Sunday, 7 September 2014

Not one but two bags!

This week has been very very busy, very very stressful and very very tiring! But I did manage to fit little sewing time. And because I am so much better with deadlines and a queen of last-minute, I did manage to finish 2 bags this week! The kiddies were back to school this week, Tuesday for the 2 eldest and Friday for the first time for Miss Baby.

A few years back I won a messenger bag pattern by Candied Fabrics during the Blogger's Quilt Festival. The pattern is available in 2 sizes and gives lots of pockets options. I had pre-cut all my pieces for both bags during the holidays and prepared them with the interfacing I was going to use so it was *JUST* a matter of sitting at the sewing machine and stitching, *just*!

I started by constructing the multiple pockets for the bag which took a few evenings like the bottle pocket

and eventually on Monday I sat down with all the pieces and a fast-apporaching deadline as the bag needed to be finished for the following evening.
And I made it! I used Decovil for this bag (that was my first try).

The drape is nice and the bag is sturdy but it was also very hard to turn it back to the right side once finished! I had to ask hubby to do it for me and to model it too!

It makes the layers quite thick too so I was glad I have a strong sewing machine. But I also really like the finish of the bag and would most probably use it again in the future.

For Miss Baby I had found a coated fabric
for the outside so I used a reasonably thin interfacing for the pieces. I was to use some wadding too but I left it out in the end. I made less pockets on this one as she is only going to pre-school anyway and worked on my bag late on Thursday night
and the "beauty of the late, last minute" sewing time meant that I had to redo the last step to put together the outside and inside bags 3 times as I kept sewing it the wrong way...
but eventually I finished it the right way and had a bag ready to go!

And that's my 2 first OPAMs for September!
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  1. These messenger bags for your daughters are so pretty! I am sure they love using them!

  2. They both came out great! I'm almost afraid to make bags because I don't know if my little Janome is strong enough to wrestly with them.


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