Sunday, 25 September 2016

Overlocker love?

Yesterday I spent the day with my overlocker, to learn to love her. Well it wasn't just the 2 of us but I went to a great class with Pamela Tasker at Sew Much to Do Ely. It was a great class. I didn't make anything at all (there was opportunity for a simple tote bag). I only made samples as I felt this would be much more useful for me to understand how it all works and also, how to fix it when it all goes wrong.

So we tried seaming with all 4 spools (we used 4 different colours thread) so it was obvious which was which and also which one was the most important to match to the fabric. It also helped to identify the correct tension etc. We used different type of fabrics (cotton, jersey, knits, organza etc) to play with the differential.

We then removed one needle (left) to first play with 3 spools and then try the rolled hem. Lots of techniques, lots that can go wrong and lots to learn!

Anyway, when I got home last night, I decided that an easy first project could be to make some napkins. So I cut 3 tea towels that I had bought a long while ago in IKEA to make 3 napkins. I used the simple 3 threads stitch to finish the sides (which involved changing thread!) and I am pleased that it worked very well!

I then decided to be more adventurous and to try the rolled hems using 2 layers of fabrics for a thicker napkin. I changed thread again. Then the looper thread broke so I had to completely rethread the machine! but again, I ended up with 3 lovely napkins.

And finally I changed thread again to try a grey metallic. The thread broke again so I had to rethread the machine but unfortunately it seems something has gone horribly wrong in the machine so she will go for a little check up before I make anything else. I don't want to damage her further that she might already be.

I know it doesn't look like much but I am happy to have understood how the machine works, what is a correct stitch with correct tension, and what isn't etc.

Anyway, those 6 lovely napkins (already in use) give me 6 OPAM for September.
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  1. The best thing I did when I first bought my Overlocker was to take the free classes. I also made samples and wrote notes on each. The second class I went to, the teacher had us unthreading and rethreading our machine.... over and over...... until we could do it without getting frazzled!!! You will love your Overlocker once you get to know it - try to use it as often as you can that's the way to keep your hand in and remember how to do different things with it. Have fun!


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