Monday, 7 November 2011

Bee Europa 2011 - October block

We had some visitors again this week-end so I couldn't get much sewing done. In addition, Miss Baby Girl decided that night for sleeping on Saturday night so she kept us up from about 1 to 6 am. So I had little energy on Sunday to do anything I must admit. She didn't seem affected much by her lack of sleep though... So good to be young obviously! I did a little stitching on my Birdie Block (October one) but that was about it and the block is not completed yet.

Today, I finished my tree block for the Bee Europa for October. Johanna had asked for a forestry theme so I took inspiration from a pattern shared by Jennifer Bosworth on Quilting Gallery for the Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along but pieced the block rather than applique it. I wasn't sure about the Y-seam but manage to do it by machine quite well! I usually avoid Y-seam altogether because I hate them!. It was a fun and (almost - but for the Y-seam!) easy block to make and I hope it will match the other blocks she have received.


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