Saturday, 3 October 2015

Farmer's wife 1930 Quilt Along

The Farmer's Wife quilt along has kicked off earlier this week on Angie's blog and it has gone viral! Hundreds of followers, well done Angie! I wonder how many quilts that will make in a year's time?

Anyway, I received my book in time so I had no excuse not to partake. And I am happy to report that I duly made the first block:
#12 Becky

the second block
#16 Bonnie
and the third block
#8 Aunt

in time.

I haven't bought special fabric for this quilt (maybe I need to!) and decided I will stick to my stash as much as possible. To be honest I don't like 30s fabric so I knew I wasn't going to go that route. I just want a happy cheery quilt. Let's see how far I will go from my stash.... My middle daughter is dreaming of having a poney farm when she grows up so maybe she will be a Farmer's Wife.

In a moment of complete madness, I even went to check if I had already made blocks #12 and #16 of the original Farmer's wife quilt (that I started... a few years back) and you know what? I had. I was almost disappointed! Maybe the new Farmer's Wife will help the old Farmer's Wife to progress. Watch this space!
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Friday, 2 October 2015

Finish Along Q3 recap

Wow, 75% of this year has already disappeared, time seems to fly quicker and quicker. And as usual I had a long wish list for my sewing, (well limited to 20 for my sanity), interrupted of course by summer holidays and numerous trips. But I am glad to report that I did cross off a few items, 8 of them in fact including 2 UFOs started last year. My best score this year!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

1. M new quilt - no progress

2. It so Kawai swap - open wide pouch + cross stitch

3. Teachers' gifts - open wide pouch

4. One-hour basket for swap 

5. Hand pieced mini swap 

6. Quilt for my friend's 40th - Started!

7. Make myself a skirt with the Skirt Sew Along - cut and ready to be sewn 

8. Work bag for myself - started years ago but stopped because of a zip fear! - this one is on my list since the beginning of last year so I am really hoping I'll eventually pick it up and finish it...  

9. Zodiac swap - sent on time

10. Star Plus quilt - needs quilting and binding

11. Cat bag as a Christmas present similar to the one I made 2 years ago  

12. Triangle Quilt take #2  - done

13. Paris swap - done

14. X string quilt - 2 blocks needed to finish the top

15. Mr Snowmen cushion - all the blocks were pieced. Some progress, quilted, it needs embroidery and finishing

16. Custom cushions x 2 

17. Quilt for A 

18. Elephant quilt 

19. You've got mail wall hanging - finished!.

20. Mod Mod Along

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Goals for October

October already... I know my sewing time will be reduced... but of course, not even that will make my list shorter this month :-)

Hoping for Finishes!
1. Castle on the Horizon - quilt for my friends' 40th. This will be my goal for A lovely year of Finishes

2. Secret sewing for Christmas
3. Mr Snowmen cushion - quilted! need embroidery, buttons and finishing

Bee Blocks 
1. I love Lucy international block (August, September and October)
2. Flower hexies for the Inchy Hexie Swap (September and October) 
3. Book Bee (September and October
4. Flying geese Bee 
5. Fat Stash Bee (September) 
6. Bee Hive (August and October) 
7. Block Lotto blocks - 
10. Bubble Bee (September and October

1.  Quilt for M 
2. September in the Hexagon 
3. Elephant Parade my Lazy Bums challenge for October is to make 10 blocks
4. Scrappy X block quilt - 2 last blocks in progress
5. Farm Vintage Quilt-Along, catch up and continue the quilt-along 
6. A very merry Christmas town 
7. Farmer's wife 1930 QAL
8. Tokyo Subway map 

New Project
1. Custom cushions  x 2 
2. Quilt for A


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September recap

So September has come and is nearly gone, Kids are back at school, the days are much shorter but lately the sun has been back a little. I had a lot (too much on my list) but somehow, I feel happy about what I have been able to cross off, and most importantly, my daughter's new school bag that she loves! Let's have a look at the long- too long list.

Hoping for Finishes!
1. Zodiac swap mini - sent

2. Paris swap - sent

Bee Blocks 
1. I love Lucy international block (August and September) - August nearly finished

2. Flower hexies for the Inchy Hexie Swap (September) - one flower

3. Bee Europa (September) - sent

4. Book Bee (September
5. Flying geese Bee 
6. Fat Stash Bee (September) - sent

7. Bee Hive (July, August and September) - July and September sent

8. Block Lotto blocks - lovely tulip blocks - none sadly
9. Bubble Bee (August and September) - August sent

1. Mr Snowmen cushion - quilted! need embroidery, buttons and finishing - no progress
2.  Quilt for M 
3. September in the Hexagon - my Lazy Bums challenge for February - only needs binding now
4. Elephant Parade 
5. Scrappy X block quilt - 2 last blocks in progress
6. Farm Vintage Quilt-Along, catch up and continue the quilt-along 
7. A very merry Christmas town - little progress

New Project
1. Custom cushions  x 2 
2. Quilt for A
3.  My Small World quilt-along 
4. Pencil roll for M - finished just on time!

5. School bag for C - this will be A lovely year of Finishes challenge for September - finished on time!

6. Farmer's Wife 1930 - two first blocks sewn

7. Tokyo Subway map - cutting started

Total of 13 blocks for the 350-blocks challenge

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Work in progress

Where to start? Of course as usual I have many irons in the fire. This week-end, I started 2 new projects, one which is more in the "secret sewing" domain, but more will be revealed soon and one which is a "I-have-a-deadline-of-2-weeks-to-make-this-quilt". Crazy me? Yes maybe but I only seem to focus if I need to finish tomorrow, otherwise I am a real butterfly.

Anyway, I will show you some of the secret sewing, lovely diamonds in batiks and an old stashed fabric, that I have "rediscovered" when shopping my stash for a background and fell in love with again. So here they are 10 little diamonds.

And now for the quilt for my friends' 40th birthday, well I am making the Castles on the Horizon quilt designed by Michele, as a quilt-along with a group of friends. I bought 2 layer cakes for the quilt so I have spent a while this week-end sewing HST, 8 at a time.

I am nearly there with the triangles, next stop: the quilt top. And I better get going because I now have just 10 days left.

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Monday, 28 September 2015

More blocks catch up

As usual at the moment I had lots of bee blocks to catch up with so last week-end, I sat at the machine with a goal to finish a few and post them on, I like ticking things of my to-do list :-)
I first made a log cabin block for the Fat Stash Bee
It is funny that the log cabin is one of the simplest block and also one of my favorite, yet I haven't got a log cabin quilt! I made one for my Grand-Ma over 10 years ago but that's the only time I used that versatile block.
Next on my list was a Great Granny Block for my great friend Betti. Betti's daughter is off to uni soon and Betti is making her a quilt, I am priviledged to have a block in her special quilt :-)

and I also finally finished my bubble for August... I love those blocks but they have lots and lots of pieces! All paper pieced of course! A lovely log cabin inspiration

Nearly caught up with my Bee Hive blocks (July... and September), I still have August to make but didn't have the correct solid. I ordered it on Friday so hopefully this one will be done soon too.

And this very elegant stripe block for Bee Europa
That makes it 6 blocks for the 350-blocks challenge, I am very very far behind this year :-(

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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Last swap

I am always amazed and tempted by the variety of swaps available on IG and Flicker, and I sign up for (far too) many! The last one I had to finish was the Zodiac swap that was due this month too. And I have been on swap-diet recently because I end up only having time to sew for swaps or bees. Anyway, I posted my Zodiac mini last week but never had time to post about it until now. My partner for the swap was Cancer so while on holidays, I made about 30 mini hexies (3/4' in size) to draw the Cancer sign. Now some saw other things apparently....
IMG_20150825_151446.jpg (494×474)
I found a lovely night blue background for the mini that I quilted with a constellation

And applique the hexies on top.
For the back, I added some music

I hope my partner likes it!
This is another OPAM for September and one more of my Q3 FAL list.
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Thursday, 10 September 2015


A long while ago I signed up for the Paris Swap on IG that Deanna was organising. I went to Paris the following month so picked up some goodies then. But of course as usual I left it to the last minute to complete the swap. I started just before I went away on holidays but didn't manage to finish it then. And I had an idea but it was vague and changed over time. Anyway I decided on a paper pieced Eiffel Tower from a pattern by quietplay.

I then decided on some French flags and thought that it would be good to make a tote bag from my blocks.

So I went for the no-pattern tote bag and loved how it turned out (if I can say so myself!)

I sent it off at the week-end to my partner with a few goodies.

\One more OPAM this month as well as one to cross off Q3 Finish Along


Wednesday, 9 September 2015


The Tokyo Subway Map Quilt-Along over at Nina's blog has already started last week but I hadn't
Tokyo Subway Map QAL - Button 2015-08-05 500px
so last night I grabbed my first basket of scraps (the pink one) and starting cutting.

I have decided to go for 2.5' squares because I can cut them quickly and easily with my Sizzix

so here are my first few squares of pink, all 35 of them, still need a few before moving to the next colour....

I am thinking about all the white and I am not sure whether to cut all the 800+ white squares or whether to cheat and use some bigger squares or reactangles for some of the sections where possible. I wonder if anyone has tried that and what it would look like. I still have time to decide of course.
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