Thursday, 1 September 2016

September goals

Holiday time is nearly over and it is time to get back into some routine now. The kids will start back at school next week already, summer break seems to have flown by. Maybe the start of the new year will be an opportunity to pick up again some abandoned projects and to catch up with some overdue bee blocks?

Hoping for finish
1. Scrappy X block quilt - only need quilting -  this will be my choice (again) in September for the One Monthly Goal with Heidi - quilted, needs binding now
2. Book bee blocks to make into a wall-hanging

Bee Blocks 
1. Flower hexies for the Inchy Hexie Swap (August, September
2. Bee Hive (September
3. Bubble Bee (August, September
4. I love Lucy International (August, September) 
5. Scandi Bee (July, August, September
6. Fat Stash Bee (July) 
7. Block lotto

1. Wanta Fanta - need 8 more blocks 
2. Elephant Parade my Lazy Bums challenge for October was to make 10 blocks 
3. A very merry Christmas town 

4. Farmer's wife 1930 QAL and original FW - I am so behind... 
5. Postcards from the World 
6. 365 challenge quilt - let's try not to fall behind too much and maybe make the corners to sew the central medallion completely? 
7. Town and Country quilt - I am so behind....
8. HST modern sampler quilt - 4 blocks behind, catch up time???
9. Project 48 - let's try to catch up

10. Pumpkin Passport 

11. Summer Solstice Sew Along, catch up time?
12. Sashiko Along 

New Project
1. Custom cushions  x 2 
2. Zodiac BOM 
3. Gipsy Wife QAL
4. Meadow Mystery



  1. Beautiful projects. Good luck with your September goal.

  2. We have some of the same projects Celine, and I am feeling so far behind. Good luck with your goal and your catch up.

  3. Get that binding done! You can doo-it!

    Your Wanta Fanta blocks look great. I tried one and it became a pillow!

  4. Celine, I see you are doing the 365 too. That is one of the reasons my Lazy Bum goals has fallen behind. Working on 365 and Patch Work of the Crosses or as our LQS calls it "Lucy Boston". Some behind on 365, but trying to catch up.


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