Wednesday, 27 February 2013

WIP Wednesday

Today I was hoping to post some finished blocks and some in progress blocks and I will but they are not the ones I thought/wanted to have at this stage!

I was hoping to be able to show you the blocks I made for the [4x5] Modern Mini-Bee which were due to be posted last Saturday, well I had a bit of a delay on this one. One of the problem of leaving it a tiny bit late... I knew I had all I needed in terms of fabric choices to make up my blocks and I was right... but what I forgot to check was whether I had enough. And of course, when I digged out my background fabric, I realised that I didn't have enough Kona Ash and it was far too late to get some on time to make my blocks. And when I tried to find some Kona Snow, which I know I have *somewhere* in the house, well I couldn't find it anywhere. I definitely have some but I don't have a clue where it has gone. With the building work in the house, things have moved around so much that I still haven't been able to find and sort everything back to their new place. So for now, I will be able to show you my 3 finished blocks

and my 2 in-progress blocks that I will finish as soon as I get the background fabric.

The first 3 blocks are on their way but I missed the deadline for the swap since I couldn't finish all my blocks by last Saturday so I will have to sit the next quarter out unfortunately :-(

In the last few days, I also worked on my blocks for the Simply Solids Bee. In February, we were making the famous + and x block for Sue with a red + and grey background that she had provided. I used my solids from the FQ swap to stash bust the blocks. They are now on their way back, yeah!

and the 2 blocks

And Carol had sent her fabric early for March to make her some disappearing 9-patch block in blue/green and purple. I finished the 3 blocks yesterday evening too and they are on their way to her, even before March is here! If you want to know how to make those effective blocks, go and check Carol's blog as she has a tutorial here.

In the train journey to and from work, I have also made some slow progress on Helen's blocks for the EPP Bee. I had to restart as I realised that the templates I had for the triangles were slightly too big.

I am linking to Jen's Building Blocks Tuesday and to Lee's WIP Wednesday.


  1. That's not fair, you started the day behind me, and now you're ahead of me, damn, I had better get the march blocks done!! : )

  2. I like you Modern Mini blocks, a very different take on hexagons and like the pattern they make. In the fourth pic it looks as though the hexagons are tumbling off the fabric.


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