Sunday, 7 February 2010

I can show you...

I finished work early on Friday and went to Fabric Guild in Leicester for some retail therapy. I didn't want to miss the sales really, there is always some fabric that you need to buy for the day when... That was a nice day to end a busy week really! OK I spent a bit of money but it was of course well spent! After finishing my first OPAM for February, a lovely Caterpillar draught excluder:

I did my homework for our meeting at the Log Cabin Quilters. Our session in January was cancelled dur to the snow. We were supposed to do a "Fold and Finish" cushion in January and had the instructions to cut the fabric in advance. I decided to do mine in red cream and black with some Japanese fabric that I had bought a while back. I cut all my "logs" fabric and wadding ready to go.

I started my cushion on Saturday morning and managed to sew "one round" around the central block:
I still have 2 rounds to add and the corner triangles but none of these are quilted yet!

In the afternoon I made a start at the project that was planned for our February meeting, a Mackintosh Rose. I choose some hand-dyed fabrics to make the rose and a plain muslin for the background. This one is made with reverse applique. I have done the first step:

I need to add the bias binding to finish it. I made another one a few years ago that I gave to my Mum as a Christmas present after her holidays to Scotland.

See you soon for hopefully more!


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