Saturday, 2 April 2011

A different sewing day

Today was our monthly sewing day with my quilting group. When I came back from my exercise class this morning at 8.30, Baby Daughter was really hot so I checked her temperature and surely enough she had some. And she wasn't happy, you could easily tell that something wasn't quite right, difficult to know what though. Anyway I took her to the doctor... again who checked her over... again. Nothing more than a bug I guess but I decided that it would be better to forgo my sewing day and stay at home, just in case.

Anyway, I decided that I would fit some sewing into my day today without feeling guilty since I should have had gone for the whole day. So I worked on various projects and made some progress.
I finished my first block for the Bee I joined last month: Bee Europa 2011. Muriel had sent us all pieces of fabrics by colours and asked us to make a block up to 7' tall.
I had the brown colourway so wanted to make a "box of chocolate". Don't know if you can see the chocolates, but this is what I visualised:

I hope Muriel likes it!

I then started to work on a DJ block: H12 Hannah Lou's Heart. I have written my first tutorial tonight on how to make this block. Have a look and let me know what you think! You can find it here.

And I started to work on a new bag for a swap. My partner indicated that she likes autumn colour so I selected those fabrics from my stash:
I found a very nice bag in one of the issue of Cotton Life that I bought recently.
I was keen to give it a try as the magazines are all in Taiwanese with plenty of pictures so I wanted to see how easy it was to follow. I have made good progress and so far haven't been blocked because I don't understand the text. Each step is explained and illustrated with a picture. Hope I can show more about this bag tomorrow!

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  1. You got a lot done even though your daughter was ill, and I love what you made for me! Thank you!!


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