Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Farmer's Wife - First blocks

Finally some pictures of the first few blocks I have made for the quilt-along. As I mentioned yesterday, I have redrafted some of the blocks to have only squares and HST (half square triangles) to cut as much as possible. I am also showing here how I have made my blocks if anyone is interested!

First Block [1] Attic Window

I made this block as a nine-patch cutting only 2 sizes of squares, one for the nine-patch squares and one for the HST
I then pieced the block in row like a 9-patch to give this final block

Second Block [2] Autumn Tints

For this one I did cut strips for the 4-patch units and 2 big squares. I pieced the strips together 2 by 2
then sliced them off to assemble the small 4-patch units and finished off make the bigger 4-patch block.

Third Block [4] Basket Weave

I did cut 3 long strips for this block and pieced them together
before slicing it in 4 units
which could then be sewn together into the final block

Fourth Block [9] Box

Like for block # 1, I did cut 2 sizes of squares for this block, one square for the 9-patch unit and 4 bigger squares of each fabric for the HST units.
I assemble all the HST squares together before cutting along the diagonal and then placed all my pieces to finish off the block as a 9-patch.

Fifth Block [10] Bowtie

For this block I cut 2 big squares of 2 fabrics and 2 smaller squares of the brown fabric for the HST units. I then cut my HST in half along the diagonal, which was a mistake as I then had to work out how to cut the corner off the bigger squares and of course, I did cut the first one to big! I should have kept my (HST) brown squares and sew them onto 2 of the bigger squares before slicing the corner off.
Once each unit is made the block is assemble as a 4-patch again.

These are all my blocks to date, 5 made - 106 more to go!
See you soon,



  1. Hi Celine, I love your FW blocks, it's too hard to pick a favorite! I'm off to drool over your dear janes next...

  2. Fabulous work, I'm making this too. I love your fabrics.

  3. Celine,
    Great job on the FWQAL blocks. I love the Kaffe fabrics!!


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