Monday, 10 May 2010

Bag - part 2

The title of my previous post hinted towards another bag story, so here it is with a few pictures!When Big Boy started to go to playgroup about 1.5 years ago, I made him a book bag with his favorites: diggers, tractors etc. I started with squares of fabric and made it very simple. I closed it with Velcro and put a handle at the top. While using it, it was obvious that the design wasn't great because the handle was pulling on the flap and the Velcro wasn't strong enough to keep the flap closed. So when my childminder asked if I could add more Velcro, I thought I would rather replace it with a magnetic closure then realised I would have to be able to insert it one way or another. I also thought that I never liked the fact that I hadn't rounded the side of the flap so maybe I could do that as well before deciding to have rethink about the whole design. So I spent a looong time at the week-end un-picking the old bag to transform it into a new bag. At about 5pm on Monday (it was bank holiday here) I got down to a few pieces of fabric ready to start again. And I was running against the clock since the bag was needed for Tuesday morning... I like to work like that, rushing to meet the deadline!
I took my panels again and rounded the corners. I put all the diggers (but 2) wheels down. I don't have any of the fabric left so I had to recycle and reuse! I changed the flap to do it with tractors instead of diggers (there are still diggers inside the flap though!) and inserted a strip of fabric between the panel to make it more roomy. Finally I removed the old handle and replaces it with a long strap made of all the little bits left. The bag got finished in time (about 11pm on Monday night hence the difference of light on some of the pictures...) and Big Boy was happy with his new school bag on Tuesday for his first full school session.
More progress report soon hopefully!

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  1. Celine, what a story, and what a success! Sometimes being in a crunch brings out genius! And I really like how it turned out,

    and the drawstring one, too!


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