Monday, 31 May 2010

Top is pieced

Finally I have finished piecing my Hungry Caterpillar quilt on Saturday. I initially put the butterfly upside down but after unpicking, I got the top together! I really like how it has come out and so do the children: Baby Girl keeps trying to grab it to point at some of the squares and "talk" about them while Big Boy is trying to be protective of HIS quilt. Might have to make another bright quilt soon! I have ordered some bamboo blend batting for this quilt. Never used bamboo before but it is so soft that I will give it a try... later.
I haven't done much more this week-end. Spent the day in Cambridge yesterday tyring to find the last missing bits for the Christening and Wedding we are inviting too soon. This time the shopping trip was quite successful, at long last. And tonight I cleared and tidy my sewing table which was in desperate need for it!


  1. Beautiful quilt. I just love this fabric. Might buy some to make a bag for DD to keep her pre-scholl books in, quite appropriate I think.


  2. Cute! I love that it's kid-approved. Such a great book. :)


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