Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Great Blackout

What can you do when you have no power in the evening?
I went to a gym class last night and came back just in time for dinner. After putting the kids in bed, I thought I'd have a nice and relaxing bath when bang! No more electricity, all is black and quiet. The whole street and further was affected. I didn't think it would be lasting for too long but here you are no electricity from about 8.30 pm until 10.30 pm. That means no computer, no blogging, no sewing, no reading, nothing really but an early night for a change...
How do people cope when they don't have the basics, we take so much for granted these days it's almost frightening!


  1. No power? yes it's a shock when you are not used to it, it happens to us a lot - especially in the winter, ah the perils of living in a village! Most annoying when you are in the middle of stitching a seam/a gripping tv programme or writing a long e-mail, although funnily enough it never happens when I'm ironing! We always have lots of candles handy.Hopefully yours was a one off blip.

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