Sunday, 20 February 2011

Playing with triangles and hexies

The deadline for the "Monochrome Pot Holder Pass" is fast approaching and although I had an idea of what to do for a while, I hadn't had chance to start until this week(-end). I had so much plan for the week as I was off work but didn't achieve much with my tonsillitis and Baby Girl's ear infection. Anyway, at least we are both on the mend now!
I am really into hexies so I thought about making some hexagonal Pot Holder built from equilateral triangles, inspired by the Hexagon Quilt-along from Jaybird Quilts. So I pieced some strips together and cut them as triangles and then started to play while arranging the triangles into an hexagon, so many possibilities:

Once I had decided which arrangement to go for, I thought I would be clever and use a "flip and stitch" method to attach the triangles together. So I started sewing my triangles to one another while on the wadding and it was all going relatively well until the last one when I realised I would have to slip stitch by hand after turning the seam allowance under.
And that was fine, I thought I'd leave that for the morning and starting sewing the other hexagon together. I picked 3 pairs of hexagons and sew them together only to realise that by doing that way I would have an inset or Y-seam. This was the time to realise that what I thought had been clever ideas were not and that it probably meant it was time for bed! So this morning I picked up the hexagon with wadding to hand sew the last seam just to realise that the disaster was even worse than I thought, the seam didn't meet in the middle:

First job with this was to rip it all apart and start again afresh.... Some days..
Anyway, nearly there now, I only need to slip stitch the openings and it look a lot better than yesterday!


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  1. Oh what a fun process! Thanks for sharing it with us. I can't wait to see the arrangement that you decided on.


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