Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Millinery attempt 2 - another fascinator

Today has been quite productive. I have managed to do more painting on my brother's present so it is almost finished.

I have also made my fascinator for the wedding this Saturday. I tried the one below in John Lewis on Sunday:

and decided to try to make something similar to go with my clothes. I had bought some black, wine and raspberry sinamay. By layering the 3 colours, I managed to match the red from my skirt quite closely. I used a few non standard millinery tool for this fascinator. I used a plate to draw the big circle for the top and one of my son's football to shape it. It wasn't exactly ideal but it worked anyway. This was fun to make and I am pleased with the result. A great design to show off the lovely two tones curled feather I had bought. I now only need to finish sewing my "bubbles" on my top to jazz it up!

While I was taking pictures outdoor, I also took one modelling the fascinator I made yesterday to give an idea of the size compare to my head! Also because the contrast is slightly better, maybe you can now see the 2 colours I used: white and platinum.


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  1. I am finding your fascinators ... fascinating! :) How cute!! I'd never heard the word before so finding out what a fascinator was -- was an adventure all by itself. :)

    Go, girl, you are inspiring. :)



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