that lasted a few weeks in the end. On Tuesday, it was the last day of the challenge so I decided to give it a go again... I ironed and steamed the front band of the cardigan so it would be really flat. Then I used wonder tape to secure the zip as well as lots of pins. And instead of using the usual jersey zig zag stich I used a straight stitch. And then with a big breath and a slow foot I went for it. Now it is far from perfect but it is finished, in time for the challenge (with one hour to spare!) and I love it. I have already been wearing it!

The pattern came together easily enough and of course sewing with jersey is very nice. I will definitely make more of this pattern, possibly a different variation but I might cut the next size up next time. The only other change I had to make was to cut the sleeves 1' shorter.

That was one more OPAM for October and another one off my Q4 FAL list.


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

November goals

It felt so good to finish 2 quilts last month and the quilting frame is still out so I would anticipate finishing at least one more this month.... watch this space...

Hoping for finish
1. Lander trousers (green) - Let's just add the waistband and loops and hem it to enjoy this new pair of trousers!

2. Dance bag for A - I have gone as far as cutting the fabric, will it be finished before Christmas?
3. Dance bag for C - not started but it would be good to finish it at the same time as the other one more or less....
4. Long Time Gone - I am hoping to load this one on the frame soon....  this will be my One Monthly Goal -
5. White and red disappearing 9-patch (blocks from the Block Lotto March 2011)- maybe that could become a gift...

1. Farmer's wife, let's try for another 10 blocks 
2. Gipsy Wife - lots of catch up needed here
3. Postcards of the world

UFO / Abandoned WIP
1. HST modern sampler quilt - half way 
2. Dear Jane - aiming for 5 blocks 
3. Mischief blocks
4. Project 48 / Summer Solstice
5. Super Mario quilt
6. Impromptu Quilt

New Project
1. Power trip bag 
2. Flora case
3. Jenna or Blackwood cardi black
4. Make up pouch for Christmas
5. Colette blouse 
6. Demoiselle dress for A
7. Imagine dress  
8. CaliFaye Valley Blouse
9. Megan Nielsen Matilda dress
10. Faux leather jacket 
11. Boiled wool Coat 
12. Lander trousers (silver) 
13. Passport wallet for me 
14. Gotham cape
15. Pyjamas/Nightdress for all the family 


Tuesday, 31 October 2017

October in review

Halloween is there, must mean that the month is over.... already! Quite a busy month actually with a few finishes, not necessarily the ones I was anticipating....

Hoping for finish
1. Lander trousers (green) - only the waistband and hem to do now, although it looks finished on this picture ;-)

2. Dance bag for A - this will be my One Monthly Goal - I have gone as far as cutting the fabric and ordering the interfacing....
3. Dance bag for C - not started
4. Jenna cardi (panda) - finished! just in time...

5. Sorbetto top - finished

1. Farmer's wife, let's try for another 10 blocks - no progress
2. Gipsy Wife - my goal is to keep up with that one - 8 blocks... only
3. Postcards of the world - little progress
4. Bee Blocks quilts - make tops x 2 - 2 quilts finished and already in use!

UFO / Abandoned WIP
1. HST modern sampler quilt - half way - no progress
2. Dear Jane - aiming for 5 blocks -  no progress
3. Mischief blocks - no progress

New Project
1. Power trip bag - not started
2. Flora case not started
3. Jenna cardi black not started
4. Cigarette trousers - finished

5. Colette blouse not started
6. Demoiselle dress for A not started
7. Imagine dress  not started
8. CaliFaye Valley Blouse not started
9. Megan Nielsen Matilda dress not started
10. Faux leather jacket not started
11. Coat not started 
12. Lander trousers (silver) - not started
13. Passport wallet for me not started
14. Helen's closet cardigan - finished

15. Pyjamas/Nightdress for all the family not started


Monday, 30 October 2017

Bee blocks quilt #2

The second bee blocks quilt is also finished! My eldest daughter picked those blocks for her top

and the "lucky" fabric for the backing of her quilt

I loaded it on my quilting frame on Tuesday night and quilted it on the following days

I used a circuit board pattern with a few horseshoes here and there because she is horse-mad and it was good with the "Lucky" fabric

Just the binding left, which I added at the weekend and here it is, another quilt finished!

 Quilt stats:
Top: Bee blocks from 2013 to 2016 plus filler blocks
Backing: Cotton and Steel from my stash
Binding: Bike track from my stash
Assembled and quilted: Oct 2017
Quilted with Superior Thread, King Tut 956

One more OPAM for October , one less UFO (yeah) and one more of my Q4FAL, another win!
Linking to Whoop Whoop Friday.


Sunday, 29 October 2017

Bee blocks pink quilt #1

So this month I got my pile of pink and white bee blocks out as I wrote earlier in the week and asked the girls to "design" their own quilts.

I finished putting the tops together last week and on Saturday night I pieced the backing together.

Well I finally loaded the first top on my quilting frame on Sunday and quilted it on Sunday/Monday nights.

I used an easy meander pattern with a few love hearts here and there because my youngest just loved them.

Just the binding left, which I attached just before the week-end.

 Quilt stats:
Top: Bee blocks from 2013 to 2016 plus filler blocks
Backing: Stoff fabric from my stash
Binding: Bike track from my stash
Assembled and quilted: Oct 2017
Quilted with Superior Thread, King Tut 956

One OPAM for October , one less UFO (yeah) and one of my Q4FAL, an overall win!
Linking to Whoop Whoop Friday



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