Friday, 18 September 2020

Venice dress

Last summer dress? I don't know really but I cut this dress late August while it was pouring down with rain, not very promising weather for a summer dress. 

I had bought the pattern from New Horizons Design last summer and the fabric is from Fabrics Galore London, I bought it last November. The fabric is a lovely floaty viscose, very soft and comfortable. I cut it straight from the packet with no alteration. The pattern is very versatile with a variety of sleeves, length (front and back) to play with. And a always, the instructions are really clear and detailed, including if you need to make bust adjustments. 

September started quite cold but we've had a heatwave earlier this week so I decided it was now and never to make this dress. I set myself a goal to finish it on Monday so I could wear it on Tuesday and it totally worked. I was so happy to finish it ready for a hot summery day. 

Because it is a loose fit, it is easy to swish around in it.

The print/colour is quite autumnal so maybe I can still wear it for a little while with layers and tights.

Another OPAM for September.


Thursday, 17 September 2020

Fire Flower block

 It was probably the easiest block to make since it was already over half done but at least I completed one more block! Meet Fire Flower:

When I picked it up, I thought I was ready to go, only to realise that I didn't have any background or black squares cut out. So that was the first step before sewing. I cut quite a stash hoping they will last me for the most of the other blocks too.

The next block will be the question mark which is hardly started.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Snowflake week 2

For week 2 of the quilt-along, we are sewing blocks 6 to 8. 6 and 8 are mainly background fabric with a little white, whereas block 7 has one tip of the snowflake.

With all the squares cut off and the HST assembled and trimmed, it goes quite quickly to make the blocks. I am happy that all the fabric comes from stash.

The final week of the quilt along will be the assembly of the quilt blocks but I went a little ahead of myself with all the blocks I have made so far.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2020


Sometimes projects, particularly dressmaking ones, are done quickly, sometimes they take me ages, and for no real reasons... This last one definitely falls in the latter category. I made my first Sirroco by Deer and Doe Pattern in June last year and it was assembled from start to finish in about 3 hours. Happy with the pattern and enthused by the arrival of beautiful new Italian matte lycra at Fabworks online, I duly ordered some aubergine fabric and cut a new one last September (yes I know, that was a year ago). I am tall so learning from my first Sirroco, I added 2.5'' to the bodice when I cut the pattern and 1'' to the waistband. 

I started sewing it last year. The fabric is plain and doesn't seem to have a wrong/right side, so I ended up sewing one of the front panel the wrong way. So I left it to be unpicked... for later. 

Well later took a very long time, I finally digged the project out last June. I unpicked and finished the top part of the jumpsuit. And once more, I moved to another project and then another.... Earlier in the month, I promised myself that I would finish this jumpsuit before the end of September. I picked it up again at the week-end and dedicated Sunday to it. I was half-tempted to leave the hemming of sleeves and legs for another day. But then, I quickly feared that this other day would not come in a while so I finished it here and then.

Why did it take me so long to finish it? No idea really, not the right colour thread in the overlocker/sewing machine, laziness, lack of motivation, whatever else? Well, I am happy that I can now enjoy this new piece in my wardrobe when the weather starts turning cooler. 

The fabric is very comfy to wear and has great stretch, just like "Secret Pyjamas" really!

One more OPAM for September and one of my Q3 FAL list. 

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Saturday, 12 September 2020

A new project

So if I get an old abandoned project out of the cupboard, surely I can start a new one? 😄🙃😉 anyway I did start a new one! I really like the Snowflake quilt designed by Nicole Daksiewicz so I decided to join her quilt-along (there are a few quilt along that have caught my eye recently, not sure how many I'll join...)

The quilt along started on Monday and I am happy that I have managed to cut all the squares this week. I am doing the scrappy option with a lightish blue background.

I've also made the HST but haven't yet finished to trim them to size. 

And I made the first 5 blocks, phew, I'm on track for week 1!

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Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Diving deep in the UFO box, Super Mario

With some free time on my hand, I have been trying to sort out some parts of the house. I have attacked different places like the office/sewing room, the living room, the storage room but also the loft! There is so much "stuff" everywhere and so much that we will realistically never use again. I have already filled 2 big recycling bin with some very old paperwork, sold a few things on that we will not reuse and pass some things of for others to love and enjoy. Of course, there is plenty more to go through but at least it is a few steps in the right direction. What has all this to do with this blog post? 

Well, while going through a few boxes in the storage room, I got my Super Mario pieces out. They have been patiently waiting since I started the quilt-along with Angela in 2012... I have all the squares cut out (or at least I think so!) and as I found out this week, I have pieced 5 blocks: Mario, Luigi, Cloud, Goomba and Yoshi (this one was self-drafted)

The original pattern had 12 blocks, and I think at the time I was planning to make 15, which means that I am not yet half way through! I have found 3 partly started blocks that I will try to finish first.

But with all the little squares already cut, surely it shouldn't take that long to have a quilt top ready? 

Edited to add: Apart that after checking, I don't have all the squares cut,  just a few colours, no background or no black for example.

Let's see if I can finish the top this year. 

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Sunday, 6 September 2020

Ready for school?

Monday is the big day here, and it will be odd. I know they are all feeling the stress and in some ways I think we are too.It will be nearly 6 months since they were last at school and although we have tried to keep up with school work during the home schooling time, it will be a very different setting that what they are used to. In order to be ready and not add extra stress, I have been asking them for a little while now if they had everything they need... and on Friday, my teenage son said he needed a pencil case. I guess I am lucky it could have told me Sunday night... I asked for the specifics of what he wanted and he picked one of the vinyl fabric but indicated that he wanted the "wrong" side (black) out.

I searched for a pattern online and found this one that I thought would work well as it is quite boxy. It starts with a 10' square, which I did too. But before attaching the zip to the piece of vinyl, I added a little tab at each end of the zip as I prefer the look of it. I find it neater.

Once I had done that step, I attached the zip to the square.
Next step is to sew the short ends of the square and finally to make the boxy corners (at 1' from the bottom).

All that's left after that is to turn it inside out and to admire the final pencil case, made in less 30 minutes.

Another OPAM for September.

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Friday, 4 September 2020

Handy bags

I was going down a rabbit hole on a Facebook group for bag makers last week and found lots of new-to-me designers, lovely bags and accessories. If you've read my adventures for a while, you might remember that I have bought a massively huge stash of faux vinyl that I should really be using more. Anyway, I came across this clever and very functional handy bag pattern by Christine of Bags of Bags of Style

Hand sanitiser are here to stay I think, and this is another new requirements from the back to school list. 

So I tried out the pattern and a cut a few earlier this week. I finally assembled them. They come together really quickly. It probably takes longer to cut than to sew.

Oh and to change to matching thread too! 

I have made 6 so far but hopefully I'll make more soon. They are rather stylish I think and could be coordinated to outfits, bags, shoes.... I am also hoping to have time to make some to share with family and friends. Christmas presents?

More OPAM for this month. 

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Thursday, 3 September 2020

Lunch bags

School starts back next week for all 3, not sure what to expect really after so long off! The girl's school has informed parents that there will be no school dinners so the kids have to bring their own lunch. I hate making packed lunches and the idea of doing it 5 days a week and still have variety is not necessarily appealing, but we have to adapt to the new reality. I decided to make some lunch bags for the girls to carry their lunch to school in style. They were happy to pick their fabric in my (extensive) stash!

I used this youtube tutorial to make the bags (I must admit I am not a fan of video tutorials!) but it was clear and easy to follow. 

The bags came together relatively quickly and easily, even though working with 2 layers of vinyl makes it more tricky to sew but by going slowly, it worked.

The lining of the bag is cut from a lovely ripstop waterproof fabric that I bought when we went to Hong-Kong 2 years ago.

I love the cinched top which will keep the meal covered when they travel back and forth.

2 happy girls ready to get back with their cute bags.

The only difference from the tutorial is that I cut the handles 1/2'' narrower than the pattern. I assembled them by sewing wrong side against wrong side (no turning inside out with vinyl), which have me same size handles than the pattern. I still found them too wide for the girls hands (and mine) so I folded and topstitched in place.  Note to self: next time, do this step before attaching the handles to the bag. 

And 2 OPAM for September, as well as a my One monthly goal. I had planned to make a school bag for my youngest on my Q3 FAL list but it has been replaced by these 2 little bags.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2020

September goals

Back to school, back to "some normality"? Who knows in the new uncertain and unpredictable world we live in at the moment.... I have the month free as I am not starting my new job until early October. I really hope I can dip into a few interesting sewing projects and not just some tidying/sorting out as well as the usual cooking and cleaning. The issue some times when there is some free time is that I feel my motivation or energy is completely lacking. Let's hope that won't be the case this month!

1. Dear Jane - finish row E
2. HST modern sampler quilt - need one last block and finish the top 
3. Farmer's Wife 1920 
4. Farmer's Wife 1930 
5. Threadology quilt along - needs binding
6. Purple and blue quilt
7. Super Mario quit 
8. Baby Quilt - NEW
9. Halo quilt sew along
10. Project 48 quilt
11. Sewing Banner
12. Impromptu Quilt
13.  Baby bear rug - NEW
14. Snowflake sew-along - NEW
15. Tinsel tree sew-along - NEW

2. Sirroco Jumpsuit, cut and half sewn
3. Jeans for myself - cut
4. Calvin dress - cut
 PJ or night dress for C
6. PJ for A
7. Night dress for me
8. Moneta dress
9. Belladone dress - wearable toile and real dress
10. Remy top
11. Black Beauty Bra
12. Jasika jacket
13. Agate dress
14. Pilatus swimsuit
15. Voltaire top 
16. Puff blouse
17. Iris shorts - NEW
18. Fumeterre skirt - cut
19. Venice dress - cut

1. Passport holder
2. Rucksack
3. Lunch bags - This will be my One monthly goal
4. Moonwake handbag - NEW
5. Handy bags NEW
6. Kuori phone pouch  - NEW
7. Persephone wallet  - NEW
8. Little Mynta wallet  - NEW
9. Mini maker case  - NEW

1. Grimm's Tales stitch along


Tuesday, 1 September 2020

August furtle

August has been busy in many ways and in some good ways too! Early in the month, I received (and accepted) a job offer that I am really enthusiastic about. After so many interviews and a few offers, it felt really nice to finally feel more settled and to look forward to an exciting new adventure in the autumn. 

We also managed to cross the Channel and visit family. We went a first time to drop the kids with my mum for a little while and came back to the UK. We were planning to go back towards the end of the month to spend our holidays there, as our plan B, since Covid-19 had aborted our plan A (We had booked a trip to visit Quebec in January...). Well, Covid-19 struck again. With the UK imposing a quarantine on return from France, we had to change our plans once again. We had to rush back here much earlier to make sure the kids would be able to go back to France on Day 1. 

With much more time at home than originally planned, I have spent some of it diving deep in our mess and getting rid of lots of old paperwork and other stuff that we store for later.... I've only grazed the surface but I am hopeful that little by little, it will get better.

And if you've read up to here, now for the fun stuff! I managed to make a new pair of summer PJ for my daughter, a new summer dress for myself (after the heatwave was well and truly over!), a quick and easy bread bag and looots of face masks (not fun but necessary).

In keeping with the going back to school, I got some of my massive vinyl stash out to make a geometry tools pouch for my middle daughter, a Bo bag for karate for hubby and the kids and a pencil roll for my youngest.

I worked on my cross-stitch sew along to finish January.... I know just a bit behind.

I finish a quilt as well!

And I started a few projects new projects: some lunch bags for the girls that are nearly done. I also cut 3 new summer dresses for myself. Maybe I am not ready for summer to end....

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