Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Just takes 2 - first blocks

Here are my first 5 blocks for the Just Takes 2 mystery quilt. I have chosen to do mine in blue and cream (Kona Eggshell). I had a stash of blue vintage fabrics that I bought years ago because I liked the look of them but without a project in mind so I think they'd be perfect for this one. I have used bits and pieces of these blue fabrics in various projects including the candle mat swap I did in November 2010 but I still have almost yardages left for each of them so hopefully that will work for the quilt.
Anyway here are my blocks:

Block 1 (8 pieces)
This fabric is very special as I bought in Japan when we went there 4 years ago, it even has Brenda's name on it!
 I followed Sophie's idea and pieced the block (curve piecing) rather than applique-ing the circle on the background

Block 2 (17 pieces)

Block 3 (9 pieces)

Block 4 (36 pieces)

Block 5 (21 pieces)

Total = 91 pieces

I have block 6 cut as well and ready to be sewn and I also need to get on with the new blocks (7-11) released on Sunday by Brenda so I don't fall too much behind!


  1. I like your colours Celine, my favourite combination, I'm staying with the red and white for this mystery quilt, and like you I had better get started on the new blocks so I don't fall behind :)

  2. I too am doing mine in blue and ( snow) white and yours look good. I think I'm going to change the background to something else once I have used the metre I got so anything could happen. Had trouble with the fan but I do enjoy this quilt. You DO have a good excuse for falling behind though. Keep up the great work


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