Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bee silly!

I told you yesterday that I had a few Bee blocks in progress, well I managed to finish one last night. But this one has a story, hence my title of Bee Silly! I received the package from Cecilie in April to make her lovely block for Bee Europa. Cecilie had picked a gorgeous Garden Lattice block from the 99 Modern Blocks book.

Unfortunately for some reasons, I did everything wrong with her lovely fabric right from the cutting step. Cecilie had sent us 4 squares of solid fabric and 2 rectangle of Lark fabric. The first step was to cut some 1' strips from the Lark fabric, well I nearly sliced the solid fabric but thankfully stopped my rotary cutter, just in time! Next step was to cut off a triangle in each corner of the square and then to divide the square in 4.
Well that's where my problems started. I mis-read the instructions and cut along the diagonals rather than the centre. Anyway I carried on with the sewing and inserted the Lark strips, until I got to the last step where you are supposed to reattach the triangles separated by another Lark strip. Well then I realised by mistake... but far too late. Can you see?
Of course I was mortified to have messed up so badly with the fabric I was sent to make the blocks so I asked Cecilie what was the solid fabric and ordered some more to be able to make her blocks. Well I ordered Kona Dresden but it wasn't the same as the fabric I had been sent so there was no way I could use it for Cecilie's blocks.
She graciously sent me another 2 squares to enable me to make her the blocks, which I have finally finished last night. I am feeling so bad that I have been unable to make her the blocks she was expected. This is the first time I have such a mishap when making bee blocks and I can tell you it isn't a nice feeling at all...

Yesterday I also worked on my Bee White Black block. I finished all 4 strings squares that I now need to assemble to make my block.
And finally I cut my second stack of Texty Charms.
Charms are now all ready to be sent out for swapping
Linking with Jen's for Building Blocks Tuesday.


  1. Oh poor you. It's not like you to muck up. Never mind it happens and the out one was good.

  2. oh strangely enough that does make me feel a little better about losing one of your blocks in my messy sewing room! But I also feel bad for you. It would be great if for a next bee we would only use our own scraps/fabrics so there isn't any stress about messing up fabric sent by a queen bee! :)

  3. Celine, don't beat yourself up too badly. We are all human, and your heart is always in the right place. Hugs.


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