Saturday, 5 December 2009

Still there...

Can't believe I have posted anything in nearly 2 weeks! I am still around but life has been a bit busy lately. We weren't back to France last week-end for the week-end and lovely son was ill over there. Had to take him to the doctor's at 2 am when he kept complaining about his head and his temperature hadn't really gone down that much for 36 hours. Turns out it was an ear infection and Croup, not the dreaded flu. But the week-end was tiring as we didn't get much sleep... Came back for a crazy week at work with loads to complete by yesterday. Was so much looking forward to a good night sleep yesterday evening. But... baby daughter started to develop temperature and was sick at midnight. The emergency doctor asked if we wanted to give her Tamiflu, not knowing whether it was really the flu or not anyway. Difficult decision, even more for a 9-month old baby. The temperature seems to be slightly lower now, hopefully she is on the mend. And after all of that, I have been feeling dreadful all day, I presume my body is ringing the alarm bells to tell me to slow down... Not a good time when there is so much to finish everywhere before the Christmas break. I'll try my best really!

During these chaotic last few days, I haven't had chance or energy to sew much really. I have done a few of my Winter holiday swaps blocks but haven't finish them yet. I might try that tonight, sitting in the sofa and hand sewing.... I have also cut one of my two Maisy panel to make a book. And I have made 4 or 5 siggies for the swap that Annelies is coordinating. I have already received 7 siggies since I signed up just over a month ago, including 3 yesterday. It is nice to come home and find a little envelope packed with love from around the world. It is most probably what I need right now a big hug to help me stop feeling sorry for myself!
Tomorrow is another day....
Will post pictures of the siggies soon.

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