Monday, 26 April 2010

My mushrooms have grown

Big Day today since it was Big Boy first visit to school. We were invited to attend a lesson for 1 hour and he enjoyed himself so much playing outside that he didn't want to leave when our session was over. He was asking when he would return. Official start is next Tuesday and it seems he really can't wait. Now I have to make his PE bag for next week. When we went to Japan, I had found a lovely Thomas the Tank Engine fabric, quite thick which looks like denim. Of course Big Boy was too little at the time to be interested in Thomas the Tank Engine but I thought I could always buy a meter just in case. I am so glad I did, this will be used (partially) in his bag.

Today I also finished my framed hexie to be sent to Australia. Here is a peak at the mushroom visiting the sorrel before I cut it to make some soup for tonight

and now the finished framed hexie.

I am off to sew my bag now. See you soon with hopefully more pictures.

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  1. Oh Celine, i can't wait to see his bag! I am so happy all went well... :)
    you must feel proud...
    :) Love your mushrooms!


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