Thursday, 26 May 2011

Bee Europa - at long last

Finally I have done my block (for April) for Bee Europa for Miriam. She had seen a painting that she liked and sent us a picture to use as inspiration. She had sent us lots of linen with some cotton fabric to make the ornaments. I decided on 4 ornaments: one rectangle, one inset circle, one leave (made of 2 halves) and one parallelogram. I realised while sewing the circle that it was a very difficult idea... I had to sew it by hand in the hand because I couldn't get it round with the machine. After about 5 tries, I got to this for the circle:
the leaf was easier
and of course the rectangle was straightforward
and so was the parallelogram
My final block looked like this
I hope Miriam will like it!


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