Saturday, 16 February 2019

Fancy pants

I really like a challenge or a sew-along or basically some company to keep me going or even sometimes to get me going. I have been planning to make another pair of jeans all year last year and I never plucked the courage to do it. The #sewfancypants challenge on IG was a perfect excuse to pick a trousers pattern that I had in my stash, the Hepburn pants (this is an affiliate link) and some fabric I had in my stash, to try and make it in a month.

To make sure I had fancy pants, I added some fancy pockets!
and some fancy top-stitching too.
Something else that was fancy, was the welt pockets on the back. I had never tried welt pocket before so I was a little apprehensive. All was going relatively well for the construction and I went all the way to the top-stitching, on both pockets, before I realised that I sewn them shut.... So I had a lovely pocket bag but nowhere to get in or out of it..... And that was because I had misunderstood the instructions and folded back the welt too high....
I was divided about unpicking everything, twice  but in the end decided it would be better. So, off came the seam ripper....
I also added some binding to the waist band for a fancy seam finish!
The waist and trousers are the same fabric but my phone camera obviously didn't think so! 
Next step was to construct the trousers which I, again did wrong (!) Sewing the front in-seams together. Seam ripper again! Before finally getting to addition of the waistband. I really struggled to fit the waistband to the trousers, almost as if the waistband was shorter than the waistline on the trousers. So there was some seam ripping again (lots) before I realised that I had the right/left mixed up.... that was a real motivation dampener to have to not only unpick the waistband but also the binding and to start again! And on top of all that, my overlocker started to play up. I still haven't fixed it....
Anyway I didn't throw it all away or put it away for later,  however tempting that was and unpicked everything. The waistband fitted a lot better then,  I still have one little wrinkle here and there but I left those and decided that my trousers would be perfectly imperfect!
A hem and a very appropriate label for this particular trousers, and I had a new pair of trousers! I didn't finish in time for the #sewfancypants challenge but at least I have a finished pair of trousers that fits me well. 

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  1. What a great job! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your project.


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