Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Cosmetic bags for teachers

Finally I have found some energy to post about what I have been up to in the last month (not much compare to normal). At least, a blog post can be created in several small sessions on the computer and saved for later when it is all completed which makes it easier for me at the moment.

Last Friday was the end of the school year here - at long last! -  so I managed to make 2 gifts for Big Boy's teacher and teacher assistant.

I choose a project which wasn't too ambitious owing to my current energy level so I went for cosmetic bags made with squares using the Japanese folding technique. I had already used the same technique a few years bag to make a bag for our car TV set with an old pair of jeans. You can see the pictures here and here.

I did all the sewing by hand so I could do it while sitting in a chair and resting. I used 2 sets of fabrics both with a blue theme.

It was nice to make and I like how it turned out. I used 11cm squares and 18 cm circles and the finished bags were 15 cm high and 30 cm across so big enough to store a few bits and pieces.

Hopefully they liked it, and if they didn't they can always gift it to someone else!

I think this will be my only OPAM for this month.
See you soon.


  1. What a lovely and practical gift. I am sure they will be pleased.

  2. I am IN LOVE with these beautiful little bags! Thanks for putting up the pictures!

  3. Teachers need a lot of different items and this cosmetic bag is suitable for teachers


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