Thursday, 21 January 2021

Guadalupe bag

 I saw so many of these gorgeous Guadalupe bags on Facebook over the Christmas holiday that I really wanted to try it too! 

Everyone was saying how beautiful and easy/fast it was to make. Plus that came as a free pattern from the designer Sammie Valencia, so I was sold.

I had cut all the pieces on New Year's day and starting the assembly shortly after. 

As often, I was put off by picking/cutting and using the interfacing so I parked the exterior pieces while I was constructing the lining. 

The pattern doesn't have instructions to add pockets but Sammie's website does. That was my first time making a pocket with a faux leather overlay too!

I started working on it again at the beginning of last week to add  the straps connectors, only to take them off the following day (and to realise I had cut 2 but needed 4....) as it looked awful...

Strolling through YouTube, I found this great video for hidden straps connectors and that gave such a nicer look.

With those done, it didn't take very long to finish the bag completely. The only difficulty I had was with the topstitching around the top of the bag, especially over the side seams. My machine really didn't like the thickness there.

I really love the look of it and the tweed accent on the outside. 
I also tried to make a tassel for the first time and I think it looks great.

It is quite a roomy bag with a sturdy base too.

Now I made this bag to gift it to my auntie who sent us a lovely box of goodies from home for Christmas since we couldn't get back. It was such a thoughtful and nice surprise to receive it that I thought I'd make her thank you present. It has been ready to go until Sunday but I must admit, I haven't yet been able to part with it.... soon!

One more OPAM for January and one off my Q1 FAL list.

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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

UFO - 1

Another UFO bites the dust! I had a bag of leftover blocks (8 of them finishing at 6") from over 10 years ago (I originally made the blocks during a Mystery Night in 2007...) 

and a multitude of HST (not yet trimmed!) 

that I had stashed away probably too make a cushion cover similar to the one I made 9 years ago. You can read all the details here

I found the bag again a week or so ago and decided that I worked probably never do anything with those so it was time to let them go. Well they're now in their way to someone else. 

Another UFO less in my stash, and again that's one that didn't even appear on any list... third one to go this year, not bad for me, who until a few months ago wouldn't even consider getting rid of UFO. 


Sunday, 17 January 2021

More 365 challenge blocks

 I had plans to work on a bag this week, but I was too tired in the evenings to do much so I decided to make more of these little blocks. Overall it has been quite a good week for this long standing UFO!

I picked the blocks that had the same date as the day I was making them from any month that I hadn't yet done. I must admit I picked some easier, less intricates one as I wanted to try to make more than one everyday. Here are the 11 blocks I made this week.

11th November - 3" green

11th December - 6" pink

12th July - 3'' green

13th July - 3'' green

13th October - 3'' green

13th November - 6'' pink

14th July - 3'' green

14th August - 3'' green

14th September - 3'' green

15th May - 6'' pink

15th July - 3'' green

After I realised there were 2 blocks I made twice, I spent a whole evening trying to work out which blocks I have made and which I haven't. I have now stored my blocks per month in bags so I hope I will not duplicate again now.

Oh and I have decided to try a new font for my blog, do you like it? Is it readable?

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Monday, 11 January 2021

More pouches

 l had cut all the 11 pouches I was planning to make before Christmas together and finished 5 before the day, my hope/goal/dream had been to make all 11 of them at the same time.... 

When it became obvious that it wasn't going to be the case, I moved on to other equally urgent projects and set those 6 aside. Finally last week, I felt it was time to pick them before they fall right at the bottom of the UFO basket. Well, I guess first week back at work but even worse, first week back in full lockdown was too much to bear. So although I did spend a little time with my machine every night, I think I spent more time unpicking the mistakes from the previous night than actually sewing....

But finally this week-end, I completed all 6 pouches, 3 will be gifted to family and friends, the others will be for us. I added the cross and tick with my Cricut maker too.

My first finishes of 2021! and 6 of them for that matter, that's not a bad start really. And one of my Q1 FAL list too.


Saturday, 9 January 2021

UFO -2

 At the end of last year, for the first time, I finally decided to part with 2 long-time UFOs. And actually it felt really good, liberating even to pass them on after so many years... So in the 2021 Planning Party, I stated an intention to get rid of 2 more UFOs that I will never finish.

Well, while sorting out my sewing space during the Christmas holidays, I found 2 kits that I had started and quite quickly abandoned. I have no idea when I bought those kits, apart that I bought them at the Festival of Quilts years ago. I have even less idea about when I started them. All I know is that they have been sitting in a drawer for a very long time and there is hardly any chance I will ever finish them. So I decided that they should NOT go back in that drawer but instead go away to someone else.

One of the kit was by Brenda Walker and although it is cute and I like the design, I know I wasn't going to finish it. 

The second one was by Mandy Shaw, again I hardly started. I remember that I was sure if I wanted to applique the girl or something else so I put it aside to think about it, and that was the end of the story.

Happy to have removed 2 long-standing UFOs (that I don't think I ever listed on my list) from my sewing space and that someone else might finish and enjoy them.


Wednesday, 6 January 2021

365 quilt challenge

 The challenge started in 2016 and I started the same year. Kathryn has repeated it every year since and I have miserably failed to make much progress really. Last year, I only pieced 5 of the 3'' blocks, just 5 tiny teeny blocks from October, that I didn't even post here.

I also had a sixth one (11th October) cut out but I never managed to piece it until this week.

And while I was making this one, I also did the bonus block for 1st January that was released this year. I managed to sew that one wrong 3 times before I did correctly. Twice the pinwheel in the middle was anything but and the first time I even had some of the pieces with the wrong side up... You know when you think, I should really go to bed... oh but I'm nearly there, I'll finish this first. Yes exactly...

And I also cut the block for December 31st, which is a 6'' one with mitered corner and covered corner. I misread the instructions on this one so there was some unpicking there too. And now I'm stuck as to how to add the last 4 pieces so I think this unfinished one will be here for a while! 

Anyway these are my first 2 blocks pieced this year and they are for a UFO!

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Monday, 4 January 2021

PhD in 2021?

 2021 could be the year to get my UFO under control? I think I need some help so I will be joining Quilting Gail on her quest to PhD in 2021

I have far more than 12 UFOs sadly (more like 30+), but the 12 I would like to finish in 2021 are:

1. Retro Tetro (started 2020) - I need to finish sewing the binding and bury the gazillions of threads
2. Snowflake (started 2020) - this one needs quilting
3. Super Mario quilt (started 2012) - this one needs a few more blocks
4. Halo quilt (started 2020)- blocks are not yet completed, more cutting to do too.
5. Harry Potter (started 2019) - 8 blocks completed?
6. Gipsy Wife (started 2017) - needs lots of blocks
7. Modern HST (started 2016) - 1 block needed but I don't have enough background left
8. Project 48 (started 2016)- what to do with those blocks?
9. Sewing Studio banner (started 2018) - partly pieced
10. Impromptu (started 2013) - some blocks completed
11. Storm at Sea (started 2010) - needs more blocks
12. 365 challenge (started 2016) - not even half way

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