Monday, 7 April 2014

Finish Along - Q2 goal setting

The first quarter is over, time to plan for Quarter 2 for Katy's Challenge

1 Cat Quilt - top pieced, needs quilting and binding - already on my list for Q1

2 Modern She Made Swap - Hexagons, pattern and fabric picked

3 Work bag for myself - started years ago but stopped because of a zip fear! - already on my list in Q1

4. Bag for Maud -started 5 years ago...

6 My Siblings Together 2 Bee quilt - 1 block missing - finish quilt as soon as all the blocks are available -  already on my list for Q1

7 September in the Hexagon - need to be quilted, top pieced. - already on my list for Q1

8 New school bag for Mr Cars - fabric and pattern selected

9 Dance bag for Miss Strawberry Shortcake - fabric and pattern selected 

10 Triangle Quilt Along quilt - fabric and pattern selected

11. Cat Quilt - fabric and pattern selected

12. Sewtogether bags for teacher's presents (4) - fabric picked but I am anxious about making those pouches so I might change my mind for the pattern if the first one goes wrong.

Again, this is probably an ambitious list... but hopefully I'll cross a few off by the end of June!
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  1. No, really ambitious is doing a Dear Jane like you are! The good news is that there seems to be quite a few of us "long listers" on the FAL this quarter so know that you are not alone. Anything we get done or move along is worth it! Good Luck!

  2. Wow. The bee blocks look amaZing all laid out. I hadn't been able to picture it myself! Great design!


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