Thursday, 30 April 2015

A long-standing UFO no more

I6 years ago (yes 6 ... hanging my head in shame), I started a bag for my cousin's 30th birthday and I got as far as making the bag, the flap, the zip closure, the pocket and the lining. You can check here.

Then I needed to make the handle, seriously how difficult is that? Well it's not but for some reason that was a road block for me. I am not quite sure why, apart from not being able to decide on what to use to make it. Anyway, I didn't make the handle then and the birthday came and went and the bag stayed as a UFO (and has been since then, yes I am ashamed). I have been challenged to finish a few times over the last few months by my fellow Lazy Bums partners. Of course, I couldn't remember how much there was to do so I didn't even got it out to check. But miracle, I finally did last Sunday. And first thing I decided I didn't like the lining I had used: boring plain muslin and decided that needed jazzing up a bit.

So I was brave, really brave and cut into my stash using this lovely macarons fabric (I hope I was planning to keep it for the perfect project LOL!) to remake the lining.

And the very difficult decision of the handle was finally made with using the same fabric as the flap obvisouly!

With a brand new lining and a handle, all that was left was to attach the lining to the bag and turn it over to finish it. Seriously how hard was that?

Anyway, I am so proud that just a few minutes before midnight in my part of the world, I have a finished bag, one less UFO, I have achieved my April Lazy Bum challenge and cut into my stash so I am linking to #SewMyStashBagChallenge and of course this is one more (last minute OPAM) and one more of my Q2 Finish Along list.

Wow, what an achievement with just a messenger bag. And I will see my cousin in May so I can gift her my bag (6 years later...). Better late than never I guess...

Linking to Whoop Whoop Friday.



  1. This is a very pretty purse. Wonderful fabric, love it.

  2. I bet your cousin was thrilled with her unexpected present!

    *Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad*


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