Monday, 18 October 2010

Another finish!

Didn't achieve much on Friday for the Sew-In Night. Hubby came back from a couple of days away for work just before the kids went to bed so when it was all quiet and I could have sewn, we had a chat for a while, catching up with the week. So when I eventually sat down to start something it was already quite late. I only started cutting out squares for my candle mat swap. At least I have chosen the colours.
Yesterday night, we watched the Apprentice from last Wednesday and after finishing the ironing, I managed just a little bit of hand sewing, enough to finish my second OPAM this month. It might not seem like an OPAM because the quilt was almost finished (and it has been in my blog banner since I started blogging) but it is an OPAM to me.

I made "In the Samurai's Steps" for a competition at Hever Castle, Kent (UK) 3 years ago in September. It is all hand applique (needle turn) and hand quilted. To display the quilt I had to sew 3 little velcro strips so since the quilt went to Hever Castle, it had velcro strips but no hanging sleeve. I suppose I should be ashamed to say that all this time, it has been folded in the dining room ready for the sleeve to be added so that it could finally be hang. Well this is it now, I have made the sleeve (earlier this month) and sewn it to the back of the quilt (yesterday).
All it needs now is for Hubby to hang it to the wall (and hopefully this step will not take another 3 years!)

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  1. Stunning work... I love the 'In the Samurai's Steps' and it will be displayed with all the 'honours'.
    Truly beautiful work.


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