Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Baking tonight

My bag is finished and I have even used it already. My Maisy book is finished as well, needs to be wrapped now. I haven't managed to take a picture of either yet. sorry you'll have to wait...

Tonight I decided to bake some biscuits when I came home for work. I want to give handmade at Christmas and did some Lebkuchen that I cut with fancy Christmassy cookies cutters. They look nice and taste nice as well. I didn't have any almonds anymore so I used hazelnuts instead. I have made just over 100 so I should be able to give a few bags away.

I also managed to sit at the sewing machine to quilt the table runner with the cats that I pieced in October. Do you remember this picture?

Well it hadn't change since I took the picture over 2 months ago. I want to give it as a Christmas present so tonight I quilted it and prepared the binding that I will sew on tomorrow night hopefully.

I am also trying to decide which hand sewing projects I could take with me on holidays because for once I should get some time to sit down and sew. What will it be? My abandoned Dear Jane? The Shabby Roses BOM? Or something new like some of these yummy Christmas projects available on the Among the Gum Trees blog? I really can't decide. I suppose it will all depends on the time I have to prepare my stuff...

OK time to go to bed now as tomorrow is another early start and it might be a cold one as the forecast is for possible snow....


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  1. Lovely colours in your cat quilt - I'm sure whoever gets it will love it.

    Wow, I am very impressed by people who do baking after work! It's as much as I can do to produce a meal when I get home, so anyone who can bake that many biscuits must be a Wonderwoman.


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