Thursday, 10 February 2011

A bunch of flowers

I don't think I have shown you the flower hexies I have made and received for a little while so here is a lovely "bouquet". Enjoy!
I made 3 Christmassy ones for Natalie in December - her colour choice was Christmas fabrics so it was very appropriate for the month. I made her 3 instead of one to be forgiven for sending late. I had made some hexies, ready to send before the date of the swap, only to realise that I hadn't made for the right swap partner. Have you ever done that? Is it just me?
 This was my January hexie in a pink and shabby style
 And February hexie in bright colours with a black center. I actually made 2 of these because I received a bonus hexie from one of the swappee who also add the same colour scheme
 And these are the lovely "dotty" hexies I received over the last few months.

Last Saturday was sewing day for me. It was a "bag day", I'll show you very soon what I made.

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  1. Gorgeous hexies! Flowers on our mind, I just Blogged a Post about Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilts that I've been thinking about this week! We must be missing the Summer Flowers. ;)


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