Friday, 31 July 2009

Hens day!

I have finally finished my hens! I had finished the piecing in France and showed it to my Grand-Mum on the day we celebrated her birthday. And then I had to take it back to finish it. We are going again this week-end so I really wanted to finish it off to be able to give it to her for good this time. So I did the quilting over 2 evenings this week. No the quilting is not so expansive that it required 2 days it is just that I don't manage to sit down at the machine for very long at the moment. Anyway, only the label left to do and sew now but that can be done in the car on the way there!
How do you find them?



  1. Cute hens! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for taking part in my giveaway! Good luck to you! :0)

  2. As a quilter and chicken owner, I have to say your quilt is ADORABLE! Fun, fun.


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