Thursday, 21 May 2009

little progress

Not much sewing time in the last 2 days unfortunately. I had to treck down to London for some appointements with my daughter yesterday so that was most of the day gone. I managed to fuse my first hen onto the background fabric and cut the second one last night while I was watching the Apprentice on TV, the only programme I watch every year. It is not sewn yet but it is looking good so far, if I can say so!

3 more to go and then onto the sewing!

I also now have a picture of the 4 blocks I made for the blocklotto. I haven't posted the picture on the block lotto blog yet because I am planning to make more blocks. I will post a picture there with all my blocks at once I think. Anyway here is a peak of my first 4 Cactus Pot blocks:

This morning I painted the wall again with my blackboard/magnetic paint and it doesn't seem to be magnetic at all so far so I will probably have to apply a third layer. I have also drawn a branch of Japanese cherry tree (Sakura) with a pencil. I am planning to paint it to decorate the wall in the hall. Of course, when my son came back from playgroup he commented on it and asked why I had drawn on the wall. We had to explain to him that this was a decoration and that he still wasn't allowed to draw on the wall. Fingers cross the message has gone through even though I am sure he is dying to help me decorate the wall.

I was talking previously of my current projects but hadn't listed them all as the post would have been too long. I have started a bag for our TV/DVD player for the car as it wasn't provided with a cover and I wouldn't want the screen to be all scratched. I decided to do it the *green* way so I am recycling a pair of jeans that wasn't worn anymore to make some Japanese folded blocks and planning to make my bag with those. I was hoping to have it finished for tomorrow as we will be taking the unit to drive home (France) for the long week-end but this seems to be quite difficult now. I have only so far made half of my blocks and not started on the assembly of the bag yet. Have a peak at my first blocks:

And I was also making a passeport cover for my daughter's passeport and card which is almost finished but not quite yet. This was a scrappy projects reusing strips left over from previous work. Not sure this will be finished for tomorrow either. Unless there is only the hand-sewing part left that I will be able to complete in the car on our way. More later.

Well time to sew a little bit before going to bed.

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  1. Nice lotto blocks -I kept thinking I would make a few more this month, but I don't think I'm going to get to it after all...


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