Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Laptop bag

Long time, no post!
Well I have been busy and then we went on holidays where I thought I'd catch up with my blog but there was no Internet available where we stayed!
So I have received plenty of white and red blocks and I'll post a picture once I have them all.
We also bought a laptop lately so I did a bag for the laptop before we left (literally before as it was the night before from 11pm!) I did a 1H30 laptop bag. I used some lovely fabric from IKEA that I had bought a little while ago.
 I wasn't sure what to use for the lining and found some tea towels that I had bought to make some aprons but hadn't used them to date. I thought they were very appropriate with letters on.
So I decided to cut them off and use them up! I was quite pleased with the result, especially considering the time it took to get it together.
I also did a huge pocket  to store the cables, USB keys etc.
I have also done a few other things including finishing my autumn bag but more about that soon!


  1. Lovely bags and give the big boy my compliments on his flag!

  2. Gorgeous, Celine! I hope you enjoyed your holidays! Nice to catch up a bit, :)


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