Tuesday, 31 March 2020

March Furtle

March has of course taken a turn to the most unexpected. Never would I have thought a few weeks back that the UK, like many other countries would be in full lock-down with schools and most businesses shut. How incredible really. 

At the beginning of the month, I didn't anticipate to have much sewing time (despite my long list) but social and kids activities have been promptly cancelled and we have been spending a lot more time at home. I must say, motivation has not always been here to make the best use of the free time but I did manage to progress a few projects.

I made lots of blocks to finish my Threadology top (and backing)
I also made a tiny mini block for the mini series sew along.
On the dressmaking front, it has been mainly pyjamas, a few of them too! (all fast and easy but also much needed), some hankies as well as face masks. 

And I started to stitch a rainbow too.

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Monday, 30 March 2020

Face masks

Some useful/helpful sewing this afternoon, I used some scraps of double gaze left over from my Zadie jumpsuit to make some face masks. I used the pattern/tutorial from Bijou Lovely's website.

I have made 7 so far and might make more if this becomes useful.

This is one OPAM that I, of course, had not planned or envisaged making.


Sunday, 29 March 2020

A finished top ... and backing too!

Last week, I finished all the blocks for the Threadology Quilt-Along from last year on the Fat Quarter Shop blog, so the next step was to put them all together.

Because I sew all the blocks from my scrap baskets with no thoughts on the colour arrangement or final layout. I started laying the blocks following the pattern set but my colours didn't work well together so I changed it to my liking

I digged deep into my stash to find some fabric for the borders. 
And the backing of the quilts is pieced too with the remaining big squares so again I digged into my stash to make it.
The quilt top and backing are ready for quilting next time I get the frame out, which I am hoping is not in the too distant future.

This was my project for the One monthly goal, which I am happy to have completed to this point.

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Thursday, 26 March 2020

New projects

I was so happy to finish my last Threadology blocks that I decided to reward myself and start one or maybe two new projects....

I joined the Alison Glass mini series quilt along with its tiny mini paper-pieced blocks. First one is a log cabin with logs that are less than 1/4' wide!
I finished my first block and I love it but I'm worried that the Oakshott fabric might fray so I'm thinking of changing for a more tighter woven fabric.
I also started a project from a pattern/ sew along from last year: Sewing Studio banner 
I bought and printed the pattern at the time but didn't go any further with it.... There are lots of sub-blocks so I should be there for a while!
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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

All the blocks!

Well, I wasn't supposed to have as much time to sew lately, the week-end plan was rather busy but, of course, in the current climate, all fell apart. Last week, after school activities started to be cancelled progressively and on Friday, schools shut their doors. So the evenings have been freer, no taxi service required, and the week-end has been rather quiet. We've taken advantage of the nice weather to go on a family bike ride on Sunday and we also played board games together. And I have used my extra free time for some sewing :-)
Of course, I wasn't sure which ones of my multiple projects to pick up but decided to try and stick with the Threadology blocks and I am happy to report that I have finished the last 3 sets of blocks ready to be put together in a quilt top!

Blocks 6 were based on a 9-patch block

Block 7 were easy and perfect for fussy cutting

And to finish,  blocks 8 were rather demanding

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Thursday, 19 March 2020

Threadology blocks 5

Catching up on the Threadology blocks was in my plans for March, I had vaguely thought I could probably make one set every week to finish the top by the end of the month, which is my One Monthly Goal for March. Well I haven't really been able to keep up so far. We are already starting the third week of March and I have only finished the big block of series 5 (during the first week)

and I finally finished the 4 small ones in the same series this week.
Now I have 3 more series to complete and the top to assemble in the next 2 weeks, is that doable?
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Monday, 16 March 2020


The only person in the family not to get anything hand-made recently is my son. And he's growing so fast that he could do with new stuff. Although at his age, hand-made is restricted to things other won't see 😉 so I made him a pair of PJ.

I used the tried and tested 11th Hour Gear pattern and some soft and thick jersey organic cotton I bought from my local store. It is not very easy to find jersey for boys that is not childish actually. This dark grey one with boats on it was neutral enough I thought. The back looks like a brushed cotton and is very soft.
I cut a size 14 for the top and added 2' to the sleeves as he always find sleeves too short.
And I cut a size 16 for the joggers and again added 2' to the legs as well.
I am hoping he doesn't grow out of his brand new PJ too quickly!
One more OPAM for March and one more of my Q1 FAL list.


Sunday, 15 March 2020

Another night dress

After my successful first attempt with the pink animal print, I decided to make another night dress, based on exactly the same pattern with a gorgeous organic cotton I had in my stash. I had already used some to make a Blackwood cardigan before but I had plenty left. The only difficulty with this one was to match the stripes. So I took a long time to cut the pieces and I cut them flat to ensure they would all the straight! So the cutting took quite some time.

Of course the assembling was straightforward and quite fast on my overlocker. However, when I serged the raw edges, they started to grow a little. 

This time, I hemmed the neckline, the sleeves and the bottom for a neater finish.
I have worn it once already and it is so soft and comfy to wear!

Another OPAM for March and one of my Q1 FAL list. I am on a roll 😃


Saturday, 14 March 2020


Last month I bought a collection of cotton fabric planning to make hankies for the family with them. Well I am glad to report I have finally started! I cut in the first one last week, a lovely thin stripe fabric I bought from Fabworks Mill Work.
I cut a number of squares about 14' and some more about 10' to make his and hers. I also wanted to try a variety of techniques for the edges.

I tried the perfect mitered corner method from By Hand London blog and that was easy to follow as well as giving a very neat finish. I made my folds smaller than indicated on the blog but this still gives a relatively large "hem"

I tried to simply fold over the border twice and edge stitch. I don't like this one as the corners are messy.
And I practiced my rolled hem on all the others. I really like the rolled hem finish for a hankie but it is not easy to do it consistently and neatly. 
And then hubby mentioned that maybe I could go fancy and add initials to them so I did, on one only so far!
We now have each a little pile of hankies to use, all them pattern... until I break into another one of the cottons I bought.
Another OPAM for March. 

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Wednesday, 11 March 2020

It's pink and bright!

I have been meaning to make night dresses for a long time and have been looking for a pattern for it but I couldn't find anything suitable. Most patterns are for PJ sets or lounge wear. What I wanted really was a long sleeves T-shirt dress. I had this crazy wild and bright Jersey in my stash for a while so I figured I could use for a wearable toile. I picked the Lark Tee pattern by Grainline studio that I had made once before. I choose the boat neck portion option and cut a size 12 for the bust grading to 14. I also lengthened at the hem by 11'

It didn't take long to make really, all sewn on the overlocker. I left all the edges raw, just overlocked them all.
Well the wearable toile is indeed wearable. I've been enjoying it since I made it 🙂
And once the girls saw it, they also wanted a pink leotard something!
So I made a night dress by elongating the top of the 11th Hour Gear pattern. Hers is hemmed and has a neckband.
And for her younger sister I made a summer PJ set because I didn't have enough length for a winter one! 
And I used ribbing for the neckband as I couldn't cut the neckband with the grainline in the right direction in my leftovers so it had 0 stretch!
Not bad to get 3 outfits out of a 3m piece of fabric from my stash that I nearly discarded! Not sure if I have enough left over for a pair of underwear now.

3 OPAMs for March and 2 off my Q1 FAL.
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Sunday, 1 March 2020

March goals

I am really hoping to get more time to sew this month but it seems all our weekends are busy already so I'm not sure about that really. Anyway, I'll throw a few goals/ dreams on my list and see how many I manage in the end!

1. Dear Jane - finish row E
2. HST modern sampler quilt - make the last block and finish the top 
3. Farmer's Wife 1920 - make 4 blocks
4. Farmer's Wife 1930 - make 4 blocks
5. Threadology quilt along - I hope to keep the momentum and finish the quilt top this month now that I have half of the blocks made -  this will be my One monthly goal
6. Scientific Adventure Quilt - not started
7. Purple and blue quilt
8. Scrappy Stripes quilt - needs quilting
9. Vintage Kitchen Quilt - needs quilting 
10. Super Mario quit 
11. Baby Quilt

2. Sirroco Jumpsuit, cut and ready to be sewn
3. Jeans for myself
4. Comox trunks
5. PJ for M
6. PJ or night dress for C
7. Night dress for me
8. Moneta dress
9. Belladone dress
10. Lola sweater dress
11. Linden sweater
12. Black Beauty Bra13. Jasika jacket
14. Agate dress

1. Passport holder
2. Rucksack
3. Handkerchiefs

1. Grimm's Tales stitch along

I am back with a moderately long list, let's see how that goes...


Saturday, 29 February 2020

February furtle

Yes, even with an extra day, February flew by! We took a family holiday in the Alps to go skiing and of course, this was great. It is always nice to get extra sun and light in the grey dark winter. 
I finished 2 gifts for 2 important people this month and that makes me happy. I finished a little wall hanging for my daughter's birthday
And some jeans for my Valentine's

I didn't really do much more really... mainly by lack of time. A few blocks for the Threadology quilt along and an handkerchief 
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Friday, 28 February 2020

Back to an oldie....

Last year I started several projects at the beginning of the year and I don't think I finished any. I parked them while working on presents and other stuff and they've been sliding down the pile quietly. Well this week I digged out one of them. I picked the Threadology quilt-along again. I had made the first 3 series of blocks last year. I made serie 4 this week, 1 large churn dash block and 4 smaller ones.

And with these additional 5 blocks I'm half way through the blocks for this quilt top. Let's hope it doesn't get parked for another year!

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Thursday, 27 February 2020


To be more sustainable and to waste less seem to be very in at the moment, and I truly believe this is what we all need to aim at. In an effort to go in this direction, I try to find new ways to waste less where possible. Sometimes it is so difficult to make the extra effort or ditch the convenience but with a little extra time and willingness, it is possible usually. One way I wanted to explore was "tissue". I remember as a child that all our hankies were made of fabric. We would use, wash, dry, iron, repeat! Now in our family, only my husband uses fabric hankie. Everyone else is guilty of using (and sometimes abusing of) paper tissue, disposable after just one (tiny) use. This, in our house, creates far too much waste for my liking. So I decided to try an experience of going back to fabric hankie. I found a little cotton remnant in my local shop, trialed the rolled hem foot on my machine, and voila! a lovely new, durable and reusable fabric hankie that I have had in my pocket as much as possible.

Encouraged by the experience of going back to old habits, I have found a beautiful selection of cotton fabric on Fabworks to make more, for our family and maybe to gift to others too, to encourage them to switch back. Now some of these fabric are so lush I see Ogden cami in them.... Let's see where this takes me in the next few months!

Of course, that's just one tiny little step but hopefully with plenty of tiny steps, we can make a giant leap to a more respectful way of life.

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