Thursday, 25 June 2009

I am back...

No I haven't fallen from the face of the Earth, just been enjoying a short holiday in Spain on the Costa Daurada with my family. First holiday for Charlotte and a nice family break before I go back to work in less than a month. The weather was lovely and the days were filled with beach activities (sandcastle building and jumping in the waves for Maxime, tasting the sand for Charlotte), swimming-pool dips and children entertainment (2 days in Portaventura, lovely amusement park where Maxime couldn't have enough, face painting in the hotel and mini disco before bed time). In summary, a relaxing but tiring holiday. Thankfully we have come back to the UK to find that the weather is really pleasant too. I have been spending the last day or so trying to catch up with everything and am not there yet!

Anyway, I have managed to sew a few more blocks for the blocklotto. I have now made 9 for this month. 3 Shoo Fly, 3 Friendship stars and 3 Churn Dash (that I had completed before the holiday).

I have also started to work on the present I want to make for my brother's 30th birthday, he is having a party mid-July and I am going over to France early July for the occasion so I really need to get going with my present. Anyway you will only get a peek (I know it doesn't look like much really but hopefully this will make a useful and very personalised present for him once finished) as I am not sure whether he has ever visited my blog or not. I will post a picture once it is completed and given! I need to add a third layer of black tomorrow and then I can start playing on my blackboard.

See you soon for more.


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