Wednesday, 21 August 2019

A new handbag

The last handbag I made has been used so much that it was really really worn out, especially on the vinyl handles. I have been planning to make a new one for a while and it has been on my to do list for far too long... I picked the fabric and pattern: the Carrier's Conquest a long while ago but never got around to get started. Finally I cut all the pieces in June and got started! The bag has a lot of pockets and is quite complex so there are a rather large number of pieces!
The instructions are detailed and lengthy but I must admit with so many pieces and not working on the project solidly I got lost/ confused a few times.... and had to unpick a fair number of times too.

With all the pockets, the vinyl, the interfacing it gets rather bulky too and can be difficult to sew sometimes. I had to change the pattern a little by not sewing the handles to the bag or I could not sew the zip.
I was so happy to finally have my 2 half bags constructed!
Finally it was time to put the bag together. That part was not so difficult but the turning it out was tricky and knocked one of the rivets on the side, which I had to glue on instead. 
The bag is really roomy and practical with all its pockets
I used those sparkly zips for the zippered pockets. They add a bit of bling but are so hard to open and shut....
This bag was definitely a candidate for "Made with love and swear words" but I love the final product. 
One of the drawback is it's weight even empty! 
And also that it doesn't have a shoulder strap. But I've been using it since I finished it and find it beautiful and practical. 
Another OPAM and another one of my Q3 FAL list too.
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