Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I got some post! On Saturday, I finally received my blocks from the Disappearing 9 patch swap.

I say finally because it took nearly 2 weeks for the package to reach me. We have had some postal strikes over here and I was starting to wonder whether my package has been lost. Anyway here is a picture of my stack of blocks. I hope they won't stay as a pile for too long!

I have also started the BQL challenge (due at the end of the month...) and have reach the "block" stage. The theme this month is half square triangle and I have selected some black and red scraps to make it. This is as far as I am for now, much more to do really.
Speaking about blocks, I went to the Festival of Quilts on Friday and Saturday in Birmingham (UK) and discovered that I had one block in the exhibition! In the group quilt category, there was a signature quilt which by looking closer I recognised to be from a Dear Jane Siggie Swap (organised every year on the Dear Jane list). I was explaining the concept to my Mum and was busy telling her that I had taken part in those before when I realised that there was one of my block in the quilt. I was so excited pointing at my block and saying "this is my block" when a lovely lady from Norway Marianne (hope I spelt her name right), said to me "this is my quilt!" She was so happy meeting someone who had sent her a block (she said she was hoping for such encounters!) and we had a very nice chat. It made me want to do something with my siggies as well so when I got home I got them out again. I have marvel at each one of them once again and showed them to my Mum but haven't done anything with them yet.... This is the lovely siggie swap quilt from Marianne, note the perfect choice of border fabric for a friendship quilt:

Finally, I have packed my blocks for the Scrappy Christmas blocks swap and there are ready to go across the Atlantic to my swap partner and the swap mummy Beth.

Time to go to bed now!

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  1. Hi! I hope you get my blocks soon, I mailed them about 10 days ago!


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