Monday, 4 April 2011

Sunday progress

It was Mother's Day here yesterday so I suggested that maybe we could go and eat out at lunch time as didn't fancy cooking! We went in town and had lunch together. That was lovely.

When we got back, I worked on my Autumn Bag from the Cotton Life magazine a little bit more. I made the different panels: front of the bag
back of the bag:


We also started a project with Big Boy. He has asked me to do some sewing for some time so I thought it would be fun to do a travel book as a bunting with the flags of the countries he has visited since he was born. To start simple, he started with our national flag: the French flag. He draw and coloured the flag on Saturday and we moved onto fabric on Sunday. I let him choose his fabrics in my stash. I then helped him to cut th pieces with my rotary cutter after we measured the size on his drawing that we used as a pattern. After that he sat at the machine to sew the pieces together, concentrating on the task

showing off his flag
Once pieced, we finished it with batting and backing. A very proud 5-year old, showing off his finished French flag:
Mummy was very proud of his work as well. Next time, we'll do a UK flag since this is where we currently live.

Yesterday I  also started to make a little purse for Big Boy from the Cotton Life book I am using for the Autumn Bag.
See you soon!

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