Tuesday, 29 March 2011

When you think it's over

well, it's back again. For a second week in a row, the kids and I have been battling with nasty bugs affecting mainly our stomachs. So we are all spending lots of time in bed, feeling miserable and hot and sick. Not fun. And the pile of washing is mounting every day with the kids taking turn to be sick. I hope we'll be over this soon but it seems never ending at the moment and we are all exhausted. Hubby is the only survivor in the household so far!
See you soon hopefully fully recovered!


  1. Oh my...hope you guys are feeling better soon...

  2. Dear Celine...what a mess!! Wish we were closer and I'd give a hand with that washing. That's the last thing you need to look at when you're not feeling well. I do hope you're all back on your feet with calm tummys soon...let's hope Mr Espritpatch goes down with it...you know men get things "much worse" than anyone else..hee.hee. Crossing my fingers for you
    Hugs Gloria


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